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This article is a realm page for the Aman'Thul_US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Aman'Thul (PvE Server) Edit

Aman'Thul is a US PvE server that has it's time set to an Oceanic Timezone (GMT +10). The server time is set to benefit players from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It was opened on the 9th June 2006 at 4:59pm (server time) and is the 2nd PvE server to be opened with a specific oceanic timezone.

The server is named after the character Aman'Thul, one of the titans, from Warcraft lore and more can be found out about this on the Aman'Thul lore page.

Server Populance Edit

Online Date: 2006-06-12
Total Characters: 29,562
Total AllianceAlliance 15: 18,829 - 64%
Total HordeHorde 15: 10,733 - 36%
Alliance 15 to Horde 15 Ratio: 1.8 : 1
Alliance 15 to Horde 15Activity Ratio: 2.6 : 1
Most Popular Race:
Alliance 15: Human (6180 - 21%)
Horde 15: Blood Elf (3850 - 13%)
Most Popular Class: Hunter (5,100 - 17%)
Note: Statistics above are based on a Warcraft Census accurate as of 10 May, 2008 and should be considered strictly informational.

More statistics available at Warcraft Census for Aman'thul.

Some Aman'thul history:Edit

9 Jun'06 4:59pm - Server opened

7 Jul'06 - Alliance guild "Game" kills the Zul'Gurub bosses: Jeklik, Venoxis and Bloodlord Mandokir. Also downing Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj boss Kurinnaxx

8 Jul'06 - Alliance guild "Perspicuus" kills Hakkar in Zul'Gurub. The following day they defeated Azuregos and the Molten Core bosses Lucifron, Magmadar and Gehennas.

8 Jul'06 - Around this time, Blizzard decided that the Ahn'Qiraj gates should not have been opened and the Scourge Invasion event shouldn't have been started so these were removed during a restart.

15 Sep'06 - Sanctus of the guild "Resilience" opened the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. You can see some of the footage of the lag caused by opening the gates on Aman'thul here:

Guild <Game> (the first 'top' raiding guild on Aman'thul) disbanded due to drama as someone (Archrival) ninja looted T2 head piece from Onyxia and the GM at the time /gdisbanded shortly afterwards. The ninja may not have been the cause of the shortly followed disband - but no one remembers =). "I have fond memories of archrival. He was in Resilience till one day he decided that we are not going to progress as fast as GAME so he decided to join them, was testing times as like a member or so quit each day to join GAME. Then proceed to ninja the T2 helm the next week" - Lunar <Resilience>

Guild <Perspicuus> was renamed and reformed into <Void> and remained in the top raiding scene until TBC where it quickly fell apart. <Perspicuus> attained server first Hakkar and Ragnaros kills, however <Resilience> took over with server first Nefarian and beyond (i.e. rest of pre-tbc bosses).

By the end of classic WoW there was only three guilds working on Naxxramas (<Resilience>, <Void> and <Dynasty>) with the furthest progressed reaching only 8/15. This undoubtly was due to the age of the server compared, as it opened only shortly before the release of Naxxramas.

Shortly before the release of TBC <Resilience> decided to split from one 40man raiding guild into two 25man raiding guilds. The new guild created was <Not Steamboat> of which Sanctus was the chosen GM, while originally this guild comprised a high number of original <Resilience> members this is no longer the case and there are very few members remaining that are from the original <Resilience>.

Click [1] here to see a summary of pre-TBC server progression.

With the release of TBC the race to level 70 was on, those from the states had a headstart, however inevitably Sanctus won the race in approximately three days.

Upon beginning to raid again few pre-tbc raiding guilds survived, including the noticeable disbanding of <Void> and <T S C>. Since then there has been many guilds rebuilding, building from scratch and more and more casual guilds shifting into the raiding scene as raiding has become a lot easier to organise and accomplish. Through all this <Not Steamboat> has managed to acquire every single server first Boss kill. With the disband of <Void> and <T S C> these members mostly reformed into the guilds <K A O S>, <Gnomeland Security> and <Dyslexics untie>.

