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Childhood and Teenager Years Edit

Bartinton was born in Westfall to a farmer family. He grew up very poor and lived in a poorly built house. His family owned a small farm. He had an older brother named James and two younger siblings, William and Lisa. Bart would stay home mostly helping his mom take care of the family and the house while his older brother and father would work on the farm and go hunt some food. Later in his childhood James got really sick and eventually died. Bart then from a young age had to do all his work. Soon his father would get sick and could not work anymore leaving Bart to take care of the family at such a young age. Bart would work throughout the whole day everyday to help his family. (Also with the help of the Renshaw family nearby). When he was a teenager he would get William with him some days also for some extra help and because he wanted to. One day after returning from cutting some lumber Bart and William were laughing and playing around on there way to the house. They saw some smoke in the air and rushed to see what it was. There house and whole farm was on fire. William rushed inside the house seeing what had happened. As Bart tried to chase after him a defias rogue appeared in front of him and went for a stab to the face. Bart (not being a great fighter) managed to get his axe and get a lucky shot to the neck before he was stabbed. Then a defias man on a horse charged at Bart with a mace. Bart froze up in fear. The defias knocked him out with the mace. Before Bart went unconcious he saw a little girl running out of the house in tears with a defias chasing her. It was his sister Lisa. Sadly Bart went out unconcious before he could say or do anything. Once Bart woke up all he saw was ash and burnt wood. He was taken in my the Renshaws for a short time until he decided to leave and become a great warrior to come back to Westfall to battle the Defias.

Warrior Training Edit

Bartinton traveled to Stormwind to practice being a good warrior. Bartinton usually relied on his anger to win battles or duels. At first he thought thats what it took to be a good warrior. Bartinton overheard a conversation in Pig and Whistle one day about how great the dwarves were at fighting. Bartinton began working at different jobs to pay for a move to Ironforge. Eventually he did and met up with a warrior trainer named Mogarr Leafclaw who was half Wildhammer and half Bronzebeard. Foolishly he thought he could defeat him in a duel. Mogarr beat him silly in a duel and told Bart that he lets his anger get the best of him when in a battle. Mogarr soon took the human under his wing and trained him. Bartinton became a much more kind hearten person and forgot all that anger he once had. He also learned to fight like a dwarf (in which he does to this day). Bartinton also met a human paladin named Malthias in Ironforge. The two became good friends. The two would usually argue about the horde. As Bartinton thought the Alliance should make peace with them and Malthias thought the exact opposite. The two parted ways eventually. Sadly Mogarr was killed one day in Kharanos from Dark Iron Bandits. After the funeral Bartinton decided to see how much stronger he got and decided to go on "the adventure of a life time" as he called it.

Betrayal Edit

Bartinton traveled to Northshire to start his adventures. He met up with his friend Malthias again and the two began going on quests together in Northshire. One day the two were summoned by Marshal McBride. The two were asked to spy on Innkeeper Farley in Goldshire by an SI:7 agent. Of course they never got a name. There were some rumors that he was secretly part of the Defias and responsible for some of the murders there recently. Bart quickly accepted while Malthias was hesitant to accepting it. For the next couple of days they spied on the innkeeper. They soon found out that one of the local mage trainers was responsible for the murders and was secretly a member of the defias. The two managed to apprehend the man and gave him over to Marshal McBride. The Marshal then said that the mission was assigned by the SI:7 and the two should report to them in Stormwind. They began talking about there success on the way to SI:7 headquarters. In a secret alley near the headquarters they saw the SI:7 agent who assigned them the mission talking with two defias members. Bart and Malthias were seen and immediatlely began to run away in fear. Malthias managed to stay calm while Bart was worried to death. The two slept at Goldshire for the night. The next day they received a letter from Marshal McBride to meet in Northshire Abbey. They thought of it safe because of a crowded place like the abbey. When they arrived they were told that the Marshal was at the river washing up by a librarian (who was really a defias in disguise) and that he was expecting them. When they arrived they waited for a little while. Bart was still worried to death while Malthias managed to stay calm. Soon Bart's fears became reality. A group of Defias charged at the two. Both of them managed to fight off the first wave. As they were about to run Bartinton was shot with two arrows by the same SI:7 agent they saw talking with the Defias at that alley. After being shot by the two arrows Bart was stabbed in the chest by a Stormwind Soldier at the command of the corrupt SI:7 agent. Bartinton fell in the river with his last image being Malthias fighting off Defias...or so he thought.

