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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Arena of Champions is a fighting game for computers, where legendary heroes and villains can fight on famous battlefields. The game is playable both offline and on BattleNet.


Warcraft Arena of Champions01:30

Warcraft Arena of Champions


Many characters are playable in WAoL, and most of them have different "skins" to choose from, representing both themselves at various points in life (and unlife) and even other characters in lore. In addition, each character has an alternate melee weapon that can be unlocked.

All characters can fight both in melee and at a range, although some are better at one or the other. In addition, each character has access to four different abilities, using the character's Mana to perform powerful attacks or bestow potent effects, plus a special Ultimate Ability only available after a certain period of time has passed in a game, draining all the character's Mana and having a long recharge time, but with an unequalled efect.

Character Melee Weapon Alternate Ranged Weapon Ultimate Ability Alternate Skins
Inv box 01 Akama Kamas Axeblades Fel Missile Ashtounge Elder Sage Akama
Inv box 01 Alexstrasza Staff Mace Fire Missile Aspect's Wrath Katrana
Inv box 01 Blackhand Axe Sword Throwing Axes Rage of the Horde Chess Event Blackhand, Rend, Maim
Inv box 01 Blaumeux Axe Sword Shadow Missile Dark Famine
Inv box 01 Brann Pickaxe Axe Gun Titanic Watcher
Cairne Totem Axe Bow Reincarnation Baine
Inv box 01 Chen Staff Swords Fire Missile Storm, Earth, and Fire
Inv box 01 Cho'gall Fists Staff Fel Missile Eldritch Chaos Twisted Cho'gall, Dentarg, Blackheart
Inv box 01 Darion Corrupted Ashbringer Swords Shadow Missile Dark Inferno Redeemed Darion, The Ebon Watcher, Corrupted Alexandros Mograine
Drek'thar Staff Swords Lightning Missile Revenge of Elements Nobundo, Third War Drek'thar, Ner'zhul, Rehgar, Mogor
Inv box 01 Garona Kama Kingsbane Crossbow Assassination Comic Garona
Grom Gorehowl Axes Throwing Axes Bladestorm Outland Garrosh, Northrend Garrosh, Kalimdor Saurfang, Northrend Saurfang, Broxigar, Saurfang the Younger
Gul'dan Staff Dagger Fel Missile Curse of Doom Shadowmoon Gul'dan, Putress, Xavius, Vorpil
Illidan Warglaives Staff Shadow Missile Metamorphosis Apprentice Illidan, Demon Hunter Illidan, Altruis, Varedis
Inv box 01 Iridi Staff Mace Holy Missile Holy Twilight Ishanah, Whitemane
Jaina Staff Sword Arcane Missile Brilliant Ray Apprentice Jaina, Aegwynn
Kael'thas Felo'melorn Staff Felfire Missile Phoenix Sunwell Kael'thas, Rommath, Dath'Remar, Voren'thal, Zendarin
Inv box 01 Kalec Sword Staff Arcanefrost Missile Frost Dragon Malygos