Upon killing Illidan on the 16th of September, <Not Steamboat> became the top Oceanic guild and Aman'Thul became an increasingly popular server, significantly increasing the login queues and decreasing general server performance.

To help rectify this problem Aman'thul has since had two rounds of free xfers off to new servers. Firstly to Nagrand, where <Dynasty>, <Singularity> (now <Tribunal>), <K A O S> and a large number of other guilds went as the server was much more stable than Aman'thul at the time. However, upon closing free xfers to Nagrand, Aman'Thul was immediately open to paid xfers once again and it wasn't long until the server filled up yet again. Aman'thul has since had a second round of free xfers, this time to Caelestrasz. Two members of <Dynasty> (Feli, now Felibeli and Lintelotiel) took the oppurtunity from their free xfer to 'ninja' open the AQ gates and gain themselves new titles and mounts. Lintelotiel has since returned to Aman'thul and is the second Scarab Lord on the realm.

Also may be worth mentioning the free transfer period to Dath'Remar (ending 28 September 2006), given it did a fair amount of damage to a number of guilds.

Unfortunately Aman'Thul has a history of its Horde progression being several steps below the alliance. This began as a pattern pre-tbc with only three guilds horde side successfully killing Ragnaros, of which only one was able to kill Razorgore. <Ajantis> initially gave alliance a run for their money, however several members of the original <Ajantis> xfered off early into Aman'thul's life (during the first round of free xfers to Dath'Remar during pre-TBC) and <Ajantis> took a long time to recover. However, they have continued to lead the pack Horde side throughout TBC.

Server first rank 14 was Evilanice (H), also only horde High Warlord. Alliance Rank 14's are dragarath, stocky, Echidna and apanda.

Horde first hakkar and Ragnaros kills were by <Darkness Awaken> (dont know when). They disbanded c 4 September '06. Ossirian was by <Ajantis> on 22 September '06. Highest horde progression ever (pre-tbc) was Vaelestrasz by MYTH (go horde! :p)

"something pretty good about Aman'Thul, people forgive and forget and act like one big happy family at the end of it all. =D " - Aramis <Resilience> GM, this holds true for the people that don't xfer off.

Pre-TBC, <Resilience> had all server first kills past MC.

Some history of <Not Steamboat> the top raiding guild on Aman'Thul: [2]

