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NeutralNPC 32Dektak the Shadowkeeper
Title <Lord of the Nightmare>
Gender Male
Race Unknown (Old God)
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character class Unknown
Health 158,246
Affiliation The Emerald Nightmare
Position Ruler of the Emerald Nightmare
Location The Core, The Seething Core
Status Dead (Lives in the Emerald Dream)
Relative(s) None
Alignment Chaotic evil

Dektak the Shadowkeeper is the dead Old God who created the Emerald Nightmare. He was a great and powerful being until he was slain by the Titans. His spirit now exists in the Emerald Dream. He plans to overthrow Ysera and take control of this new world and lies in The Seething Core, a level 90 dungeon located in Nightmare Cave. His power grows for every soul his terrible Nightmare corrupts.

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