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This page is focused on new weapons skills, new sets of armor and all that stuff that is so essential to success in Warcraft. Drop a line to cram your own idea in there.

New Weapon SkillsEdit


No not your little "Hey let's play a game!" whips and chains. These are heavy duty, shred flesh to ribbons with razor blades style whips and chains!! Much more exciting!!

These whirling terrors of metal and leather are all one handed and may be used by:

* Priests
* Mages
* Warriors
* Warlocks
* Paladins
* Death Knights

What set's these weapons apart is the fact that they have a 5 yard range when being used, and at the right skill level, certain whip only attack become available. Also some multi pringed whips may hit multiple targets!!

  • at 150, players that have multi pronged whips (noted in tool tip) may hit multiple opponents, depending on number of prongs.
  • at 225, players get Twister, a 3 second channeled spell that allows the wielder to twirl the chain around in circles causing AoE damage in a 5 yard radius.
  • at 350, player's get Yank, an instant cast spell that yanks the target towards the wielder
  • at 400, player's get Blinding Slash, a 2 second cast viscious lash with a whip. stunning the target for 3 seconds and making the target bleed. This effect stacks depending on the number of prongs on the whip.

Example Whips/ChainsEdit

  • Jagged Lash: 45-80 damage, +5 attack power, single whip.
  • Furious Scourge: 3 pronged, 125- 168 damage +30 strength +28 attack power
  • Spell Slinger Chain: 65-95 damage, +15 intellect, +12 spirit +18 spell power.

Weapon SpecialsEdit

These are ideas for weapon specific special moves that are unlocked once a weapon skill reaches a certain level. For example see my Whips/chains article.

Unarmed/Fist WeaponsEdit

  • Uppercut: at skill level 75 players gain a basic uppercut that stuns the target for 3 seconds.
  • Beat down: at 200 players gain the Beat down special. This move gains you 2 instant attacks per hand that is unarmed or using a fist weapon upto a total of 4 attacks. Each attack does 90% 0f weapon damage and is unstoppable.
  • Beat down finisher: At 350 players get the Beat Down Finisher, which automatically activates at the end of beat down. This is a slow but heavy attack that does 200% weapon damage.

One and Two Handed SwordsEdit

  • 75: At skill level 75 players get access to katas, a sequence of sword attacks. The first one is the Basic Kata: three well timed slashes doing 75% of weapon damage.
  • 150: Players get the Defender Kata, increasing parry chance by 50% and after each successful parry, the player makes an instant strike doing 90% of weapon damage.
  • 300: Players get the Furious Kata, 2 heavy attacks doing 115% weapon damage, leading upto a massive finishing move, doing 175% weapon damage.
  • 400: Players get Decapitation. When a target is at or below 5% health, the player gets an opportunity to Decapitate his foe, killing them instantly. Can't be cast on Players or Dungeon monsters


  • 75: Players get Rounds per Minute, an instant 2 shots with their ranged weapon.
  • 125: Players gain an extra instant shot for Rounds per Minute, and Longshot, a buff that increases the range of your weapon by 5.
  • 250: Players gain a fourth instant shot from Rounds per Minute.
  • 300: Players gain Sniper, a 2 second cast shot that does 200% weapon damage
  • 400: players gain a final instant shot for Rounds per Minute.


  • 75: At 75 skill, players get double throw, allowing to throw two wands at a single target or hit two opponents with your throw.
  • 200: At 200, player's get charged wand, which drains a portion of mana to generate increased damage with your wand.
  • 300: At 300 skill, players gain Overcharged, when you use your charged wand ability, an extra chunk of mana may be used and when your wand hits, it will explode, unleashing a magical AoE that changes effects depending on what kind of damage the wand uses. The effect will be noted in the tooltip of the wand.

Two Handed MacesEdit

  • 75: at 75 players gain Rib Smash, a solid attack that does weapon damage plus knocking the air out of your foes lungs, silencing them for 3 seconds and reducing casting speed by 25% for 10 seconds. The target regains 5% of casting speed every 2 seconds until effect wears off.
  • 150: Players can use Tremor Smash, an attack that shakes up the ground in a small area, causing enemies to stumble, reducing movement speed by 45% for 5 seconds.
  • 300: Tremor Smash becomes Quake, causing the ground over a larger area to split and heave, knocking all foes to the ground.
  • 400: Blow enemies away with Launch, an attack that does 110% weapon damage, and launches the opponent backwards 8 yards.

One Handed MacesEdit

  • 75: players can crush their opponent's hand with Handbreaker, disarming them for 10 seconds.
  • 150: players can crack the foe upside the head with Head Crush, stunning them for 3 seconds and dazing them for 8 after wards.
  • 300: Shellcracker let's the player bust some armor open! When this is used, a random piece of armor is struck, reducing durability by 10 and reducing armor value by 10% until the next repair. This effect stacks until the piece finally breaks. If blocked, Shield is always targeted.
  • 400: Head crush becomes Fracture, stunning the foe for 8 seconds, and unless healing through spells or first aid is given with in 15 seconds, the target blacks out, paralyzing them for 10 seconds.

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