Recent NewsEdit

  • Noctis Erus downs Brutallus! 02/06/08
    • Congratulations NE another boss down, another lot of T6. Very nice progress, after several low % enrages and wipes its a great step to defeat the patchwerk of TBC. Enjoy the loot and we'll keep our eye out for a Felmyst kill shortly =).
  • NSB gets another [Warglaive of Azzinoth]! 01/06/08
    • Congratulations Vyzhdra on the Offhand glaive that dropped. This brings NSB's total to 6 glaives (2 MH 4 OH). Ironically the glaive dropped from an BT ID bought from Dissent - made it worth the gold no doubt.
  • Ajantis downs Kalecgos! (29/05/08)
    • Excellent work Ajantis. After all the tunneling through portals which reflect the twisted mind of Sathrovarr you have overcome the demon and released the dragon. Welcome to spell haste haven. Good luck with Brutallus and the demons beyond.
  • Gnomes on Bears (29/05/08)
    • That's right CH have stuck a fork in these BT guilds to start farming their own. Gnomeland Security is the first to respond and succeed with their own bear mount! Congratulations is well deserved. Enjoy the pixels ;) Unfortunately the winner of said bear is not a gnome =(.
  • Molotov goes social! (28/05/08)
    • Citing difficulties, including recruiting and retaining experienced raiders, Molotov's officers have opted to cease raiding and made the shift to a social guild. Many of their core raiders have chosen to remain in the guild, taking a break from raiding for awhile, however many others have moved on to new raiding homes. While the shift to a social guild was relatively amicable, the majority of members were sad to see the guild's progression reach a premature end.
  • Convicted Heroes gets a Bear! (26/05/08)
    • A massive congratulations to CH the only non-T6 guild on Aman'thul that has successfully completed the timed ZA event. They only prove how much this event is based on skill not gear - this should serve as encouragement for all those T6 guilds that have not yet completed this event that they should be able to if they put the effort in. /respect CH.
  • Pitchblack (05/05/08) & Reddot (26/05/08) get a Glaive!
    • Congratulations Ronninscrave (OH) <PitchBlack> and Maximuslhc (MH) <Reddot>! Almost all Illidan farming guilds on Aman'thul now have at least one glaive. Waiting for Ajantis to achieve the first horde glaive and Special Circumstances to be equally lucky with drops. This brings our total to 14 warglaives on Aman'thul, keep it up! Enjoy the orange PB and Rdt good luck with completing the set. An additional congratulations to Reddot downing illidan and successfully clearing BT!
  • GenX down! (27/05/08)
    • With a sigh of relief the server is happy to announce the death of GenX. The majority of the raiders and officers of this guild do not deserve the black label that they have been continually blanketed with due to their GM Nextt excessive guild recruitment spam in trade channel. Essentially the officers have done the best thing in the interest of the guild and have pulled off a coup - gquiting and taking the raiders with them to reform and reprogress without the taint that is Nextt. This should also hopefully stop/limit the arrogance of the alt/pug runs coined 'GenY' who were well above GenX in progression.
  • Recent transfers:

Please note this list may not be 100% accurate, they are suggested matchings see server discussion for links .

Date Server Left Guild Left Previous Character Name Destination Server Destination Guild Current Character Name
Jun 1, 2008 Aman'Thul<Ajantis>SykraDath'Remar <Sanctuary>Sykra
May 30, 2008 Aman'Thul <Molotov> Astronoy Nagrand<Kaos>Astronoy
May 29, 2008 Caelestrasz <SOS> Chappo Aman'Thul <Resilience> Chappo
May 28, 2008Frostwolf <World Famous>ZeikeAman'Thul <Noctis Erus> Ezeikel
May 28, 2008Aman'Thul <Novitias>LatheineNagrand <Endless Fury>Latheine
May 28, 2008Aman'Thul <Molotov>Derelictfrog Nagrand <Kaos>Jazzor
May 26, 2008Eonar<Second Attempt> Kalliope Aman'Thul <Resilience> Zooey
May 26, 2008Dath'Remar <Meddle>AsakûraAman'Thul <Ajantis> Entruder
May 26, 2008Aman'Thul <Molotov>HalpoNagrand<Kaos>Halpo
May 22, 2008 Korgath <Legacy> BishboshAman'Thul <Molotov> Bishbosh
May 21, 2008 Frostwolf <World Famous> PsycokillerAman'Thul <Noctis Erus>Psyc
May 21, 2008 Aman'Thul <Ajantis> PootailCaelestrasz <Absolution>Pootail
May 21, 2008 Aman'Thul <Molotov> KarjalanNagrand <Kaos>Karjalan
May 17, 2008 Aman'Thul <Resilience> CracklesFeathermoon <Catalyst>Boosi

Not-So-Recent NewsEdit

  • Resilence Server First Eredar Twins 02/05/08
    • Resilience have finally overthrown the 'winning streak' of NSB and have beaten them to the first kill of the Eredar Twins. Their kill also places them as Oceanic #2 and the top guild on the server! Congratulations Resilience and good luck with the remaining two bosses in Sunwell.

Famous Aman'Thul PersonalitiesEdit

Sanctus (Alliance/Priest), is by far the most famous character on the server. Guild Master of the top Oceanic guild <Not Steamboat>, he was also pre-TBC raid leader for <Resilience>. He possesses the coveted Scarab Lord title and its associated mount. The first player to achieve level 70 on Aman'Thul, he plays exceptionally well and is sometimes arrogant to the point that everyone thinks he's joking (though noone really knows for sure). He is generally well liked even though his comments may have left some with lasting grudges. However he is a charismatic leader and has many loyal followers.

