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The User! Edit

Who am I? Edit

I consider myself a semi-casual WoW player, bordering on the line of avid. I have only one level 70 at the moment, but a slew of alts (and about to have my second 70, possibly by the end of August 08). I've only been playing for a year, and I'm more of a raider than a PvPer, but have some knowledge in both aspects of play. Due to the time that I began playing, I got into the raiding scene rather late. However, I consider myself lucky to be in Tier 5 content at the moment. Also, I'm addicted to priests, Tauren, healing and tanking. As well, I favor healing as a shaman or druid over healing as a priest. In addition, I find it difficult to play mages, paladins and rogues, though I have at least one of each. Also, Holy Fire is the best spell ever invented.

Should you care? Edit

No, not really.

The Characters that matter Edit

These characters are the ones that I generally play, though not all the time. The spec listed for the lower level ones is the intended spec for when they are high enough level to achieve that spec. I generally stick to my Alliance characters more than my Horde characters for reasons pertaining to raiding more than anything. I don't actively favor one faction over the other, but prefer the quests from the Horde thus far.

Character Faction Server Level Race Class Primary Talent Tree Guild
Roxanne AllianceAlliance 15 Runetotem US 70 HumanIconSmall Human Female WarlockIconSmall Warlock Spell shadow deathcoilAffliction Liberty
Kuranis AllianceAlliance 15 Runetotem US 80 DraeneiIconSmall Draenei Male ShamanIconSmall Shaman Spell nature magicimmunityRestoration Honor of the Goddess
Cortege AllianceAlliance 15 Runetotem US 80 GnomeIconSmall Gnome Female Death KnightIconSmall Deathknight Spell deathknight bloodpresenceBlood Honor of the Goddess
Zanaar AllianceAlliance 15 Runetotem US 80 GnomeIconSmall Dwarf Female PriestIconSmall Priest Spell holy powerwordshieldSmite Honor of the Goddess
Reuben AllianceAlliance 15 Runetotem US 39 GnomeIconSmall Gnome Male MageIconSmall Mage Spell frost frostbolt02Frost Honor of the Goddess
Loeb AllianceAlliance 15 Runetotem US 66 Night ElfIconSmall Night Elf Male HunterIconSmall Hunter Ability hunter camouflageSurvival Is Out Of Mana
Orichai AllianceAlliance 15 Runetotem US 80 DraeneiIconSmall Draenei Female WarriorIconSmall Warrior Ability warrior defensivestanceProtection Honor of the Goddess
Etiénne HordeHorde 15 Baelgun US 45 TrollIconSmall Troll Female PriestIconSmall Priest Spell holy guardianspiritHoly
Theles HordeHorde 15 Baelgun US 29 TaurenIconSmall Tauren Male ShamanIconSmall Shaman Spell nature lightningElemental  
Kerr HordeHorde 15 Zuluhed US 35 TaurenIconSmall Tauren Male DruidIconSmall Druid Spell nature healingtouchRestoration hellfire
Tomaj HordeHorde 15 Blackwing Lair US 73 Blood ElfIconSmall Blood Elf Male PriestIconSmall Priest Spell holy powerwordshieldSmite Will healz U

I like to think of my choice in characters as rather varied. More so pertaining to class rather than race, really, as I do prefer some races over others (for example, I love playing Tauren, but hate playing Humans). Racials aren't game-breaking in any sense of the word, and all races are able to play in any aspect of the game and do well - some just slightly better than others, but min/maxing is a terrible thing. Otherwise, all alliance mages would be gnomes. Despite all that, though, I'm a warlock enthusiast.

My first actual character was a Night Elf rogue, but I've only gotten him to level 41, and rarely play him due to troubles trying to solo with him. I much prefer playing my rogue in a group, but the activity of the server he is on has dwindles until late Outland, so it does not seem likely I will level him anytime soon, unless I choose to reroll DK with him. My warlock was my second character, and has since grown to be my main. Since I'm terrible at PvP, my warlock is the character I've been raiding with. I started out playing Alliance because I was playing alongside my at-the-time significant other, but also rolled Horde on Baelgun to play with another real life friend (who I don't really play with anymore, thanks to raiding schedule).

