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AllianceNPC 32  Robinsaurus
Title<The Hordebreaker>

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Robinsaurus Full Body

Robinsaurus as seen ingame

Robinsaurus was a human mage from Goldshire and a member of the famous guild "TheHeroes."


Early life

Robinsaurus was born in a small village named Goldshire. In Goldshire, Robinsaurus lived a happy life until he was kidnapped by a corrupt guard at the age of 12. He was brought to a dusty cellar and was fed damp bread and water for several months. In the cellar Robinsaurus discovered some old tomes. One of the tomes were labeld "Magic and how to use it." In secret he began practising the arts of magic in hope of one day escaping.

Late life and escape

At the age of 15 Robinsaurus was able to cast a basic Arcane Blast. When he had his chance he blasted a hole in the wall and escaped the cellar. After escaping he ran off into the streets of Stormwind in search of his parents. After searching for several days Robinsaurus finally gave up. He laid down on the street and wanted to die. After a few hours Robinsaurus was discovered by a human paladin and a gnomish priest. He woke up in a house with the human and the gnome. He was given food and drink. The paladin told him about himself and the gnome. He told him they were adventurers and they were looking for recruits for their guild "TheHeroes." Robinsaurus accepted the invitation as he felt it could increase his chanses of finding his parents. Years passed and Robinsaurus mastered the arcane arts. He was now one of the most valuable members of "TheHeroes." He had all forgotten his parents and wanted nothing but the guild to be stronger.

Recent events

Robinsaurus was nominated to the best mages of 2012 and also received an award for his infamous portals to ancient Dalaran. In february 2013 Robinsaurus was believed to have a sexual affair with Sylvanas Windrunner. This has yet to be proved.

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