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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

World of Warcraft: Flight of Deathwing Edit

All is fought out between the Horde and Alliance. A new threat is brewing under the nose of Deathwing. Deathwing, found to be hiding in Outland, has sent out new soliders of his Black Dragonflight. Some Netherwing members have fallen under the newborn plague of Deathwing, gone mad, these dragons have killed almost half the Netherwing population. Goblins and gnomes are combining their technology to create the Netherrifter, a powerful zeppelin that can fly through the Nether. They built this for Horde and Alliance members to venture out into another realm of outland, Shatterland. Within these reaches, new dangers await. Wonderful or Treacherous sights behold you. Because in the end, you will face the might Deathwing. And bring Fate to his new flight, Plagued. But be warned, Illidan is noted missing, and he may strike, at any time. As he was the Ruler of Outland, Deathwing claims himself to be too, they will fight, until one is ceased to exist.

  • Explore the new continent of Shatterland. Explore the realms of the Deadlands, the remnants of the Devouring Sea, Deathwing's Lair, and the Haven of the Damned.
  • Venture deep into the new instances, one which brings you to Deathwing, the aspect of death.
  • New mounts - Mounts ranging from the Drakinod, to a duplicate of the great death aspect, Deathwing.
  • New Netherrifters - Netherrifters, stationed at Area 52, Evergrove, and a new city of the Ashtounge, Illidan's Fate, and a new Cenarion Expedition base, Malfuric's Reach.

  • Two new Races, Ethereals and Goblins - Neither joining the Alliance or Horde, these two new races have promised to help both the Horde and Alliance. (New Option: When your Create a Goblin or Ethereal you will see the Affliction buttons to light up, one saying Horde and the other saying Alliance, pick the one you want to help.)

Ethereal - Having recently quadrupled their population. Nearly half of the known Ethereals live on the new lands of the new Shatterland. They have loaned their selves to help both the Alliance and Horde.
Classes -
Dragon hunter
Death Knight

Goblin - The Goblins, having helped out the Horde and Alliance so much, have pledged themselves to aid the Ethereals, and the members of the Horde and Alliance. Ever since the Draenei and Orcs have taught them shamanistic powers.
Dragon Hunter

New Hero Class
Dragon Hunter - A Hunter who primarily learns from the Red Dragonflight. Dragon hunters can only tame Drakonic pets and usually fight up front. They use Mana to power their abilites.

New Instances Edit

Neutral 32Blackfoot
Title Deathwing's Defender
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character class Defender, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue
Affiliation The Plagued Dragonflight
Position Defender of Deathwing
Location Deathwing's Lair, Alk`traz Hold,(Presumed), (New Base in the new Shatterland)
Status Alive
Relative(s) None

Deathwing's Lair - (40 Man Raid, 3 bosses)
Bosses -
Lost Soul Forthwik'
Abilities -
SoulBolt - Creates of bolt of soul that damaged the target for 4,550 to 5,675 and does another 2,400 damage over another minute.
Soulguarde - Summons the weapon of Soulguard. Defends Forthwik and heals him for 5%.
Receive Fortune - Receives a fortune of Deathwing, summoning baby plagued dragons everywhere.
Raging Unseen - Stealths the boss, raging him on fire, and then striking the nearest enemey for 5,000 to 6,000 damage over 30 seconds.
Fury of the Plagued - Goes into a paranoid state which increases intellegence by 100% and decreases Strength for 100% to the boss.
Weapon used - Collosas Rage - Soulgaurde (during the spell)
Side Abilities - Fireball, Frostbolt, Boss of the Dragons, Deathwing's aspect, Blackfoot's Watch

Upon Aggro - "MY fury is unseen, but I'll show you!
Upon killing a member of the raid - Oh! Thank the heavens! I'll be blessed a saint.
Upon Wipe - You won't be fooled by my look. You will never meet Deathwing, not one chance.
Upon Death - NOOOOOO! My life! It's over! I shall never look at myself, again... (Dies with a burst of explosion, damaging nearby raid members for 2,000 over 50 seconds.)

Tier 8.5 Tokens - Chest of the Death Aspect (Rogue, Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight), Robes of the Death Aspect (Mage, Priest, Warlock), Chestguard of the Death Aspect (Hunter, Dragon Hunter, Shaman, Druid)
Blackfoot, Guardian of Deathwing
The Aspect's Defender - Deactivated any aspects on any given hunter in the raid.
Helmet of Ataris - Switches helmets and increases strength by 100, also takes away any rage effects on the target. Guardian's Grotto - Transports the player to a spider web dealing 3,000 damage over 360 seconds
Deathwing's Summon - Opens the gate to Deathwing's Lair, dealing 1,000 damage over 100 seconds and 1,000 damage instantly to the tank (greatest threat)
Soul Suck - Sucks the soul out of the target, temporaraly killing him for 1 minute.
Suicide - Kills self, giving loot to all players.
Upon Aggro - Behold my fury! You have defeated Forthwic, but I will not die! Upon death of raid members - AHA! My power is growing! |-|-| Banish his soul, Soulbender!
Upon Wipe - This gate will never be opened, too bad, losers. Upon Death - The Red Dragonflight will not, not defeat the plagued ones. Upon Opening the Gate - I, I am losing! I must get help from the master!
During the end of Phase 3 the Red Dragonflight will storm in and help you, they will stay with you to help defeat Deathwing.

