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I'm to tired....

Oh, something else I've added to Blood Elf culture in my game is just a very minor detail, but one I think is kinda neat: Blood Elf families provide peculiar silk kerchief's to each child and adult in the family line. These kerchief's are never worn as a centerpiece to an outfit or anything, generally Blood Elves don't call attention to them. Any time the Blood Elf cries, the kerchief is used to capture every single tear. Whenever the kerchief is soiled, it is brought to one of the Blood Magi who burns it in their hand.

The rationale behind this is that the Blood Elves don't want their tears to fall to the earth of Azeroth. They feel their tears, as ultimate expression of their pain and weakness, can give others power over them. By using the kerchief's they avoid this.

It's not something their absolutely obsessed over or anything. If a child cried onto the earth, no one's going to panic and assume the child is doomed or anything. It's just a cultural act. --WCTitan, WoW RPG forums (

Based on the formative war and subsequent loss of nearly all High elves.Where can one draw the idea that Blood elves are, quote 'gay'? The tough-it-out attitude and violent will to asend of the surounding conflict speaks of a deep inner drive withen Highborne. The Blood elves form a divided sect of the ancient Highborne line who did turn aside from Azshara. History repeats itself as now the Blood elves turn away as thier dearest prince attempts to force them into calling forth destruction down on Azeroth once more.

To me Blood elves represent the hope of a bright futre withen each of us. though the future may lead us through darkness, we shall carry with us the Light.

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