Death Knight Edit

It is unknown how but Bart's body washed up in Scourge Lands and found by scourge necromancers. He was resurrected as a death knight along with Malthias. His name was changed from Bartinton to Amather by Amal'thazad while Malthias's name was changed to Argetim. Amather trained under Amal'thazad for a short while surpassing most of his other students. He and Argetim were sent by the Lich King on missions against the Scarlet Crusade at Tyr's Hand. Amather and Malthias would slaughter many innocent civilians. Amather was no longer the man he use to be. One day after a mission Amather was summoned by Combat Instructor Razuvious. The instructor told Amather of a powerful human paladin in New Avalon named Aleva. Aleva killed many Death Knights and stopped many scourge operations and was becoming a big problem for the scourge. Amather was to capture him or if he could do that then he must kill him. So Amather traveled outside of New Avalon and found Aleva outside patrolling. Aleva saw Amather on top of a hill and the two had a stare down then began to chat a little. Aleva stated "Leave now Death Knight or I will add another corpse for the Scourge". Amather then began the fight by deathgripping him. It was a long and hard battle. An exhausted and injured Amather grabbed his axe from the ground and looked at Aleva who was in just as bad shape and on the ground. He saw a few Scarlet archers approaching and knew he could not bring him in to be raised as a Death Knight. So just as he was about to swing his axe his hands were hit by a fireball. It was a young human female. Right when Amather saw her he had a vision of his little sister. Amather quickly banished the image. Aleva would say two words that would stay in Amather's head forever: "RUN SISTER RUN!!". Amather was actually feeling remorse for what he was doing. Just as he was about to drop his axe and run off he heard The Lich King's cold deathly voice. "Killed or be killed Amather". After that Amather deathgripped Aleva's sister and sliced her head off and then slashed Aleva's chest killing him...or so he thought. Amather then escaped all the arrows coming at him and returned to Archeus.

Amather would continue to slaughter in the Lich King's name. One day Amather and Argetim were assigned to go meet up with Thassarian and other Death Knights behind enemy lines. On there way they were ambushed by Scarlets. They managed to kill many but Amather and Argetim were cut off from so many Scarlets. Soon Amather was hit from behind by a powerful fire blast. He was taken prisoner in the New Avalon church where he was tortured by powerful priests. The priests asked him questions such as: How many Death Knights do the Scourge have?, How to get inside Archeus, and some other questions. Amather was held as a prisoner getting hurt by powerful light spell for days. They destroyed all of his armor and actually tortured him naked in a church. One day while the priests were torturing him a female draenei Death Knight came inside the church and began killing everyone inside. Amather saw from the background that Argetim was slaughtering Scarlet guards outside. The two Death Knights broke Amather from his prison and gave him a new set of armor. Amather found out that the female Death Knight's name was Silveris. Soon he began to have some romantic relations with Silveris. Amather kept fighting in the name of the Lich King. He began to have more memories about his past life and his family. It kept haunting him. One day Amather was sent to torture scarlet soldiers to find out some information about the "Scarlet Onslaught". After he got all of the information he needed he saw a couple of ghouls attacking a family. The family was saved by a Scarlet warrior but the warrior was an amateur and was nearly killed from ghouls. As Amather was about to kill the warrior and family. A little boy pleaded to spare them. Amather had a sudden image of William in his head. Amather quickly left as his mind was on fire with so many emotions. Soon the invasion of The Light's Hope Chapel was about to begin. Amather and Malthias were sent in as part of the attacking force. Amather along with Malthias killed many Argent Dawn members. After Tirion came and Darion told his forces to stay down Amather saw a vision of all his family and was struck with grief at what he had done. Amather also never saw Silveris again after the battle. After cleaning up Archeus Amather and Malthias were told by the Highlord to go to Stormwind. The Highlord also mentioned that they must put aside what happened to them in their past life something that Amather had to work on. Amather and Malthias were treated not so good when they arrived to Stormwind. After they rejoined the Alliance they went their separate ways for a short while.

Loner and Commander Wilson Edit

Amather felt so much anger towards the Alliance. He mostly felt hatred for Stormwind. Amather got into fights with many Stormwind guards in which he injured many. Amather mostly stayed in Taverns drinking his new favorite drink, moonberry juice. One day after a fight with three human males in Pig and Whistle tavern Amather was approached by an old human male. The man said the three humans he beat up were elite Stormwind soldiers. The man introduced himself as Commander Wilson. Amather reluctantly agreed to have a word with him. The Commander asked if Amather was interested in doing some "secret" missions for the Alliance. Before Amather was about to say no and walk away the Commander said he could get the SI:7 agent responsible for his and Argetim's deaths. After awhile the two came to terms. (more to come)

Quotes Edit

Bartinton: "When kin you let me go hunting daddy?" to his father when he was a boy.

"Y'all magnificent warriors Master Leafclaw". To Leafclaw after a training session.

"Why fight the Horde? They deserve a place to stay jut as much as we do, ain't like we better then em or sometin.". to Malthias during an argument about the Horde.

Amather: "Look at all these pathetic wretches. They worship to the light thinking it will save them from DEATH!" to Malthias while overlooking New Avalon.

"You will not get mercy from this death knight human scum!" to a human farmer before killing him.

"Get out of my head you woman!" Amather talking to himself after hearing his mother's voice.

((Note: Once Amather turned into a death knight he got rid of his accent back when he was a farmer. Maybe he has still...maybe not...we shall see...))

Tirisfal Farmer

Bartinton after a hard work day. (note the face is because of how tired he is)

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