Phase 1 - Furious
Blackfoot will spin out of control every 2 minutes, dealing 2,000 damage to whom ever he hits. Eventually, he will call to the gods and rage leaving fire trails behind him for 5 minutes. He exits this phase when he is summoned to his balcony in his room, which he will then talk and continue to phase 2.
Phase 2 - Deathwing's Servant
Blackfoot will jump off the balcony, shaking the earth, and damage targets with in a forty yard radius for 100 every 2 seconds for 1 minute. He will then open the door, inviting Deathwing in. Deathwing will be in his human form, raging through the raid group as Blackfoot channels powers to his statue of the gods. You must defeat Deathwing in order to be able to disrupt Blackfoot. If he is not disrupted, a undefeatable titan will storm out of the statue, hitting for almost 20,000 every hit. If nessecary, Warlocks and Mages can use their Altar Stones to channel their mana into the statue, unsummoning the statue. Anyway, Blackfoot will be on his balcony, calling for the power of the gods. He will jump down again (repeat the first sentence). The Impact will kill him.
Phase 3 - The Rage of the Red
Deathwing will ressurect Blackfoot win a orb of energy, soon after, Blackfoot is at 100% health but is way less harder to beat. Then, The Red Dragonflight and the Bronze Dragonflight Aspects, Alexstrasza and Nozdormu, will team up and help you defeat Blackfoot, soon after, Deathwing will retreat back to his lair and summon some black dragonkin. The next part is a gauntlet event. Five waves will storm out of the holes in the wall, starting with three and ending with eight. Each dragon is level 85 Elite. After the gauntlet is defeated. Deathwing will come out in his dragon form. Prepare to wait as the three dragons talk.
Drops Blackfoot drops shoulderpads for T8.5
Deathwing, The Death Aspect
Abilities -
Dragons' Tail - Deathwing wipes his tail under 10 primary raid members, they will fly up and be caught in a twisting vortex, after a period of 10 seconds, they will fall and be badly hurt. It is very important to heal during this time as Deathwing can't attack.
Boulder of Fire - Deathwing spits out a boulder of fire that will hit 3 people for 14,560 damage.
Nalfarion, The Brown Aspect - Deathwing transforms into his former self, Nalfarion, the Brown Aspect, and summons 20 Brown Dragonkin, Nalfarion will fly above and breathe fire on the raid until all 20 dragonkin are defeated.
Deathwing, The Black Aspect - The Spell that is casted after the 20 dragonkin are defeated, Nalfarion will turn into Deathwing again and the room will crack open, dealing 15,000 damage to the tank.
Events: (The Red and Bronze Dragonflight both help you during the whole fight) At the end of Phase 4, Deathwing will die and his Human and Brown Aspect spirit will arise and they will "Apoligize" for killing thousands of people. Nozdormu will burn the spirits and open a portal to the capital of Shatterland, there you will turn in the heart, the head, and the spirit of Deathwing to the cleanser.

Phase 1- Fire and Ground
Deathwing will repeatedly breathe fire and crack the ground. During this, Nozdormu will beathe fire and whip Deathwing.

Phase 2 - Nalfarion The Earth-Warder
Deathwing will still breathe fire but he will fly above and burn fire circles around certain parts of the raid which will imobilize them. Soon after, he will cast Nalfarion, The Brown Aspect, and repeat the spell (Look Above)

Phase 3 - The Deathwing of Nozdormu
Deathwing will cast Deathwing, the Brown Aspect, and will "Kill" Nozdormu.

Phase 4 - Nozdormu the Cleansed
Deathwing Repeats all of phase 1, 2, and 3 in a sequence and will finally die, (See events). Nozdormu will be ressurected by the death of the Black aspect.
Drops Headguard for Tier 8.5

Trailer Edit

  • Forthwik sits on his throne* "My Rage! My Fury! It's UNSEEN! I shall not be killed by these ratty little peasants. You will not belittle me!"
  • Goes to The Capital of Shatterland, and the leader speaks* "We need your help, without it, Outland, Shatterland, and worst of all, Azeroth will be in Peril."
  • Goes to Deathwing* *Roars and spits fire at the raid that is trying to kill him* *He kills the raid and looks at the screen* "You have defeated Illidan, Malygos, Ragnoras, Kel`thuzad, Arthas. But, Deathwing will not be played with. I will RULE Outland!" *Breathes fire at the screen and Nozdormu Speaks while the screen is black* "Citizens of Azeroth, Outland. Drop your jobs and come defeat Deathwing. 'Cause if you don't Your life will be in peril!" *The Words follow, World of Warcraft: The Flight of Deathwing*

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