Darksphinx (Horde/Hunter) earns a lot of server respect for his continual updating and diplomatic handling of the progression threads.

Lintelotiel (Alliance/Paladin) claims a lot of popularity on Aman'Thul for his regular open Naxxramas (among other pre-TBC raids) runs - [3] [4]. Lintelotiel has been running these on and off for over 6 months and has successfully been able to complete at least one Atiesh staff so far (owned by Sodium). Lintelotiel is also well known for his short stint on Nagrand after taking the free transfer with <Dynasty> (as a casual raider) and opening the AQ gates there, only to shortly take a paid transfer back to Aman'Thul.

Silantha (Alliance/Rogue) is well known for being extraordinarily lucky, gaining both the server's first complete Warglaives set and Amani War Bear mount.

Aramis (Alliance/Rogue) is the Guild Master of <Resilience> and has been successfully running the guild since the birth of Aman'Thul. Aramis also has a complete Warglaives set and an Amani War Bear mount.

Deviouz (Alliance/Warrior) is an Officer in <Brute Force> but more well known for his purple suit antics in IF and friendly party attitude, from his Piccolo of Flaming Fire to the Picnic set the 'pimp' of Ironforge is always up for fun! - Paper planes included.

Dershivar/Kenco (Alliance/Warrior) is the main tank of <Not Steamboat> and also the author of the very useful and popular KTM threat meter. While KTM is not as popular as it once was (due to lack of updates), it is still on the 'must have' list for many raiders.

Lunar and Othinn are well known to the twink community on the server as two of the only few who have the pre-tbc enchants from AQ40 and MC.

For a further guide to famous Aman'Thulians see this thread - [5].

Aman'Thul LegendariesEdit

This is a list of the Legendary items and their owners in Aman'Thul. Note that for '#', this list is incomplete.

[Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]:

  • Sodium <Noctis Erus> (server first)

[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] #:

  • Pavllos <Iniquity>
  • Kimowarra <Resilience>
  • Jeffie <Gnomeland Security> (server first)
  • Loneogre <Pacific Phoenix>
  • Gloddy <Warriors of Wollongong>
  • Battlemuffin (Recent transfer, currently unguilded)
  • Cartollomew <Molotov>
  • Skian <Ajantis>
  • Saturatedfat <TBA>
  • Laice <TBA>

[Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros] #:

  • Indigo - retired (server first)
  • Timbre <Not Steamboat>
  • Rurik <MYTH> - retired
  • Lintelotiel <Not Steamboat>
  • Trakor <Noctis Erus>
  • Evilandy <Reborn>
  • Laice <TBA>

[Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal]:

  • Sanctus <Not Steamboat> (server first)
  • Lintelotiel <Not Steamboat>

[Warglaive of Azzinoth]:

  • Silantha (both) <Not Steamboat> (server first)
  • Wanda (both) <Not Steamboat>
  • Aramis (both) <Resilience>
  • Cans (OH) <Not Steamboat>
  • Susano (OH) <Resilience>
  • Fabella (OH) <Molotov>
  • Robins (OH) <Resilience>
  • Untold (MH) <Noctis Erus> - Banned
  • Shodan (MH) <Noctis Erus>
  • Ronninscrave (OH) <PitchBlack>
  • Maximuslhc (MH) <Reddot>
  • Vyzhdra (OH) <Not Steamboat>

[Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury]:

  • -none as yet-

Aman'thul Current TBC Progression Edit

The current top 10 guilds per faction, by level and progression, listed in progressive order.

Progression is listed as number of bosses downed per instance, without regard to which bosses. Progression information was initially derived from progression threads on the realm's forum. However, as there is insufficient room to list exact encounters here, a count-type summary is used. More detail on a guild's progression can be found by contacting the guild directly.