Originally, I'd picked up a Druid on Baelgun, but passed on it in favor of a Priest. Little did I know at the time that I would prefer the playstyle of a Druid healer over a Priest healer. Since that time, however, I've also grown to be happy with my Priest, but again, thanks to raiding schedule, I've been unable to really focus on many of my alts, especially given that my Priest is on a different server. Over the last year since I began playing, I've tried my hand at every class, and gotten all of them past 20, most to 40, and even four of them in Outland.

My favorite aspects of play have been tanking and healing, but because people seem to have gone in favor of Druid or Paladin tanks, I haven't touched my Warrior much recently, though I have been complimented many times on tanking ability (which I hope is in part to leveling as Protection). Instead, I took up a Shaman, who I leveled from 10 forward as Restoration. At level 67, I've achieved 12 days /played time, which I think is a pretty good accomplishment, all things considered. I didn't spend as much time in instances prior to Outland as my other toons, but have been able to gather groups for the most part when I've needed them, thanks to being a healer on-demand, as it were. I do enjoy playing the Shaman healer very much, and it is pretty much ez-mode healing, to boot, so that's even better. From what I've noticed, mana problems are a lot less prevalent for Shamans than they are for either Druids or Priests, but that may just be the level of gear I've got in equivalence to the level of the character.

A lot of people say that leveling as a Holy or Restoration spec is not possible. They're also very wrong. It is possible, just not nearly as viable. However, I've found it's a lot easier to stay alive as a healer spec than it is as any other spec. Same goes for my Protection warrior; I don't have to sit and eat/drink or bandage nearly as much as others of the same classes and different specs (the exception being shadow priests). Besides, the fact of the matter is simple: I enjoy it. That's all that really ought to matter, right?

Accomplishments Edit

A note on my accomplishments: I started playing post-BC, so some of these are actually kind of a big deal to me, considering that a lot of these reputation grinds, keys, etc. are either no longer necessary (especially given the state of badge gear past 2.3) or not sought after. An example: MC is no longer an attunement people use, but I have completed it on two characters anyway. Or better, the Karazhan key is also no longer required, but I also have that. Also, all of my Heroic keys for Roxanne were obtained at Revered status (excluding Magister's Terrace).

Character Attunements Keys Exalted Status
Roxanne Black Morass

Magister's Terrace (Heroic mode)
Molten Core
Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep

The Master's Key (Karazhan)

Key to the Arcatraz (The Arcatraz)
Shadowforge Key (Blackrock Depths)
Crescent Key (Dire Maul)
Skeleton Key (Scholomance)
Shadow Labyrinth Key (Shadow Labyrinth)
Auchenai Key (Auchindoun Heroic Mode)
Flamewrought Key (Hellfire Citadel Heroic Mode)
Reservoir Key (Coilfang Reservoir Heroic Mode)
Warpforged Key (Tempest Keep Heroic Mode)
Key of Time (Caverns of Time Heroic Mode)


Cenarion Expedition
The Scryers
Honor Hold
The Sha'tar
The Violet Eye
Stormpike Guard
Argent Dawn
Lower City
Shattered Sun Offensive

Kuranis Black Morass

Blackwing Lair

Shadowforge Key

Shadow Labyrinth Key
The Master's Key
Flamewrought Key
Warpforged Key
Reservoir Key


Stormpike Guard

Loeb Crescent Key

Shadowforge Key
Key to the City (Stratholme)

Orichai Molten Core

Black Morass
Magister's Terrace (Heroic Mode)

Shadowforge Key

Crescent Key
Key to the City
Key of Time
Shadow Labyrinth Key
The Violet Hold Key
Scarlet Key
Workshop Key


Alliance Vanguard
Valiance Expedition
Kirin Tor
Knights of the Ebon Blade
Sons of Hodir

Raiding Status Edit

And here is my list of places of been, who I've killed, etc. I haven't done more than Zul'Gurub as far as Azeroth raiding goes, however, due to the time I began to play.

Kills Edit

This is a collective list of all the raid kills I've made, regardless of time frame, between all my characters. All of the vanilla bosses I downed either in BC or Wrath due to not having played prior to BC.

