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Legaia is a woman of many characters; yes one of the mysterious and actual female creatures in Azeroth. She currently has two mains, and may possibly have more in the future. In late 2007 and now 2008, you can primarily find her as Euphonia on Boulderfist. Please don't ask about her crazy guild name - it's just her coworkers; she was not part of the guild creation process.

Legaia's main character of the past, although currently not active, is Kachina on Deathwing of the most awesome guild Sacred Coven. While feral druids and shadow priests are probably Legaia's favorite classes to play, she seems to just have more fun PvPing on Boulderfist as a paladin. Who would have thought?

Legaia recently got married! Her husband plays Kemplar and Shobo on the same realms as Legaia. He has been gaming much longer, back from the days of Asheron's Call in the guild Orb. He still insists that World of Warcraft needs a chaos server.

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