Inv box 01 Kargath Handblades Handblade & Axe Fel Missile Fel Assault Second War Kargath
Kel'Thuzad Chains Staff Shadowfrost Missile Death and Decay Living Kel'Thuzad, Dar'Khan, Zalazane
Inv box 01 Korth'azz Mace Axe Fire Missile Meteor Swarm
Inv box 01 Krasus Sword Staff Fire Missile Fire Dragon Wyrmrest Krasus, Daval Prestor, Victor Nefarius, Sabellian
Inv box 01 Lana'thel Staff Quel'Delar Shadow Missile Bloodstorm
Inv box 01 Liadrin Mace Sword Holy Missile Onslaught Shattered Sun Liadrin, Crusade Abbendis, Onslaught Abbendis
The Lich King Frostmourne Mace Shadowfrost Missile Army of the Dead Death Knight Arthas, Baron Rivendare, Thassarian, Koltira, Orbaz, Death Knight Falric, Death Knight Marwyn, Tyrannus
Lor'themar Warglaive Sword Bow Hail of Arrows Halduron
Inv box 01 Lothar Great Royal Sword Quel'Zaram Crossbow Lion Horn First War Lothar, Danath, Thoras, Captain Falric, Captain Marwyn, Valonforth
Magni Hammers Hammer & Axe Stormhammers Avatar Muradin, Yorg Muradin
Maiev Blade Ring Moonglaive Knives Vengeance Naisha, Third War Maiev
Malfurion Staff Mace Nature Missile Nature's Fury Third War Malfurion, Apprentice Malfurion, Fandral, Hamuul
Inv box 01 Medivh Atiesh Dagger Arcanefel Missile Full Possession
Mekkatorque Wrench Sword Gun Mecha-Armor Thermaplugg, Gazlowe, Mimiron
Inv box 01 Paletress Staff Mace Holy Missile Dark Memory
Inv box 01 Putress Bonesaw Dagger Fel Missile Plague Faranell, Putricide
Rexxar Axes Axe Bow Stampede Leoroxx
Rhonin Staff Sword Arcane Missile Eye of Dalaran Antonidas, Master Khadgar Apprentice Khadgar, Ansirem, Redeemed Medivh, Meryl
Sylvanas Swords Scythe Bow Charm Dark Ranger Sylvanas, Banshee Sylvanas
Teron Gorefiend's Truncheon Sword Fel Missile Felstorm Second War Teron, Attumen
Thrall Doomhammer Axe Bow Earthquake Gladiator Thrall, Orgrim
Inv box 01 Thaurissan Ironfoe Staff Firehammers Avatar of Flame Fineous
Tirion Ashbringer Hammer Holy Missile Holy Cataclysm Paladin Alexandros Mograine, Past Tirion, Stormwind Bolvar, Northrend Bolvar, Uther, Turalyon, Arator, Paladin Arthas, Maraad, Eadric, Zeliek
Tyrande Moonglaive Staff Bow Starfall Warrior Tyrande
VanCleef Swords Dagger Bow Brotherhood Mathias Shaw
Varian Shalla'tor & Ellemayne Swords Crossbow Slay Lo'Gosh, Diplomat Varian
Inv box 01 Vashj Swords Staff Bow Monsoon Azshara
Velen Staff Mace Holy Missile Light's Retribution Benedictus, Rohan
Vereesa Sword Axe Bow Endless Arrows Second War Vereesa, Silver Covenant Vereesa, Alleria, Ranger Sylvanas, Shandris
Vol'jin Fel Glaive Sword Javelins Primal Voodoo Witch Doctor Vol'jin, Barrens Rokhan, Northrend Rokhan, Sen'jin
Inv box 01 Zul'jin Armblade Axe Axes Loa Incarnation Second War Zul'jin, Ukorz