Seasonal, Outdoor and Vanilla
Seasonal Bosses Zul'Gurub Onyxia's Lair Blackwing Lair Molten Core Naxxramas

Coren Direbrew

High Priestess Jeklik

High Priest Venoxis
High Priestess Mar'li
High Priest Thekal
High Priestess Arlokk
Hakkar the Soulflayer
Optional Bosses
Bloodlord Mandokir
Jin'do the Hexxer
Edge of Madness

Onyxia Razorgore the Untamed

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
Broodlord Lashlayer


Baron Geddon
Sulfuron Harbinger
Golemagg the Incinerator
Majordomo Executus

Heigan the Unclean

Instructor Razuvious
Gothik the Harvester
Four Horsemen

0200Bc icon The Burning Crusade
Karazhan Magtheridon Gruul's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern Tempest Keep: The Eye
Attumen the Huntsman

Maiden of Virtue
Opera Event - Big Bad Wolf
Opera Event - Romulo and Julianne
Opera Event - Wizard of Oz
The Curator
Shade of Aran
Terestian Illhoof
Chess Event
Prince Malchezaar

Magtheridon High King Maulgar

Gruul the Dragonkiller

The Lurker Below Void Reaver

High Astromancer Solarian

0300Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Lich King
Vault of Archavon Obsidian Sanctum Naxxramas Ulduar
Archavon the Stone Watcher Sartharion Anub'Rekhan

Grand Widow Faerlina
Instructor Razuvious
Gothik the Harvester
Four Horsemen
Noth the Plaguebringer

Flame Leviathan

Attempts Edit

The attempts I have made against various bosses, but with no luck.

Outdoor Bosses Serpentshrine Cavern The Battle for

Mount Hyjal

Emeriss Hydross the Unstable

Leotheras the Blind

Rage Winterchill

Loots Edit

And the loot I have obtained from said raids.

Dropped From Karazhan - Roxanne Karazhan - Kuranis
Trash Ritssyn's Lost Pendant

Inferno Waist Cord

Ring of Unrelenting Storms
Attumen the Huntsman Bracers of the White Stag
Moroes Brooch of Unquenchable Fury
Maiden of Virtue Gloves of Centering
Opera Event Beastmaw Pauldrons
The Curator Voidheart Gloves
Shade of Aran Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy

Formula: Enchant Weapon - Sunfire

Netherspite Jewel of Infinite Possibilities
Chess Event Ring of Recurrence Fiend Slayer Boots
Prince Malchezaar Nathrezim Mindblade
Nightbane Talisman of Nightbane
Dropped From Gruul's Lair - Roxanne
High King Maulgar Voidheart Mantle
Gruul the Dragonkiller Voidheart Leggings
Dropped From Magtheridon's Lair - Roxanne
Magtheridon Voidheart Robe

Crafting Edit

I take pride in the fact that I can craft stuff. Case in point, my warlock is a 375 Enchanter, 375 Tailor. As such, here is a list of rare craftables I have acquired.

Roxanne Enchanting Tailoring
Roxanne Enchant Boots - Fortitude

Enchant Bracer - Restore Mana Prime
Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats
Enchant Chest - Major Spirit
Enchant Cloak - Greater Shadow Resistance
Enchant Cloak - Stealth
Enchant Cloak - Steelweave
Enchant Cloak - Subtlety
Enchant Gloves - Spell Strike
Enchant Gloves - Threat
Enchant Shield - Resistance
Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost
Enchant Weapon - Greater Agility
Enchant Weapon - Major Healing
Enchant Weapon - Potency
Enchant Weapon - Sunfire
Enchant Bracer - Healing Power (Pre-BC)
Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon (Pre-BC)
Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill (Pre-BC)
Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing (Pre-BC)
Enchant Weapon - Unholy (Pre-BC)

Arcanoweave Robe

Cloak of Arcane Evasion
Mystic Spellthread
Runic Spellthread
Spellstrike Pants
Unyielding Girdle

Anything Else? Edit

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My Stream of Consciousness Blog
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Templates Edit

I added the following templates to the Mounts section:

Ability mount dreadsteed This user's character performed the ritual to summon their Dreadsteed.
Ability mount charger This user's character has obtained their Charger.
Ability mount charger This user's character has obtained their Charger.

Honestly, I couldn't understand why they weren't already there. >.>

Projects? Edit

Currently playing with the Warlock abilities page to try to get it formatted a little better. Preview!

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