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Neutral 32Bloodcarnage
Borgoth the Bloodletter
Title Slaughterlord of the Scourge
Race Abomination
Character class Barbarian
Affiliation Undead Scourge
Position Leader of the abominations of the Scourge assault on Quel'Thalas.
Location Unknown
Status Destroyed

The mighty abomination known as Bloodcarnage was crafted as a joint effort by numerous necromancers to lead the abominations in the assault of Quel'Thalas. With great malice, it annihilated a great many rangers during the attack, including the adoptive parents of Athaniar. Enraged, Athaniar assaulted the gargantuan being, and very fortunately (not for the abomination itself) happening to strike it's weak point: the head. The surprised abomination was wounded badly (having one's head ripped of and chest/stomach burst tends to cause that, even if you're an abomination), and the few remaining rangers could easily put it down, and later burn it's remains.

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