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This article is a realm page for the Aman'Thul_US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Welcome to Aman'Thul's Wiki page!Edit

Famous Aman'Thul Personalities

Sanctus (Alliance/Priest), is by far the most famous character on the server. Guild Master of the top Oceanic guild <Not Steamboat>, he was also pre-TBC raid leader for <Resilience>. He possesses the coveted Scarab Lord title and its associated mount. The first player to achieve level 70 on Aman'Thul, he plays exceptionally well and is sometimes arrogant to the point that everyone thinks he's joking (though noone really knows for sure). He is generally well liked even though his comments may have left some with lasting grudges. However he is a charismatic leader and has many loyal followers.

Darksphinx (Horde/Hunter) earns a lot of server respect for his continual updating and diplomatic handling of the progression threads.

Lintelotiel (Alliance/Paladin) claims a lot of popularity on Aman'Thul for his regular open Naxxramas (among other pre-TBC raids) runs - [1] [2]. Lintelotiel has been running these on and off for over 6 months and has successfully been able to complete at least one Atiesh staff so far (owned by Sodium). Lintelotiel is also well known for his short stint on Nagrand after taking the free transfer with <Dynasty> (as a casual raider) and opening the AQ gates there, only to shortly take a paid transfer back to Aman'Thul.

Silantha (Alliance/Rogue) is well known for being extraordinarily lucky, gaining both the server's first complete Warglaives set and Amani War Bear mount.

Aramis (Alliance/Rogue) is the Guild Master of <Resilience> and has been successfully running the guild since the birth of Aman'Thul. Aramis also has a complete Warglaives set and an Amani War Bear mount.

Deviouz (Alliance/Warrior) is an Officer in <Brute Force> but more well known for his purple suit antics in IF and friendly party attitude, from his Piccolo of Flaming Fire to the Picnic set the 'pimp' of Ironforge is always up for fun! - Paper planes included.

Dershivar/Kenco (Alliance/Warrior) is the main tank of <Not Steamboat> and also the author of the very useful and popular KTM threat meter. While KTM is not as popular as it once was (due to lack of updates), it is still on the 'must have' list for many raiders.

Lunar and Othinn are well known to the twink community on the server as two of the only few who have the pre-tbc enchants from AQ40 and MC.

For a further guide to famous Aman'Thulians see this thread - [3].

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