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The Emerald Dream Edit

The fabled Emerald Dream has been a peaceful and sanctiful realm in the hearts of those lucky enough to know of it. However, for centuries war has been waged in the Emerald Dream. The Nightmare has scarred the home of Ysera with shadow and darkness, corrupting the pitiful creatures helpless enough to come upon it. The Druids of Moonglade decided to end it... once and for all. They forged a runeblade in secret, emblazoned with druidic magics, and it was named the Fang of Ysera. Malfurion Stormrage opened the gateways to the Emerald Dream, the five Great Trees, so that adventurers might help them conquer the Nightmare. After defeating the Shan'do of the Nightmare, Kaothaelos, they rejoiced. Back in Azeroth, a storm was brewing. The remaining Druids of the Nightmare tried to forge a runeblade of their own, but it failed hopelessly. They cast it into the Maelstrom, so that it might be destroyed. However, after the naga of Nazjatar found it, and channeled its magics, they formed a new breed of dragons. The Crystal Dragonflight, summoned from the depths of the Twisting Nether, attacked and lead Nazjatar to ruin. The city retreated to the surface, and a gang of rebel naga would side with adventurers in return for aid in their homeland. The Crystal Dragonflight cut into the Emerald Dream, destroying and crystalizing one of its magnificent Spirit Trees. The land around the Shattered Tree, as it came to be known, was also affected. Channeling platforms were planted in the Dream, using powerful Arcane magic, and was used to destroy and conquer towns and villages. The grand city of Yuorain lie between the two Spirit Trees. It came under siege by the Crystal Dragonflight. The Druids of the Emerald Dream called to the adventurers who helped them defeat the Nightmare, to help fight back against the Crystal Dragonflight which plagued their sanctifying lands with filthy Arcane magics. Heroes from across Azeroth rush to aid the druids with sword, or spell. Azeroth has been changed. The Realms of Existance are colliding, for the Crystal Dragonflight has a dire need to conquer. After their realm was destroyed by the Burning Legion, they seek another host to feed their hunger for Arcane magic... The Emerald Dream. Heroes, prepare yourselves. The hour of deepest need is upon us. The Emerald Nightmare, is gone. The Emerald Dream, has won. Kaothaelos the Diamondlord, self-proclaimed god of the Crystal Dragonflight... has returned. We face a greater evil... greater than any ever encountered before... we face... fear.

  • End Boss: Kaothaelos the Diamondlord
  • Level Cap Raised to 95
  • New Race: Furbolg (Alliance or Horde)
  • New Cities: Yuorain (Emerald Dream), Nazjatar (The Maelstrom)
  • New Continents: Emerald Dream, The Maelstrom
  • New Secondary Profession: Music - Choose your instrument and path to further gain more improvements (like Talents)
  • New Dungeons: The Seething Core, Siege of Yuorain,
  • New Battleground: Ruins of Nazjatar
  • New Items
  • New Spells
  • New Companions
  • New Monsters
  • New WORLD

World of Warcraft: The Emerald Dream

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