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Leylah Edit

Leylah Lightchaser is a Blood Elf rogue affiliated with the Horde. She loves the beauty of Silvermoon, and is loathe to wander beyond its warm walls... though recently she has taken a great liking to the Barrens and, oddly enough, the wastelands of Durotar and the maze that is Orgrimmar.

Description Edit

Leylah has raven black hair parted to the side and framing her narrow, heart shaped face. She is somewhat tall for a Blood Elf female, and of course possesses the bright green eyes of her race. She is fair skinned, though without the violet cast of her Night Elf cousins. She wears large golden hoop earrings in her ears, a small vestige of femininity in the midst of war. She has a lithe figure... all the better for sneaking up behind the enemy quietly and ravaging them before they even realize what happened. Upon meeting her, the first thing you'll notice is a lazy, half-amused look in her unnaturally bright eyes, and a small smile playing about her lips... unless you're a Night Elf or a human. Night Elves and humans look upon a face twisted by bitterness and contempt - and sorrow.

Personality Edit

Leylah recognized the Blood Elf arrogance early on as petty foolishness, mainly due to her father, a historian of sorts who taught her of the High Elf devastation, and warned her that to assume arrogance over others was akin to sealing one's doom. Her tolerance for others extends mainly to the Horde races... she bears a fierce grudge against the Night Elf cousins that all but tossed her people to the wind, and against the humans, who turned on the very race that imparted its wisdom and knowledge on them. It seems at times though that the Blood Elf arrogance took a more passive-aggressive route with her, something that she battles with daily, and sometimes fails to contain.

She is quiet, which at times has been taken for shyness. She is quite the opposite, however - but she holds little respect for those who speak rashly without thinking, and tries to hold herself to that standard.

She is somewhat skeptical, and therefore is not blindly loyal to Prince Kael'thas, though she would never admit to that in mixed company. She firmly believes that to restore her beloved homeland to its former glory, the Scourge must be wiped completely from Azeroth. Kael'thas may or may not figure into those plans; she recently heard whispers of a large group of Kael'thas' army defecting to Shattrath City when she was skirting the edge of a campsite filled with too many humans to risk attack, but she doesn't know if the rumor is true, and will not willingly show her ignorance by asking.

History Edit

Leylah was raised in peace and beauty, born inside the walls of Silvermoon. She is still young - her seventy-eight years would be akin to early twenties for a human. She lived a beautiful, peaceful life... until the Scourge came and all but destroyed everything she held dear.

She refuses to say anything beyond that when asked about her past. When asked, the questioner is met with a steely, narrowed gaze until the subject is changed.

Wars change people. A farmer becomes a warrior. A tailor becomes a demon-summoning warlock. And a content young Elf becomes a stealthy rogue assassin.

Leylah has not become bitter or filled with hate; on the contrary, she knows within her heart that one day the Scourge will be driven from Azeroth, and she will be able to make her peaceful home amongst her 'family' - the new friends and loved ones she meets during the course of her travels.

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