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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


All was peace. The Scourge had been defeated, and the Legion was seemingly on the retreat. In Theramore, Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore were to marry, to finalize the union between the Alliance and the Horde. But just after the ceremony had begun, evil orcs belonging to a reformed Stormreaver Clan stormed the city, brutally slaughtering everyone in sight. Thrall and Jaina succeeded in escaping to Kul Tiras, only to find out the dark truth: an orc claiming to be the reincarnation of Gul'dan had united the anti-Thrall movements into a reformed Stormreaver clan, and took over the leadership of the Horde in one fell sweep. With these news came even more dire ones: all over Azeroth, portals were opening: the Third Invasion had begun, and with it, the Fourth War.

Game MechanicsEdit

Basically, this will work much like Warcraft III, with better graphics, of course. Following are some changes made in the mechanics of the game compared to the previous game:poo poo wars 4

Like a Star, Like a HeroEdit

The abilities of a hero have been expanded. Now, they work much like their counterparts in World of Warcraft. Once you create a hero, it will be assigned not only a random name, but race, gender, and some equipment details will also be random, depending on the hero in question. Second, heroes have ten levels, like in Warcraft III, but instead of a new ability to choose, the hero recieves three "talent points" to spend almost like iurning a unit into a llama).

You Can Spend Your Money in a Million WaysEdit

It's true! Well, not a million, but still... Many different choices in buildings, units, technologies, you name it!

I Wish I Could be StrongerEdit

Gain special points as you advance in the ranks of online warfare, which you can use to "purchase" special upgrades!

There by Your SideEdit

There are several of minor factions just waiting for you to ally with them. Some of them are directly hostile to certain factions, and éven some who aren't might become if you fail critically in diplomacy. If you do succeed, expect units, technologies, resources, and much more!

The Eastern AllianceEdit

The Eastern Alliance consists mainly of Stormwind humans, Ironforge dwarves, gnomes, and high elves. It is led by Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall. This faction most resembles the Alliance/humans from the earlier games.


  • IconLarge PaladinPaladin

Paladins are holy warriors, combining martial skill with powerful healing and protective magics. As in Warcraft III.

Talent Trees: Holy, Protection, Retribution

Races: Human, Dwarf

Weapon: Two-Handed Hammer (Blunt)

  • Ability racial avatarMountain King

Mountain Kings are the most powerful and noble warriors of the dwarves, combining lightning magic with hammer/axe attacks. As in Warcraft III.

Talent Trees: Striking, Defense, Thunder

Races: Dwarf

Weapons: Hammer and Axe (Blunt and Slashing)

  • IconLarge MageArchmage

Archmagi represent the pinnacle of arcane magic. They possess a vast repertoire of spells. As in Warcraft III.

Talent Trees: Arcane, Fire, Frost

Races: Human, Gnome, High Elf

Weapon: Magic Missile (Arcane)


Peasant (Human, Dwarf, Gnome, High Elf), Footman (Human, Dwarf, Gnome, High Elf), Rifleman (Dwarf), Knight (Human, Dwarf, High Elf), Cleric (Human, Dwarf, High Elf), Flying Machine, Mortar Team (Dwarf), Siege Engine, Gryphon Rider (Dwarf), Conjurer (Human, Gnome, High Elf), Mechanic (Dwarf, Gnome), Wizard (Human, Gnome, High Elf), Crossbowman (Human, Dwarf)

The Western AllianceEdit

Cut off from their compatriots in the Eastern Kingdoms, the Western Alliance have to fend for themselves. It consists mainly of night elves, draenei, and a few furbolgs and Mulgore tauren. It is led by Archdruid Fandral Staghelm and Shandris Feathermoon. This faction most resembles the night elves of Warcraft III.


  • IconLarge DruidArchdruid

The most powerful druids are archdruids, nature's greatest allies. Similar to the Warcraft III Keeper of the Grove.

Talent Trees: Balance, Feral, Restoration

Races: Night Elf, Furbolg, Tauren

Weapon: Wrath (Nature)

  • Ability trueshotPriestess of the Moon

Amongst the night elven priesthood of Elune, the Priestesses of the Moon are the greatest of their kind, using both bow and magic. As in Warcraft III.

Talent Trees: Archery, Moon, Beastmastery

Races: Night Elf, Female only

Weapon: Bow (Piercing)

  • Spell holy holyprotectionVindicator

Akin to the human and dwarven paladins, the Vindicator is a warrior serving the Naaru and the Light.

Talent Trees: Divine, Guardianship, Fighting

Races: Draenei

Weapon: Two-Handed Hammer (Blunt)


Wisp, Sentinel (Night Elf, Draenei), Huntress (Night Elf, Draenei), Glaive Thrower, Dryad, Druid of the Claw (Night Elf, Furbolg, Tauren), Druid of the Talon (Night Elf, Tauren), Mountain Giant, Hippogryph, Celestial Priest (Night Elf, Draenei), Scrapper (Furbolg, Tauren)

The HordeEdit

The Horde is now experiencing brutal tyranny under the rule of the reincarnated Gul'dan. It consists mainly of orcs (both enslaved and loyal), ogres, Grimtotem tauren, and various demons. This faction most resembles the Horde from the previous games (especially the first two), with elements of the undead from Warcraft III.


  • IconLarge WarlockGrand Warlock

The Grand Warlocks are the most powerful members of Gul'dan's Stormreaver clan, capable of unfathomable evil.

Talent Trees: Affliction, Demonology, Destruction

Races: Orc, Fel Orc, Eredar

Weapon: Shadow Bolt (Shadow)

  • Ability whirlwindBlademaster

Once again, the blademasters serve Gul'dan. Their skill with the blade is unsurpassed. As in Warcraft III.

