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This is a silly article

This article is silly. Coming from a source other than the computer games, trading card game, novels, RPG, or manga, its content is not part of official Warcraft lore, but nevertheless has become part of the culture belonging to the World of Warcraft community.

It is unknown what makes an adventurer. Scholars cannot agree whether it's some kind of genetic mutation, a divine gift, or a reaction to psionic fields, but they agree on some points:

  • The adventurer is a relatively new breed.

  • There are many of them.

  • The adventurer "spark" first manifests at adult or young adult age. When the spark manifests, the adventurer is supernaturally drawn to a specific location, determined by his/her race.

  • An adventurer can be of any one of ten races (Stormwind human, Ironforge dwarf, Teldrassil night elf, Gnomeregan gnome, Durotar orc, Darkspear troll, Mulgore tauren, Forsaken undead, and most recently, Exodar draenei and Eversong blood elf).

  • An adventurer is immortal: when an adventurer dies, he/she finds him/herself in a graveyard in a black and white spiritual world which corresponds to the mortal world, where the adventurer is a transparent ghost-like being, who is invulnerable, can travel on liquid, and is faster than when alive. The adventurer can then either traverse this spirit world to find a projection of his/her body, and channel his/her spirit into the body to return to life, or speak to a so-called "spirit healer", a divine being with the power to resurrect the adventurer on the spot, but with damage done to his/her equipment in the process, and possible a supernatural weakening malady known as "resurrection sickness", depending on the power of the adventurer (see below). The adventurer also never ages.

  • An adventurer is unable to attack a being that has a friendly disposition to the adventurer. This does not include most normal animals.

  • As the adventurer slays creatures and humanoids with power near his/her own (scholars are unsure of what constitutes "power", exactly), and completes certain tasks (also unclear what sorts of tasks this means, but adventurers cannot give these tasks to other adventurers), the adventurer gains an untangible resource known simply as "experience". When an adventurer has gained a certain amount of this "experience", he/she climbs one step on a sort of power scale (known by adventurers as "levelling up" or "dinging"). For each such step, the adventurer gains access to more supernatural powers, which these are depends on the adventurer's so-called "class", which basically represents the adventurer's role: for example, the "rogue" class means the adventurer can sneak around, pick pockets, pick locks, and stab people in the back, all of this which is virtually impossible to do if you are not a so-called "rogue", for some reason. New abilities are learned from specific "class trainers", mysterious individuals usually situated inside populated areas, and from "talents", yet another intangiable resource which allows the adventurer to focus on one of three "trees" within the "class". The "class" also determines which kind of equipment the adventurer can wear: for example, at the start of the adventuring career, only "warriors" and "paladins" can wear mail armor (excluding plate, which they can only wear later in their career). This also restricts weapon use. Another thing of note is that only "high-levelled" adventurers can learn to ride mounts.

  • Related to the above, an adventurer seems to be able to gather "experience" faster by first spending time within a capital-size city or an inn. This is known as "rest", and disappates as the adventurer slays enemies.

  • Each adventurer possesses an artifact known a a Hearthstone, which allows the adventurer to teleport to the location to which the stone is tied. These locations are always (with the exception of the adventurer's home, to which it is first tied) tied to an inn, and it is said that innkeepers have the unique power to bind the Hearthstones. It is speculated that this may be realted to pandaren brewmasters. The innkeepers themselves refuse to comment this.

  • The adventurer sometimes disappears from the world completely, leaving no trace behind, to reappear soem time later.

  • The adventurer possesses telepathic powers: they can "whisper" to anyone they know the name of, sending a message to the intended person. There are also specific "channels", where adventurers can use their powers to speak so all other adventurers accessing these channels can hear. In addition, adventurers can get together to form temporary "adventuring parties", in which they can communicate within the group (larger "parties" are known as "raid groups", or "raids"), or even permanent organizations known as "guilds", which are run by a single person, usually the one who founded it. These guilds can have an infinite number of member adventurers, most often parted into different ranks.

  • Adventurers have an innate sense of direction, a "map" of sorts. This sense allows the adventurer to view his surroundings almost as they would appear on a real map. At first, this "map" is blank, but it reveals itself as the adventurer explores new areas, which is another source of the so-called "experience".

  • Like other people, an adventurer carries his/her equipment (when he/she is not wearing it) in bags, but unlike other people, the adventurer carries the bags themselves in an sort of separate dimension (some call this "hammerspace", but the term is not widespread), from where the adventurer instantly can retrieve any item. The bags are never visible to anyone, but the adventurer knows exactly where in the bags certain items are. The items the adventurer can place in the bags are not limited by size, but instead, each item takes up one unit of space. This means that each item, from a severed claw to a dragon's head, takes up the same amount of space. The exception is money, which the adventurer can carry any amount of without it taking up any space. At the start of his/her career, the adventurer finds him/herself in the possession of a "backpack", which is a large bag which can never be removed or replaced, unlike other bags, which are found or purchased, and can be added and removed as the adventurer wishes. Note that only a certain amount of bags can be stored in this "hammerspace" at the same time. Additional bags can be stored inside of bags, but they cannot be used for storage that way.

  • In addition to "class", the adventurer can also become skilled in two of a number of professions, which resemble the everyday professions of other people such as mining, leatherworking, or herbalism. These professions allows the adventurer to craft certain items, such as equipment or artifacts, or carry out certain tasks. The adventurer increases in "skill" with these professions as he/she utilizes them, much like the "class" and "level" progression. Note that, while the adventurer can only know two "primary" professions (herbalism, mining, skinning, alchemy, blacksmithing, engineering, leatherworking, tailoring, enchanting, (as of lately) jewelcrafting, and (as of soon) inscription), he/she can also know all three "secondary" professions: cooking, first aid, and fishing. There are also some professions specific to different "classes". Like with "classes", new abilities within a professions (and the professions themselves) are learnt by "profession trainers".

  • The adventurer also has the power to identify any creature (including other adventurers) by a floating text above the individual's head, indicating either name, breed, occupation, or a combination. It also reveals the "guild" of adventurers, along with any of the specific "titles" he/she might have gained.

Fun factEdit

Some adventurers, mainly the residents of The Barrens, are known for venerating a mysterious being called Chuck Norris. This entity is sometimes described as a great hero, sometimes as a divine creature with nearly unlimited powers. Adepts of the cult of Chuck Norris will generally tell the tales of this being telepathically to all other adventurers in their zone.

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