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Overview Edit

Cleare Michaels is a scholar first and a woman second. A lifelong student of the Arcane arts, Cleare currently performs regular research for the Academy of Arcane Sciences, with a heavy emphasis on the applications of magical fire in conjunction with her extreme passion for geology, metallurgy and weaponsmithing. However, she has since hung up her smithing equipment in favor of the jewelcrafting arts, after being discharged from the local blacksmithing union. Though her family left her a prodigious family fortune, the vast majority of it is controlled by her estranged brother, Shallon. The tension between the two borderlines on murderous, though they tolerate each other only on the basis they stay well away from the other on a regular basis. Cleare regularly goes out into the field to collect her own ores and mineral samples, an oddity in the largely male-dominated mining scene. However, she finds the opportunity to collect live scientific data regarding her own arcane developments and personally crafted weapons on the field absolutely invaluable. Previously a citizen of Dalaran, she moved to Southshore until the reconstruction of Stormwind City.

Ironically cold for one who despises the arts of frost as inferior, Cleare seldom finds it advantageous to seek the company of others, though she is often seen in the world with her bodyguard, Jessikah Cyralia, close behind. The relationship between the two is open to debate, though it is regularly established between them that the bond they share is inseparable.

History Edit


Cleare and her brother, Shallon were born and raised in Northshire Abbey. Their father, Gravic, was a member of the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics under Archbishop Alonsus Faol. Cleare was much too young at that time to have been trained or educated formally in the ways of the Light other then simple traditions and prayer. However, the events of the First War changed her life. The destruction of Northshire brought the orphaned Shallon and Cleare to their next of kin in among the Kirin Tor in Dalaran.


Upon their arrival, less sympathetic members of the Kirin Tor questioned what use mere children could possibly provide, yet the Michaels' family inheritance proved considerable leverage in stifling such discussion. Though Shallon was the true heir, Cleare was allowed access to the libraries and lectures of the most supreme magical minds of the era. Cleare was fascinated, and embraced the arcane teachings with wide eyes and open arms. Though her brother loathed the arts of the Kirin Tor, viewing them as heretical and disgraceful to the memory of their parents, Cleare was almost always found in a state of study and magical practice. The relationship between the siblings grew strained as Cleare continued to prove a promising student and Shallon caused nothing but trouble. When Shallon left for Lordaeron, Cleare was left behind and grew to hate her brother for leaving her alone. Nevertheless, Cleare spent her youth and adolescence and much of her adult life within the walls of the magic city.


During the Third War, Archimonde razed the city of Dalaran. Cleare was not present, doing survey work at nearby Southshore, which came to be her place of residence while the rest of the kingdom burned around them. Without anybody to guide her arcane studies any longer, Cleare grew depressed and despondent, forced to pursue a course of self-study on top of the mining and smithing work she was forced to pursue to aid the war effort against the Scourge. She grew to tolerate the work, and eventually love it, as she found ways to link the study of magical fire with the physical arts of metalworking, and before she knew it, the war had ended. However, she was still without another home, and continued her life as an eccentric metalworker until she heard news of a gathering of magical minds at the newly reconstructed capital city of Stormwind.


Much to her dismay, her brother had made quite the name for himself in the new city. He had not only risen to a position of financial wealth and high regard, he had reconstructed their old home of Northshire. Cleare was furious to be confronted with her brother's success, and nearly left the city for good, but the draw of the Stormwind Arcane Academy was too much for her. However, the only way to pay the prodigious tuition would be to reconnect with her brother and their fortune, and with venom behind clenched teeth, she relented and attempted to make peace. The negotiations did not go well, and escalated quickly into an explosion of repressed emotions, and Cleare left in a seething rage. However, she was legally entitled to her share of the wealth, and Shallon agreed to provide as necessary on the sole condition she made herself scarce. It was a condition she was only happy to oblige.

--Present Day

Cleare has played many roles as a citizen of the new Stormwind, but first and foremost she puts an emphasis on the development of her magical skill and her weaponsmithing. Her personal bodyguard, Jessikah, has proven invaluable in her pursuits, saving her life on many an occasion where her carefully concealed vulnerabilities have been exploited.

In the past, she has played partner to a plot to overthrow and uncover her brother's dark secrets to the public eye, though she was forced to follow through half-heartedly in the fact that if her intents were revealed, her finances would be cut off - life and limb notwithstanding. With the disappearance and apparent banishment to the Twisting Nether of her accomplice, the warrior Shallyn, Cleare has withdrawn to more personal and academic pursuits.

Cleare focuses predominantly on her studies, though she is captain of the Academy Fencing team. However, she has been known to pursue relationships where convenient. She seems to be of the persuasion that avoids groups and prefers solitary female company, though whether this extends to a sexual preference is unknown. Either way, the secrets of her heart are kept close and dear. Cleare would be quicker to divulge the components of a personally developed spell then talk about her love life. Nevertheless, she does seem to have a preference for those who can use the weapons she crafts with a high degree of skill.

Stats Edit

Name: Cleare Michaels (Armory [1])

Server: Sisters of Elune (RP)(US)

Main Spec: Fire/Arcane

Age: 30

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 pounds

Likes: Studying, weaponsmithing, fire.

Dislikes: Social gatherings, animals, her brother.

Primary Hearth: Southshore

Trade Skills: Mining, Jewelcrafting

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