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Greetings! Im WizardRegalia

Casual WoW player, semi-active editor (i usually don't contribute with facts cause i don't know much, but if i see outdated stuff i try to correct it)

You might notice that all of my main characters are on an RP server, i roleplay a lot in WoW because i feel like it generates so much more content.

My characters

AllianceNPC 32  Dragomár
Talent SpecFrost
RealmArgent Dawn

Dragomar Frostbane was born into the Kirin Tor but left Dalaran at the age of 25 to see the world, he started studying the lore of the factions and areas around Azeroth and Outland. After his many journeys he settled in Dalaran and studied more lore scripts. Now, at the age of 32 he has traveled to Stormwind and is now planning a trip to the newly revealed land of Pandaria.

AllianceNPC 32  Keégan
Talent SpecProtection
RealmArgent Dawn
GuildAnte Amanthe

Timothy Keegan was a soldier in the Stormwind Army, but after he almost got a squadmate killed in Ashenvale he was "relocated" to Lakeshire to be the new town Sheriff, this was obviously just a way of saying "You're never going back into service." He initially thought that beeing the sheriff of a calm fishing town would be a nice way to move on from his past life, but after merely 2 weeks of working as the Sheriff the town was approached by numerous odd individuals such as death knights who kidnapped citizens, and a warlock claiming that some evil warlord was going to attack the town. Keegan eventually realized that settling down in a peacefull town was not really an option in the troubled world of Azeroth, so he decided to leave the Stormwind army once and for all and take matters in his own hands. He eventually decided to travel to Outland to help clean up the burning legion, he's currently a soldier with the Sha'Tar

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