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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Great Sea race ideas Edit

New Alliance race.


Which Murlocs Edit


This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Although most murlocs seem as unintelligent, the murlocs from the Darkspear Islands (featued in the demo Exodus of the Horde) showed high intelligence and looked more sentient, so they may be approved as a humanoid, intelligent, sentient and playable race.

History Edit

The Underworld Minions from the Darkspear Islands worshipped a deity known as the Sea Witch, and build vast dungeons, temples and mazes under the Surface of the island and called them the Underworld, which also acted as a home for them and their goddess.

The Underworld served as a sanctuary for them, but this city and fortress was affected greatly by the arrival of the Horde and their "genocide" against them and worst of all the destruction of their home, leader and deity.

Seeking revenge against Thrall and his pitiful allies they Murlocs of the Islands seek revenge against their new found enemies and must resort to joining the Alliance so with their help they may use their arcane and druidic magic to rerise the island and reconstruct their home and torture the orcs for their massacre.

Murloc Racial TraitsEdit

Frost Resistance - Frost resistance increased by 10.

Heat Resistance - Heat resistance increased by 10.

Cannibalize - When activated, regenerates 7% of total health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yards. Any movement, action, or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect.

Aquatic Gills - Eternal underwater breathing.


Race, Faction and Reputation Edit

  • Hometown - Darkspear Islands.
  • Capital - New Underworld.
  • Reputation with Others - Darkspear Islands and all mrlocs start off Neutral with all Alliance races, but are always extremely hostile to the Horde.
  • Languages - Common and Nazja (since their goddesss was a naga they abandoned their old language and adopted their deity's language).
  • Leaders - Since the death of their goddess, the murlocs are now being led by a magical council made up by the remaining murloc sorceror survivors for they are the only ones that know the needs and importance of their race.


Strength 19
Agility 23
Stamina 17
Intellect 24
Spirit 21


Mounts Edit

  • Racial Mount - Giant Snapping Turtle.
  • Colors for Level 40 Mounts - Green, Light Green, Brown.
  • Colors for Epic Mounts - Red, Dark Red, Deep Blue.


Classes Edit

Warrior – In Exodus of the Horde the murlocs had tiderunners.

Hunter – In Exodus of the Horde the murlocs had huntsmen.

Mage – In Exodus of the Horde the murlocs had sorcerers.

Priest - the murlocs did worship the Sea Witch and they may still be worshiping her or some other aquatic deity.

Rogue - being amphibic creaturs they me highly flexible and so may be great assasins.

Warlock - In Exodus of the Horde the murlocs had units that used demonic and warlock magic.

  • Although most murlocs are shamans and have faith in the spirits, these specfic murlocs didn't have any shamanistic units and already had a belief system.
  • Like other murlocs they aren't that intune to nature, so can't be druids.
  • Murlocs have no connection with the Light, so they can't be paladins.

New Horde race.


History Edit

The Makrura are a race of highly intelligent creatures with landmarks and homes in their enchanting city Mak'aru, but this paradise has been destroyed by the fury and battles of the Naga and Sea Giants for want to destroy the other, but are using the Makrura's homeland as a battlefield and are slowly wiping them out of existence.

As a resort the Makrura must find allies and armies to help them survive, but in order to recieve any help from any race they must adapt to surviving on land so they may travel through land or sea to find homes for them, but to change their entire anatomy and body, in other words to become amphibious, but such an act must need the help of a very powerful force, a force only obtained by the heavenly and isolated titans.

So the Makrura try to summon the Titans Eonar and Norgannon, so they may use their godly powers over life and arcane magic for the Makrura's survival. The Titans agree to the poor race's request and with their powers they give the makrura a new and improved form, but sadly their forms will always return to their old way when came near water.

With their new forms the Makrura try and ask the Horde for their membership for they know that the Horde will feel sympathy for them since many of the Horde races know how they must feel, and thankfully the Makrura are accepted and are now part of the Horde with a new home.

Makrura Racial TraitsEdit

Arcane Resistance - Increase Arcane Resistance by 10.

Aquatic Gills - Eternal underwater breathing.

Undeath Resistance - No spells of any type can be used on a dead Makrura.

Escape Artist - Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect. Instant cast. One (1) minute cooldown.


Strength 22
Agility 24
Stamina 19
Intellect 23
Spirit 18


Race, Faction and Reputation Edit

  • Hometown - Mak'aru.
  • Capital - Lob'rakuru.
  • Reputation with Others - They are friendly with the Horde.
  • Languages - Orchish and Nerglish.
  • Leaders - Since the destruction of Mak'aru the makrura are now led by High Priestess Nephromari who led the summoning of the Titans.


Mounts Edit

  • Racial Mount - Giant Land Crab.
  • Colors for Level 40 Mounts - Green, Aqua, Light Blue.
  • Colors for Epic Mounts - Indigo, Dark Orange, Deep Blue.


Classes Edit

Warrior – Makrura have many different types of warrior units.

Hunter – They have a good connection to the creatures of the sea.

Mage – There are many makruras that practice frost magic.

Priest - Makruras have always had priests and healers.

Rogue - Makruras are very bendible and flexible so they are good rogues.

Shaman - Makruras have always had a shamanistic way of life.

  • Since Makruras are blessed by Titans that means they can not succumb to demonic magic.
  • Like other Makruras they aren't that intune to nature, so can't be druids.
  • Makuras have no connection with the Light, so they can't be paladins.

New FormsEdit

-Their tails are elongated and smoother

-Their thorax is rougher, flexible, smoother and elongated

-Their legs are merged into one pair of long flexible legs with four talons -Their claws are now sharp strong hands with spikes

-Their Antennae are now shortened and their eyes are on their skull

-Their shoulders are now much softer and veeeeeeeery different

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