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Northrend race ideas Edit

New Alliance race.



This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

History Edit

At the ancient continent Kalimdor's center was a mysterious lake of incandescent energies, the Well of Eternity. It was the true heart of the world's magic and natural power. From this magical ether the Silithid were born. As the fallen Old God C'Thun recognized their appearance, he attempted to sunder the world that it once held in its unmerciful grasp. The Old God created avatars from the Silithid in its own image. These avatars were to be known as the Aqir. The Aqir ruled the lands of the far west. These clever insectoids were greatly expansionistic and incredibly evil.

The Aqir were obsessed with eradicating all non-insect life from the fields of Kalimdor. So the two big Troll empires of Gurubashi and Amani found their common enemy in the third empire - the civilization of Azj'Aqir.

The trolls fought them for many thousands of years, but never succeeded in winning a true victory over the Aqir. Eventually, due to the troll's persistence, Azj'Aqir split in half as its citizens fled to separate colonies in the far northern and souther regions of the continent.

Two Aqir city-states emerged - Azjol-Nerub in the northern wastes, and Ahn'Qiraj in the southern desert.

So the new kingdom of Azjol-Nerub that stretched like a great web beneath the desolate glaciers of the land later known as Northrend.

Thousands of years later when the Lich King extended his influence over Northrend, the shadowy empire stood against his power. The ancient subterranean kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, sent their elite warrior-guard to attack Icecrown and end the Lich King's mad bid for dominance. Much to his frustration, Ner'zhul found that the evil Nerubians were immune not only to the undead plague, but to his telepathic domination as well.

The Nerubian spider-lords commanded vast forces and had an underground network that stretched nearly half the breadth of Northrend. Their hit-and-run tactics on the Lich King's strongholds stymied his efforts to root them out time after time. Ultimately Ner'zhul's war against the Nerubians was won by attrition. With the aid of the sinister Dreadlords and innumerable undead warriors, the Lich King invaded Azjol-Nerub and brought its subterranean temples crashing down upon the spider lords' heads.

Though the Nerubians were immune to his plague, Ner'zhul's growing necromantic powers allowed him to raise the spider-warriors' corpses and bend them to his will. As a testament to their tenacity and fearlessness, Ner'zhul adopted the Nerubians' distinctive architectural style for his own fortresses and structures.

Though there are few pockets of Nerubian warriors left, they still seek to gain vengeance upon Ner’zhul and reclaim their subterranean kingdom, but with be impossible without the aid of the Horde.

Nerubian Racial TraitsEdit

Frost Resistance - Frost resistance increased by 10.

Webspinning - Binds a target enemy air unit in webbing, forcing it to the ground.

Engineering Specialist - 15 point skill bonus to Engineering (note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of Engineering).

Spider Legs - Increase Agility by 10%.


Race, Faction and Reputation Edit

  • Hometown - Northrend.
  • Capital - New Azjol-Nerub.
  • Reputation with Others - 60000 with the Alliance.
  • Languages - Common and Nerubian.
  • Leaders - Since the destruction and corruption of their home and leaders the Nerubians are now being led by the Spider Queen.


Strength 18
Agility 23
Stamina 19
Intellect 25
Spirit 20


Mounts Edit

  • Racial Mount - Spitting Spider.
  • Colors for Level 40 Mounts - Green, Olive Green, Red.
  • Colors for Epic Mounts - Purple, Voilet, Dark Pink.


Classes Edit

Warrior – In Warcraft III they had warriors.

Mage – Nerubians are highly intelligent and know many things in arcane lore.

Priest - Nerubians have many Seers.

Rogue - They are very agile and multiple legs is a great bonus.

Warlock - Nerubians ar'nt strangers to warlock magic.

  • They have no connection to animals or nature, so can't be Hunters.
  • Nerubians have no connection with the shamanistic belief system.
  • They aren't that intune to nature, so can't be druids.
  • They have no connection with the Light, so they can't be paladins.

New Horde race.

Ice Trolls Edit

History Edit

Ice trolls were actually the first to be exiled by the original Zandalar tribe due to their highly unnatural bloodlust and brutality which included a hatred for their own kind.

