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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Introduction Edit

Soon after peace seems to have come over Azeroth, with a new warchief leading the Horde, and a thriving economy and monarchy in the Alliance, a new horror is found lurking in our depths.

After a massive underground continent is discovered by Goblin miners, the Nerubians who lived there, secluded from society for years, make a return, and they won't let down without a fight.



New Continent Edit

A new continent is discovered, an underground continent directly underneath Northrend called Ashj'Vanis. It was previously under-run by Nerubians, but with the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance, they were banished from their own land and kept in camps, with only a few left to wreak havoc... or so we thought. The Horde and Alliance have both built their respective cities on opposite sides of Ashj'Vanis, home to trainers, auction houses, banks, and everything else a city needs. The two cities are both about as big as Orgrimmar/Stormwind, and have become the two main cities for this expansion.

New Hero Class Edit

Starting at lvl.70, you will be able to play the new hero class, a dps/heal/tanking class called Arcanist, which allows you to use runes and enchantments to finish off your enemies. These are the specs:

Runemaster - DPS: You mainly use runes to inflict damage over time to your enemies, as well as extremely powerful instant ranged attacks that cause your enemy to absorb massive amounts of magic, quickly and fatally. This requires mainly Haste and Intellect. They use mana.



Lightweaver - Tank: You use various enchantments and rituals to keep your enemies aggroing you. This also gives you a lot of health as well as power over your enemies. There will be spells allowing you to control your enemies, even being able to cause them to hurt themselves. This requires mainly Strength and Haste. They use mana.

Earthwalker - Healer: You use healing runes to keep heals on your allies over time. You can also use various enchantments and chants to heal your allies for massive amounts at a time. You use the earth and the energy to get the power to heal and buff your allies. This requires mainly Intellect and Spirit. They use mana.

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