Characters marked with Inv box 01 are unlockable and not available from the start of the game. All skins are also unlockable.

More skins will be available with downloadable patches.


Unique Characters: 49

Skin Characters: 76 (78 with Arthas and Ner’zhul)

Total Characters: 125 (127 with Arthas and Ner’zhul)

What Skins ChangeEdit

Skins may (and often do) change the following: physical appearance, weapon appearance, name (written and announced), voice.

Skins never change the following: abilities, stats (Mana, Health, attack, defense, mobility...), movement scheme, general size, type of weapons.


All arenas are fully three-dimensional, with a mix of open spaces and ideal ambush spots. Much of the scenery is destructible, and everything is at least dentable.

Inv box 01 Ahn'Qiraj
Alterac Valley
Inv box 01 Angrathar
Arathi Basin
Inv box 01 Auchindoun
Inv box 01 Azjol-Nerub
The Barrens
Inv box 01 Blackrock Depths
Blackrock Spire
The Black Temple
Inv box 01 Blade's Edge Mountains
Inv box 01 The Broken Isles
Inv box 01 Dalaran Sewers
The Dark Portal
The Deadmines
Dire Maul
Inv box 01 Duskwood
Inv box 01 The Emerald Dream
The Exodar
Eye of the Storm
Inv box 01 Felwood
Inv box 01 Ghostlands
Inv box 01 Icecrown Citadel
Molten Core
Inv box 01 Mount Hyjal
Inv box 01 Nazjatar
Inv box 01 The Nexus
Inv box 01 Onyxia's Lair
Inv box 01 Ragefire Chasm
Inv box 01 Ruins of Lordaeron
Inv box 01 Scarlet Enclave
Inv box 01 Scarlet Monastery
Shattrath City
Inv box 01 Ship
Sholazar Basin
Silvermoon City
Stair of Destiny
Strand of the Ancients
Inv box 01 Stratholme
Sunwell Plateau
Tempest Keep
Thunder Bluff
Inv box 01 Ulduar
Inv box 01 Wailing Caverns
Warsong Gulch
Inv box 01 Zangarmarsh
Inv box 01 Zeppelin
Inv box 01 Zul'Aman
Inv box 01 Zul'Drak
Inv box 01 Zul'Gurub


Sometimes, special items appear on the arena. Pick them up to activate their powers. Items come in three categories:

Summoning TomesEdit

A Summoning Tome summons a computer-controlled entity to assist its summoner for a short period of time.

Summon Power

Enchantment ScrollsEdit

An Enchantment Scroll provides the character with a temporary combat bonus. Enchantments come in Minor, normal, and Major varieites.

Enchantment Effect Absorption You absorb a portion of damage taken
Agility Increases movement speed, mobility, and attack speed
Arcane Strike Attacks deal additional arcane damage, imbuing them with a mana-draining effect
Banishing Increases damage done to minions and resistance to summoned entities
Fire Strike Attacks deal additional fire damage, imbuing them with a damage over time effect
Frost Strike Attacks deal additional frost damage, imbuing them with a slowing effect
Holy Strike Attacks deal additional holy damage, imbuing them with a damage-reducing effect
Intellect Increases mana, mana efficiency, and ability power
Lifestealing Makes your attack drain health from your opponents
Nature Strike Attacks deal additional nature damage, imbuing them with a stunning effect
Resistance Increases resistance towwards ill effects
Shadow Strike Attacks deal additional shadow damage, imbuing them with a health- and mana-regeneration-reducing effect
Strength Increases attack damage, blocking efficiency, and health

Replenishment OrbsEdit

There are three kinds of Replenishment Orbs: red Health orbs, restoring a bit of the character's Health, blue Mana orbs, restoring a bit of the character's Mana, and magenta Power orbs, restoring a bit of both Health and Mana. Orbs also come in three sizes, the larger the more effective.


Some items are not items, but rather traps, meaning that when you try to pick the "item" up, you instead get exposed to a damaging effect. Tough luck.

Game ModesEdit

Deathmatch: This is the standard mode. All normal rules apply. Can be played in both Time and Stock versions, and with Army.

Duel: A mode for two characters only. The fighting area becomes very restricted. Can be played in both Time and Stock versions.

Ranged Duel A variant of Duel where both characters are placed in tiny, separate zones, and are unable to enter melee.

Capture the Flag: A mode for two teams. Capture the opposing team's flag and hold it for the required period of time while at the same time protecting your own. Can be played with Army.

Time means that the character who has suffered the least damage when the designated time has passed wins. In a Time game, ultimate abilities become available after 2/3 of the time has passed (default, can also be set to 1/3, 1/2, and immediately).

Stock means that any character who dies the designated number of times (which can include 1) is out, and the last man (or woman) standing wins. In a Stock game, ultimate abilities become available after a set period of time has passed.

Army means that each character has a batallion of appropriate (computer-controlled) minions that fights with him or her. These minions are weaker than normal characters. Characters can slo give simple commands to their minions (fight offensive, fight defensive, attack that character...). In Stock games, they possess as much stock as their master, and disappear when that character dies. In Time games, they respawn, but losses have impact on their master's score. Minions are also unable to capture the flag in the mode of that name.

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