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Overview Edit

Shallon Michaels is the flamboyant and flirtatious High Cleric of Northshire. As the beneficiary to a large family fortune, he is generally regarded as a kind hearted philanthropist in the public eye, attributing the hardships he has faced in the past to the beginnings of a zealous campaign to help Stormwind's less fortunate. As a war veteran, Shallon is also known to provide firm financial assistance to the fight against the Horde and Burning Legion. Being a priest, he claims office space in the western tower of Stormwind Cathedral. However, he is not beyond using his power to take more direct action on the field as necessary.

Like any celebrity, many rumors of his romantic exploits and shadier doings can be heard amidst the tavern circuit. Though, some hushed whispers are known to escape regarding his much more evil secrets. They mention naught of Shallon, the righteous cleric; but of Shallon, the cruel and vindictive channeler of shadow magic. Bright flashes of violet emanating from the deepest reaches of the city catacombs are often times cited by twilight passerby, yet those who speak too freely of them are often found to be the victims of agonizing murders where the weapon is but a single spoken word.

History Edit


Shallon and his sister, Cleare, were born and raised in Northshire Abbey. His father, Gravic, was a member of the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics under Archbishop Alonsus Faol. Following in the footsteps of his father, Shallon was gladly prepared to honor his father and serve the Light faithfully for life. However, the events of the First War unexpectedly led to the destruction of Northshire. Survivors, Shallon and Cleare were spirited away to their next of kin in the aftermath, taking haven among relatives among the Kirin Tor in Dalaran.


Upon their arrival, less sympathetic members of the Kirin Tor questioned what use mere children could possibly provide, yet the Michaels' family inheritance proved considerable leverage in stifling such discussion. Welcomed as students, Cleare embraced the arcane teachings of the order with open arms, while Shallon found himself conflicted, reluctant to dishonor his father and become a heretical sorcerer. Time and time again he avoided his classes, finding convenient excuses to avoid the arcane, but eventually an ultimatum was drawn in which he would be made to study the arcane arts, or would be expelled from the mage's fortress to fend for his own in the wilds of Lordaeron. A compromise was reached, and Shallon agreed to study with the Kirin Tor Skeptics League, who studied the powers of the Light from a strictly analytical standpoint. Through his adolescence, Shallon studied with them. The Skeptics League time and time again presented skewed findings to Antonidas in the effect that the Light would be proven inferior to the arcane forces, though Shallon was all but affirmed as to the superiority of the Light. Eventually, his reluctance to stay silent reached a breaking point, and he left the city of Dalaran without a word of farewell.

--Lordaeron and the Second War

Having left the Kirin Tor, Shallon made his way to Lordaeron, desiring to seek out Alonsus Faol and Uther Lightbringer, old friends of his father. There, he heard rumors of a new order of holy warriors, the Paladin, and sought to enlist among them in the capital. though a vision problem led him to be rejected as a possible liability to front line combat. He was offered a position as a medic in Lordaeron's army, rather then the Silver Hand, to use the powers of a cleric for good. However, unable to realize his true ambition as a Paladin, he felt dejected. Rather then face shame back in Dalaran or being forced into another less desireable career as a farmer or craftsman, he accepted the position. He was able to use his power of healing like his father before him, but he truly desired to see action on the front lines. Throughout the Second War, Shallon was assigned to the defense of Lordaeron while the alliance forces pushed back into Stormwind and the Swamp of Sorrows. Reluctantly, he proved his worth as a healer and was promoted to the rank of Corporal, given command of a small squad of combat medics. Following the end of the Second War, he remained under the service of the Lordaeron army, and was predominantly stationed at Southshore.