The ice trolls have been the enemies of the Dwarven kingdom since the Dwarves invaded the surface of Dun Morogh and took it from the trolls hundreds of years ago. Before this catastrophy befell them, the ice trolls had controlled a small Empire similar to that of the larger Empires of their forest troll and jungle troll brothers. Recently in their ongoing ancestral holy-war against the Dwarves, they have been content to let the Troggs wear down their enemies for them, but how long can they survive this war.

For this reason the trolls have left the Eastern Kingdoms permanently and all have settled in Northrend, but to do such an act needs the help of strong allies.

Troll Racial TraitsEdit

Frost Resistance - Increase Frost Resistance by 10. (

Regeneration - Increase health regeneration bonus by 10%. Also allows 10% of normal health regen during combat.

Hideskinners - 15 point skill bonus to Skinning. (note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of Skinning).

Frozen Skin - Increase Stamina by 5%.

Frost Armor - Creates a shield of frost around a target friendly unit. The shield adds 3 armor and slows melee units that attack it for 5 seconds. Lasts 45 seconds.


Strength 20
Agility 23
Stamina 23
Intellect 15
Spirit 19


Race, Faction and Reputation Edit

  • Hometown - Dun Morogh.
  • Capital - Zul'kaz'kah.
  • Reputation with Others - They are friendly with the Horde.
  • Languages - Orchish and Zandali.
  • Leaders - Since all the Ice trolls migrated to Northrend they all agreed that the only way to agree on a leader, is by challenging who they wanted to fight each other and the one that succeeds will their leader, and the winner was Kaz'kah'jin.


Mounts Edit

  • Racial Mount - Polar Bear.
  • Colors for Level 40 Mounts - White, Silver, Cornsilk.
  • Colors for Epic Mounts - Light Yellow, Beige, Cream.


Classes Edit

Warrior – All trolls have warriors.

Hunter – All trolls have hunters.

Priest - They had priests.

Rogue - They had berserkers.

Shaman - All trolls are shamanistic.

Warlock - They do have some types of warlock-like units.

  • They don't know much about arcane lore, so can't be mages.
  • They aren't that intune to nature, so can't be druids.
  • They don't have a connection with the Light, so they can't be paladins.


Since Blizzard has a policy of choosing original and unique races, it's a rule of thumb that any 'race' so physically similar to a currently playable race that it could imitate the other with just a change of clothes should not be added to this list. But, what if you wanted to play as a troll character, then you could have multiple options, you could play either an ice or jungle troll, which offer different options. It could work.

Another Potential Horde race.

Tuskarr Edit

History Edit

Peerless fishermen and whalers, the Tuskarr have lived in Northrend for countless ages within the Borean Tundra. Since the arrival of the Lich King, the Tuskarr have lived on the verge of extinction in the wake of the vast armies of the Scourge. However, the Horde have recently arrived and have struck up an alliance with these walrusfolk, ushering in a new age for all races involved.

Tuskarr Racial Traits Edit

Frost Resistance - Increase Frost Resistance by 10. Natural Fisherman - 15 point skill bonus to Fishing (note this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of Fishing). Track Beasts - Tuskarr may track all the animals in their immediate vicinity.


Strength 25
Agility 15
Stamina 25
Intellect 15
Spirit 20


Race, Faction and Reputation Edit

  • Hometown - Unknown Fishing Village.
  • Capital - Warsong Hold.
  • Reputation with Others - They are friendly with the Horde.
  • Languages - Orcish and Tuskarri.
  • Leaders - Tusklord Hrak'kar


Mounts Edit

  • Racial Mount - Mammoth.
  • Colors for Level 40 Mounts - Brown, Grey, Light Blue.
  • Colors for Epic Mounts - Black, White, Deep Blue.


Classes Edit

Warrior – The Tuskarr employ warriors.

Hunter – Tuskarr lead a naturalistic lifestyle, and therefore hunters fit right in.

Druid - Due to their naturalistic ways, they may possess druidistic talents.

Rogue - Since they're natural hunters in their homeland, and given their Inuit-like culture, they probably know how to sneak about.

Shaman - The Tuskarr are shamanistic.

Mage - The Tuskarrs possess Sorcerers, who are similar in their operations to magi.

  • They are naturalistic by nature, and therefore can't be warlocks.
  • They don't have a connection with the Light, so they can't be paladins.

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