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This article is a realm page for the Aman'Thul_US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Welcome to Aman'Thul's Wiki page!Edit

Recent News

  • Noctis Erus downs Brutallus! 02/06/08
    • Congratulations NE another boss down, another lot of T6. Very nice progress, after several low % enrages and wipes its a great step to defeat the patchwerk of TBC. Enjoy the loot and we'll keep our eye out for a Felmyst kill shortly =).
  • NSB gets another [Warglaive of Azzinoth]! 01/06/08
    • Congratulations Vyzhdra on the Offhand glaive that dropped. This brings NSB's total to 6 glaives (2 MH 4 OH). Ironically the glaive dropped from an BT ID bought from Dissent - made it worth the gold no doubt.
  • Ajantis downs Kalecgos! (29/05/08)
    • Excellent work Ajantis. After all the tunneling through portals which reflect the twisted mind of Sathrovarr you have overcome the demon and released the dragon. Welcome to spell haste haven. Good luck with Brutallus and the demons beyond.
  • Gnomes on Bears (29/05/08)
    • That's right CH have stuck a fork in these BT guilds to start farming their own. Gnomeland Security is the first to respond and succeed with their own bear mount! Congratulations is well deserved. Enjoy the pixels ;) Unfortunately the winner of said bear is not a gnome =(.
  • Molotov goes social! (28/05/08)
    • Citing difficulties, including recruiting and retaining experienced raiders, Molotov's officers have opted to cease raiding and made the shift to a social guild. Many of their core raiders have chosen to remain in the guild, taking a break from raiding for awhile, however many others have moved on to new raiding homes. While the shift to a social guild was relatively amicable, the majority of members were sad to see the guild's progression reach a premature end.
  • Convicted Heroes gets a Bear! (26/05/08)
    • A massive congratulations to CH the only non-T6 guild on Aman'thul that has successfully completed the timed ZA event. They only prove how much this event is based on skill not gear - this should serve as encouragement for all those T6 guilds that have not yet completed this event that they should be able to if they put the effort in. /respect CH.
  • Pitchblack (05/05/08) & Reddot (26/05/08) get a Glaive!
    • Congratulations Ronninscrave (OH) <PitchBlack> and Maximuslhc (MH) <Reddot>! Almost all Illidan farming guilds on Aman'thul now have at least one glaive. Waiting for Ajantis to achieve the first horde glaive and Special Circumstances to be equally lucky with drops. This brings our total to 14 warglaives on Aman'thul, keep it up! Enjoy the orange PB and Rdt good luck with completing the set. An additional congratulations to Reddot downing illidan and successfully clearing BT!
  • GenX down! (27/05/08)
    • With a sigh of relief the server is happy to announce the death of GenX. The majority of the raiders and officers of this guild do not deserve the black label that they have been continually blanketed with due to their GM Nextt excessive guild recruitment spam in trade channel. Essentially the officers have done the best thing in the interest of the guild and have pulled off a coup - gquiting and taking the raiders with them to reform and reprogress without the taint that is Nextt. This should also hopefully stop/limit the arrogance of the alt/pug runs coined 'GenY' who were well above GenX in progression.
  • Recent transfers:

Please note this list may not be 100% accurate, they are suggested matchings see server discussion for links .

Date Server Left Guild Left Previous Character Name Destination Server Destination Guild Current Character Name
Jun 1, 2008 Aman'Thul<Ajantis>SykraDath'Remar <Sanctuary>Sykra
May 30, 2008 Aman'Thul <Molotov> Astronoy Nagrand<Kaos>Astronoy
May 29, 2008 Caelestrasz <SOS> Chappo Aman'Thul <Resilience> Chappo
May 28, 2008Frostwolf <World Famous>ZeikeAman'Thul <Noctis Erus> Ezeikel
May 28, 2008Aman'Thul <Novitias>LatheineNagrand <Endless Fury>Latheine
May 28, 2008Aman'Thul <Molotov>Derelictfrog Nagrand <Kaos>Jazzor
May 26, 2008Eonar<Second Attempt> Kalliope Aman'Thul <Resilience> Zooey
May 26, 2008Dath'Remar <Meddle>AsakûraAman'Thul <Ajantis> Entruder
May 26, 2008Aman'Thul <Molotov>HalpoNagrand<Kaos>Halpo
May 22, 2008 Korgath <Legacy> BishboshAman'Thul <Molotov> Bishbosh
May 21, 2008 Frostwolf <World Famous> PsycokillerAman'Thul <Noctis Erus>Psyc
May 21, 2008 Aman'Thul <Ajantis> PootailCaelestrasz <Absolution>Pootail
May 21, 2008 Aman'Thul <Molotov> KarjalanNagrand <Kaos>Karjalan
May 17, 2008 Aman'Thul <Resilience> CracklesFeathermoon <Catalyst>Boosi

Not-So-Recent News

  • Resilence Server First Eredar Twins 02/05/08
    • Resilience have finally overthrown the 'winning streak' of NSB and have beaten them to the first kill of the Eredar Twins. Their kill also places them as Oceanic #2 and the top guild on the server! Congratulations Resilience and good luck with the remaining two bosses in Sunwell.

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