Talent Trees: Deception, Bladestrike, Bladeskill

Races: Orc, Fel Orc, Tauren, Felguard

Weapon: Two-Handed Sword (Slashing)

  • Inv staff 14Death Knight

Those who were dead rise again. The bodies of slain enemies are the vessels of the souls of dead warlocks, capable of great feats of necromancy. Combining aspects of the Warcraft II and III death knights.

Talent Trees: Undeath, Evocation, Unholy

Races: Warlock-Possessed Undead

Weapon: Necroblast (Shadow)


Peon (Orc, Tauren), Grunt (Orc), Demolisher, Dark Shaman (Orc, Tauren), Warlock (Orc, Fel Orc), Raider (Orc), Marauder (Tauren, Fel Orc, Ogre, Felguard), Chaos Kodo (Orc, Tauren), Dragon (Orc, Fel Orc), Necrolyte (Orc)

The VanguardEdit

When the Horde was compromised, the former Horde races of the northern Eastern Kingdoms, mainly blood elves and forsaken, bonded together to form their own faction: the Vanguard. They are governed by Sylvanas Windrunner. This faction most resembles the elf portion of the Warcraft III humans and the undead of the same game.


  • Inv misc summerfest brazierorangeBlood Mage

The blood elves of Quel'Thalas have their own grand spellcasting tradition, which manifests itself in the blood mages. As in Warcraft III.

Talent Trees: Pyromancy, Darkness, Summoning

Races: Blood Elf

Weapon: Firebolt (Fire)

  • IconLarge HunterRanger

The rangers of the Vanguard are a combination of the ordinary, high/blood elf ranger, and the forsaken dark rangers. They are the masters of the bow.

Talent Trees: Marksmanship, Nature, Death

Races: Blood Elf, Forsaken

Weapon: Bow (Piercing)

  • Inv potion 28Shadowlord

The forsaken gain their power from the shadows, and so the most powerful forsaken wield the shadows as their mighty weapons. These are the mightiest amongst the shadow priests and the apotecharies.

Talent Trees: Mind, Terror, Chemistry

Races: Forsaken

Weapon: Shadow Bolt (Shadow)


Worker (Blood Elf, Forsaken), Deathguard (Forsaken), Deathstalker (Forsaken), Marksman (Blood Elf, Forsaken), Shadow Priest (Forsaken), Mage (Blood Elf, Forsaken), Spell Breaker (Blood Elf), Dragonhawk Rider (Blood Elf), Apotechary (Forsaken)


Neutral heroes and units can be hired from a Tavern. Each hero has a corresponding unit.

  • IconLarge RogueAssassin

Assassins are killers working for money, masters of the cloak and dagger.

Talent Trees: Stealth, Combat, Venom

Races: Various

Unit: Rogue

Weapon: Dagger and Sword (Piercing and Slashing)

  • Trade engineeringTinker

Masters of the machine, tinkers are the ones you need when it comes to technological expertise.

Talent Trees: Machine, Utility, Conflict

Races: Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin

Unit: Techie

Weapon: Mech-Arm (Blunt)

  • Ability physical tauntBeastmaster

Travelling the wilds of the worlds, the beastmasters are friend, allies, and masters of nature and it's beasts. Wielding twin axes, the beastmaster fights alongside fierce animal companions.

Talent Trees: Land, Air, Water

Races: Mok'nathal, Dwarf, Night Elf, Orc, Troll, Tauren

Unit: Tamer

Weapon: Twin Axes (Slashing)

  • Spell totem wardofdrainingHigh Geomancer

Geomancers are spellcasters using the eldritch forces of the primal earth, not unlike shaman. Their command over the elements of earth and fire is fearsome to all who oppose them.

Talent Trees: Glyph, Ground, Flame

Races: Tauren, Pandaren, Kobold, Quilboar, Trogg

Unit: Geomancer

Weapon: Firebolt (Fire)

  • Inv cask 02Brewmaster

Yeah, these guys are back, too. Combining the powers of alcohol, martial arts, and the elements, the brewmasters are both confusing and fearsome.

Talent Trees: Alcohol, Brawling, Elements

Races: Pandaren, Dwarf, Ogre

Unit: Brawler

Weapon: Staff (Blunt)

Minor FactionsEdit

  • Amani Tribe

Still constantly at war with the peoples of the Vanguard, the forest trolls are vicious fighters.

Factions: Horde

Units: Berserker (Troll), Voodoo Priest (Troll), Warbear

  • Bandits

When they're not robbing, killing, looting, and/or plundering, they might be interested in joining you!

Factions: All

Units: Thug (Various), Thief (Various),

  • Darkspear Tribe

When Gul'dan became the new orcish leader, the troubled trolls of the Darkspear tribe had to yet again find themselves a new home.

Factions: Eastern Alliance, Vanguard

Units: Headhunter (Troll), Witch Doctor (Troll), Batrider (Troll)

  • Goblins

These guys are completely neutral. Well, if you consider selling yourselves to any faction with money neutral.

Factions: All

Units: Sappers (Goblin), Engineer (Goblin), Zeppelin

  • Orcish Rebels

Orcs who opposes the rule of Gul'dan and his demonic summons.

Factions: Eastern Alliance, Vanguard

Units: Shaman (Orc), Wind Rider (Orc), Ko'kron Elite (Orc)

  • Ravenous Dead

The Scourge may be defeated, but it's creations still live... or something.

Factions: Horde

Units: Ghoul, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Warrior

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