--The Third War

As time passed, Shallon saw his grim opportunity to shine as the undead Scourge overtook the land. Through multiple conflicts and campaigns, Shallon ultimately found himself fighting in Kalimdor itself, against the Burning Legion, among the humans who had willingly followed Jaina Proudmoore as she followed the instructions of the prophet Medivh. At the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the humans were slowly but surely overrun, and Shallon's triage unit was ambushed. Rather then abandon the wounded in his care, he chose to stay behind and fight as his squad attempted to direct the patients to a place of refuge. In the chaos, they lost their direction, and were forced to fight for their lives. Both his fellow squad members and the weakened patients fell easily to the onslaught of the Legion, but Shallon fought bravely alongside the one man under his charge still able to fight - a warlock, who, with the last of his energy, was able to hold the demons at bay long enough for Malfurion and the joint forces of Kalimdor to seal Archimonde's fate. Though Shallon could not ultimately save the warlock from the dark pact which had saved them from the demons, he tried regardless as the warlock passed into the Nether. In a rare show of gratitude, or perhaps a final act of vanity, the warlock was able to pass onto Shallon a crystal of violet, containing forbidden information which had led to the development of the man's demonic power. Thanking his deceased ally, the cleric fled towards the victory cries of a nearby human raiding party, and was taken home, one among heroes.

--The Aftermath

Shallon came home to dire news. Dalaran had been razed, and Lordaeron was now in ruins. Left without a home to return to, Shallon and his fellow soldier returned to their old home of Stormwind to assist in the rebuilding of the kingdom. Rather then simply donate his money, Shallon invested heavily in the reconstruction effort with the gold left from his family fortune, as well as his considerable monetary reward for service in the Third War. Upon the conclusion of the reconstruction effort, Shallon was knighted and made an honorary noble of Stormwind. In post-reconstruction Stormwind, Shallon took full advantage of the ripe market around him and saw a major return on his investments, quickly becoming close to a merchant prince in his own right, specializing in the trade and creation of cloth and magical items. However, the majority of his funds went to new initiatives like the construction of Stormwind Orphanage, the Deeprun Tram, and most lovingly the rebuilding of Northshire Abbey, where he was pronounced High Cleric. The rest of his money went into copious amounts of alcohol, fine dining, and women.

--The Nexus Crystal

However, he had not forgotten about the secrets the warlock had left behind. Intoxicated with the level of power he had gained in the aftermath of the Third War, Shallon sought out the secrets of Shadow Magic, perverting the energies of the Light into destructive and manipulative force. At first, he only used it for 'good', silencing Defias insurgents and helping to provide vital 'evidence' and 'testimony' from enemies of the state. However, soon he began to use his power to secure market superiorities and shut out financial competition permanently. Eventually, at the height of his growth as a shadow priest, he would even begin to eliminate those who spoke against or even merely displeased him. Of course, this was not without any risk. Shallon was forced to perform in public as a Holy Cleric in order to keep up his image and not risk discovery and ruin. Through heavy financial drain, he was able to maintain the illusion, forming a secret underground network of influence through the hearts, minds, and wallets of Stormwind City.

--Present Day

In recent years, the taboo against warlocks and shadow magic has been lightened in the public perception, with some brazen individuals even openly declaring their allegiance and powers. Shallon still maintains his duplicitous ways, though those who speak against him or claim to reveal his secrets are often times ignored, as the attitude of Alliance territories has been such that those who contribute to society and the Alliance are vital, and sometimes looking the other way from one evil to get help facing another is commonplace.

His sister, a survivor of Dalaran's fall, and Shallon maintain a shaky and hostile relationship due to their hatred of the other's path in life. Cleare continuously demands her rightful share of the family fortune for the sake of her education in the Academy of Arcane Sciences, a connection she reluctantly maintains and Shallon indulges if only to be rid of her.

Currently, he maintains a close relationship with his protege, a small group of individuals who he favors to such an extent he provides special support and guidance for. Being young women, they are the source of many tavern gossip concerning Shallon's tumultuous love life.

Stats Edit

Name: Shallon Michaels (Armory [1])

Server: Sisters of Elune (RP)(US)

Main Spec: Shadow :: 14/0/47 [2]

Age: 38

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 pounds.

Highest PvP rank: Knight

Likes: Flirting, traveling, hand to hand combat.

Dislikes: Disorganization, dwarves, healing.

Primary Hearth: Shattrath

Trade Skills: Tailoring (Shadowcloth), Enchanting

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