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Resurgance of Dragonmaw Post patch 4.3 realease


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Resurgance, was a Level 85 Retri. Paladin whose rise to the top of Dragonmaw's PvP'ers, was filled with realm transfers, World PvP, and Loads of Nerd raging from "the horde".

His Rise to fame started when He was First trasnfered from Coilfang realm to the realm Shadowsong to raid and progress with one of the realms top guild's at the time (WOTLK), The 'Jetpack Ninja DinoBorgz'. Run by the infinite Kittyclsym, The guild Quickly Helped Gear up Skylite ( Resurgance) Into a PvE Tank-a-din that would soon become one of the best on the realm. After becoming geared with Trial of the crusader teir gear, Skylite left the guild in search of his own guild to help progress, He then , eventually, joined the guild Artic myth Raiders, which a few months after Merged with the guild, Yo Mama's a Horde. By this time Skylite had Taken up quite an intrest in camping Wintergrasp, and Gearing up his Retri. PvP gear set.

After getting his Season 8 and 9 PvP sets he filled his time Traveling Shadowsong killing any and all horde in world PvP. He killed many horde but none were more infamous then the horde undead shadow priest, Gutterot. Even with world PVP Legend Noltiger, Skylite could barely kill this shadow Priest, His skills were beyond anything Skylite had ever encounted For the following 6-7 months Skylite and gutterot had a Pvp War on Shadowsong that resulted in over 500 Honerable kills to be dished out And, until Cataclysm, This PvP War was in full flames.

With the release of Cataclysm Skylite had decided to realease his very first Paladin PvP Video, Inspired by Grievous of dragonmaw, Though it was not hugely successful, It did bring him Fame on Shadowsong beyond which he already had, known as the Bane of the horde, and Destroyer of horde, Skylite, Along with his Close friends Untained and Conception, all server Transferred to Dragonmaw to take part in the World PvP of the oldest realm in World of warcraft.

Upon Trasnferring to Dragonmaw, Skylite changed his name to Resurgance, and Along with Untained and Conception, Join Multiple guilds to try and find the right one to suit them. After a short time on the realm The three Created a World PvP gank team know as, R.U.C Squad, Now as they terrified both horde in world pvp and in battle grounds, and Alliance both in Trade Chat, and in Gurubashi,The name of R.U.C struck fear into all those who heard it. Two months later Untained Trasnfered to Darkspear for unknown Reasons, and changed his name to, Athiox, Shortly after Conception followed his Brother to Darkspear Leaving Resurgance to command PvP on Dragonmaw, Athiox and Conception now Run Rated battlegrounds and their guild, Inevitable Defeat, Is Rank 23rd in the world. Resurgance Remained on dragonmaw, and Joined the guild Devils Pride, as their Main tank for Bot content through Firelands, Facing the terrors of the horde and the "trolls" of the alliance. A few weeks later and Resurgance had realeased his biggest and most famous movie of all time, Resurgance PvP : Reckoning Reborn, The movie Made Resurgance Famous world wide, and got him Sponserships from Youtube and Warcraftmovies, He would even get Players from other realms to create new characters to say " Your the reason i started a ret pally", the movie also Stuck so much fear into the horde that one of the largest guilds, PK, Now actually wouldnt Combat Reusrgance at all, unless they had a 10 man Raid group or more.

Now Resurgance Has quit World of warcraft Cata. For a Private Patch 1.12.1 Realm that brought all the challage and joy of vanilla wow back to him, Though he was one of the greatest paladins ever known Resurgance left the game when he was the top, and no one, not even Grievous or Athene could compare with his World PvP Skill.

Resurgance Pvp Reckoning Reborn :
Paladin silver hand

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