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Armani Tribe
Armani Troll
Character classesFashion Police, Fashion Designer
Racial capitalZul'Milan
Racial leader(s)Zul'jeans
Racial mountLimousine
Primary language(s)Zandali, Italian
Secondary language(s)Goblin, Orcish and Taur-ahe
Average height6'1" - 7'1" (male), 5'9" - 6'9" (female)

When the Amani tribe joined the orcish Horde during the Second War, there were some of them who deemed the orcs too unfashionable. Lead by the fashion-lord, Zul'jeans, they broke free and founded their own tribe, the Armani. Hidden from the surrounding chaos, they founded their new capital, Zul'Milan. To this day, they are still lead by Zul'jeans, and their sacred mission is to spread fashion to all of Azeroth, including the smelly orcs.

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