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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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Xavius Demon Hunter
As the war against the Burning Legion intensifies, the much-maligned demon hunters have risen again. Both the leaders of the Alliance and the Horde have accepted the demon hunters into their ranks, but they are still careful when it comes to these dangerous characters. Two orders, one of each faction, have been founded to serve as structure: the Black Gate, led by the night elf Altruis the Sufferer, and the Crimson Eye, led by the orc Kargisha Fel-Blade). While the demon hunters may be looked down upon, they are vital to the survival of Azeroth, and by extension, life itself.



Human: Some humans have been discovered to have natural aptitude for the role of demon hunter.

Night Elf: The first demon hunters were night elves, and still, many choose to follow in their footsteps.

Draenei: Being the race with most involvement against the Burning Legion, the draenei make excellent demon hunters.

Orc: The orcish demon hunters seek to use the spark of fel energies still infesting their souls and blood against their corruptors.

Blood Elf: Blood elves are creatures of magic, so it makes only sense that they are skilled demon hunters.

Undead: Forsaken feel that their curse is from demonic influence, and so they seek avenging using demonic force that lies inside them.


As a lightly armored fighter, Agility is very important. Strength and Stamina is also good to keep the demon hunter alive. Because the demon hunter is a mana-using class, a good Intellect score can be the difference between life and death. Of course, decent Spirit can't hurt, either.

A demon hunter's starting bonuses to attributes are +3 Agility, +1 Strength, and +1 Intellect.

Weapons & ArmorEdit

Armor: A demon hunter begins with leather armor.

Xavius Demon Hunter 2

Weapons: All demon hunters start with the skill to use one-handed swords, fist weapons, and throwing weapons. Human demon hunters also have one-handed maces and crossbows, night elf demon hunters have daggers and bows, draenei have one-handed axes and crossbows, orcs have one-handed axes and bows, and blood elves have one-handed maces and bows. A demon hunter can dual wield from beginning.


The demon hunter's strength lies in its ability to combine devastating fast melee attacks with destructive magic. The demon hunter's spells are focused on dealing damage and crippling the enemy, and also to augment the demon hunter.

An important ability of the demon hunter is to imbue himself with runes. Somewhat like the death knight's Runeforging, the demon hunter inscribes runes on his own body. These runes augment the demon hunter in different ways, and can be combined in many ways, since there are four different categories of runes: Chest, Legs, Arms, and Head.

Another thing to note is that to all demon hunters, in order to gain supernatural vision (reflected in several abilities, such as Detect Life and See the Heart), have magically injured/enchanced their eyes, thereby requiring them to wear a blindfold. The blindfold is not a head item, but rather a detail added directly to the demon hunter's face. Other, more powerful blindfolds, which are actual head items, can also be used.

Talent TreesEdit

Spell fire immolationChaos: The Chaos tree focuses on destructive magic, bringing demonic fury down onto the fiendish legions.

Inv weapon glave 01Martial: The Martial tree focuses on melee attacks, and imbuing the demon hunter's weapons with powerful magic.

Spell shadow metamorphosisAugment: The Augment tree focuses on augmenting the demon hunter with demonic traits and powers.

Class SetsEdit

Dungeon SetsEdit

Tier SetsEdit

  • Tier 1, Relentless Armor
  • Tier 2, Incantation Armor
  • Tier 4, Shadowglave Armor
  • Tier 5, Felwind Armor
  • Tier 6, Chaosbringer Armor
  • Tier 7(10-man), Heroes' Abyss Battlegear/Garb
  • Tier 7 (25-man), Valorous Abyss Battlegear/Garb
  • Tier 8 (10-man), Valorous Nightedge Battlegear/Garb
  • Tier 8 (25-man), Conqueror's Nightedge Battlegear/Garb
  • Tier 9 (Alliance 10-man), Altruis's Battlegear/Garb of Conquest
  • Tier 9 (Alliance 25-man), Altruis's Battlegear/Garb of Triumph
  • Tier 9 (Horde 10-man), Kargisha's Battlegear/Garb of Conquest
  • Tier 9 (Horde 25-man), Kargisha's Battlegear/Garb of Triumph
  • Tier 10, Leywalker's Battlegear/Garb

Faction SetsEdit

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