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There was a boy...

A very strange...enchanted boy...

They say he wandered very far[1], very far[2], very far[3]...

Over land and sea...

A little shy and sad of eye...

But very wise was he...

-David Bowie & Massive Attack: "Nature Boy"

Anyway...not a lot to say about myself (unless you ask). Let's say my resourcefulness is limited, but least I'm here for you.

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Also, i'm writing a fanfiction story.

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Devoured by Incandescense Edit


This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Panic lurked the room and outside in the square as they saw the abomination's dead body, once a beautiful creature so twisted by demonic power in a crazed lust for satisfaction, just to die horribly by the hands of the ones it once sought to protect. It made no sense, a Sin'dorei attacking her brethen, it made no sense at all.

"It's only a matter of time now", said Minerva, breaking the panicked silence in the Sanctum, as they saw the other corpses of the Magisters and the mere remnants of the powerful creature that was imprisioned there. "Liadrin... I... don't have much time.", She remarked with a concerned look, intriguing words for the other elves in the room. Everyone except the Matriarch.

Lady Liadrin stood almost unaffected by the panic sorrounding the whole square of the city, announcing to the present Knights: "Search the city for anyone infiltrated and return here in one hour, we have much to do... and much to be concerned about.".

"What should we do with the Felblood?" asked Noellas. Minerva quickly answered: "Take it to the Sunfury Spire, show it to everyone, tell them... tell them exactly what happened here, if they don't believe you, they will soon." She was turning paler every second, and Liadrin noticed, but before she could ask her about her affliction, she told her: "I guess keeping the secret just won't do from now on...".

It was the moment they were both expecting for some time, Liadrin and her protege had a lot to discuss, and so little time. "What are you still doing here?, We need to move now!, Minerva and I need some to discuss an important matter, meet us and the Masters in the square in one hour". As the entered the adyacent quarters, Liadrin quickly asked: "We both know you're hiding something ever since you were lost in Outland, I barely convinced the rest of your colleagues to trust you, but you keep acting in a bizarre manner, and even more so now since the attack".

"Remember my knighting day?, Remember the accident?, How I didn't remember a thing, and you all said I tried to draw too much from Mu'ru and was smashed against the ceeling?. The rest of the Naaru, they made me regain my memory..."

"What did you remember? That day, I saw your eyes glow in an intensive white, your hair turn red, and your body levitating without control"

"All that...". She said with a faint smile that implied irony. "...It was not an accident at all"

(To be continued, I swear) (Also, some feedback would be nice, I might tell you what happens next)

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