All 20 guilds have cleared Karazhan, it is no longer being tracked on the server progression thread. The '+' denotes those guilds which have completed the 45-minute Zul'Aman timed event. Congratulations on the bear cavalry!

Position Guild Zul'Aman Gruul's Lair Magtheridon Outdoor Serpentshrine Tempest Keep Mount Hyjal Black Temple Sunwell Plateau
2Not SteamboatClear+ClearClearClearClearClearClearClear4/6
3Noctis ErusClearClearClearClearClearClearClearClear2/6
4Pitch BlackClearClearClearClearClearClearClearClear0/6
5Special CircumstancesClearClearClearClearClearClearClear0/6
7Just Another GuildClear+ClearClearClearClearClear8/90/6
9NoKturnal KarnageClearClearClear0/2ClearClearClear7/90/6
10Dissent ClearClearClear0/2ClearClearClear6/90/6

Position Guild Zul'Aman Gruul's Lair Magtheridon Outdoor Serpentshrine Tempest Keep Mount Hyjal Black Temple Sunwell Plateau
3Random FactClearClearClearClearClearClear4/53/90/6
6Pros SthenosClearClearClear0/25/63/42/50/90/6
7Burning RegionClearClearClear1/25/63/41/50/90/6
9Chairman of the Horde2/6ClearClearClear2/62/40/50/90/6

Last Updated Horde: 01/06/08 based on DarkSphinx's [6] updated list of End-Game progression - clarification on boss kills can be found on the guild websites linked in Dark's thread.

Convicted Heros [7] have also successfully completed the timed ZA event. "Convicted Heroes is the first non-T6 guild on Aman'Thul to compete the event and get the mount!! " Well done.

Guild Listing Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance »

Resilience Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Not Steamboat Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Noctis Erus Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Pitch Black Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Special Circumstances Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Reddott Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Just Another Guild Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
NoKturnal Karnage Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Dissent Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
TBA Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Horde 32 Horde »

Ajantis Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Novitas Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Random Fact Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Apotheosis Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Nocturnal Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Pros Sthenos Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Burning Region Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Inertia Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Chairman of the Horde Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Alibi Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Current RecruitmentEdit

Please see the above two sections for current guild progression and website links. Recruitment for these guilds is open to the following classes and specs (e.g. S- = Shadow, H=holy, R=resto, El=elemental, Enh= enhance etc). Realm forums and guild websites will have the most up-to-date recruitment details. Please see the guild website and read their policies/recruitment status before applying!

Guild Recruiting
Alliance 15Resilience1x H-Paladin 1x tank(druid/warrior) 1xS-Priest
Alliance 15Not Steamboat 1xRogue
Alliance 15Noctis Erus 1xS-Priest 1xH-Priest
Alliance 15PitchBlack 1xH-Priest
Alliance 15Special Circumstances 1x Mage 1xP-Warrior 1xEl/Enh-Shaman
Alliance 15Reddot 2xR-Shaman 2xR-Druid 1xEl-Shaman 2xMage 1xWarlock
Alliance 15Just Another Guild 1xR-Shaman 1xR-Druid
Alliance 15NoKturnal Carnage 1xH-Paladin 1xR-Shaman
Alliance 15Dissent Closed
Alliance 15TBA 1 x Hunter, 1 x Warlock
Horde 15Ajantis1xMage 1x En-Shaman
Horde 15Novitias1x Resto Druid & 1x Holy Priest
Horde 15Random Factunknown status
Horde 15Apotheosis Closed
Horde 15Nocturnal2xMage 1xP-Warrior 1xR-Shaman
Horde 15Pros SthenosOpen
Horde 15The Burning RegionOpen- DPS and Healers
Horde 15Inertia1x H-Priest 1x S-Priest 1xH-Paladin 1x P-Paladin 2xMage
Horde 15Chairman of the HordeOpen
Horde 15Alibi4xHealers 1xP-Paladin 1xWarlock

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