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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Level cap to 120.

In stead of one big high-level zone you get various minor worlds with differing requirements. Expect K'aresh, Argus, Xoroth, and many others.

New class is the Demon Hunter.

Kil'Jaeden (at the height of his power) features as a next-to-end-boss in the Mac'Aree on Argus.

Final boss of the game is Sargeras.

Fight Against SargerasEdit

The final fight against Sargeras will not be a regular, end-of-the-raid fight. Instead, it is a standalone fight, like Onyxia, and Magtheridon, but much more intricate. For this fight, raids of combined Alliance and Horde members are allowed and encouraged. As the end of a lengthy (and boy, do I mean lengthy. Makes the other quest chains seem like those "speak to the person next to me" quests) quest chain, you will be joined by an army at first.

The fight starts with Sargeras taunting you from afar, sending in a sizable Legion taskforce to do battle with you.

After that, you will take on the enslaved versions of a number of earlier end-bosses: Illidan, the Lich King, Queen Azshara, Archimonde/the Nightmare, and Kil'Jaeden.

When all of those are dealt with, you will be fighting a "faux-Sargeras", who is not that strong, compared to you. Dispatch with that, and you will "win the game". Each player will be transported to his/her own (instanced) "victory ceremony", where you are congratulated by your faction's leader for winning over Sargeras. Any attempt on communicating with the other raid-members will result in a generic "Congratulations!" (there are variants, of course) message being sent. No, you'll have to discover what's wrong for yourself, before you snap out of the illusion and join your friends in the real fight.

In the first stage of the real fight, the huge Sargeras (and by huge, we mean "the screen is not enough" huge) casts a number of different spells that you just will have to survive, including mind control and summoning. After a set amount of time, the Titans arrive to do battle with the Dark Titan for real (REAL real).

Unable to intervene directly, the Titans give you the power (and size) to take on Sargeras yourselves. This is the real (REAL real) fight. After this, you have really (REAL really) completed the game. Congratulations. Please accept your real (REAL real) victory ceremony, your <Saviour of the Universe> title, phat lewt, and a special surprise.

Conglatulations! The game World of Warcraft has been just terminated by YOU!

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