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AllianceNPC 32Shang-Ki
Title <The Silent One>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Character class Brewmaster, Hunter, Shodo-pan
Affiliation Alliance
Position Master of The Pandaren
Location Fountain Square
Status Alive
Relative(s) None Known

Shang-Ki is the new leader of the pandaren. Not much is known about him, he has taken a vow of silence. He is the manager of Team Black, a guild of all races, Alliance and Horde, that specialize in the art of shang-ku, or, as we call it, Martial Arts. He is a master of disguise and owns a crossbow called [Shang-Ki's Crossbow] which is a pandaren-style bow with scope and a spell which keeps you locked onto your target. He uses it to hunt and fight in times of need. He also uses it to kill any forest trolls who try to get into his city. He is a shodo-pan, or in our language, emperor. He was elected to fight the Horde and to keep the Alliance strong.

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