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Unknown Human

Early picture of Mynameisy in his human form

Where the hell are my heals, noobs?
- Mynameisy

Mynameisy was a Worgen Death Knight and former member of "TheHeroes."


Early life

Not much is known of Mynameisy's early life. Rumor says that he was from Silverpine Forest but he claims that he is from Gilneas.

Death and undeath

At some point after he was bitten by a worgen Mynameisy encountered a smaller group of Scourge forces. He immediatly recognized them as enemies and attacked. He was outnumbered but the scourge but the weak Ghouls were no match for the raging worgen. The ghouls retreated but the worgen pursuied them. After a long run Mynameisy found himself surrounded by ghouls and Skeletons. Mynameisy battled his foes for as long as he could but after an epic battle the worgen fell dead to the ground. His body was taken to Acherus: The Ebon Hold and he was raised as a death knight. He was present at the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel and rejoined the Alliance. He the joined up with "TheHeroes" and served them for several years.


Soon after the Alliance and Horde sat foot in Pandaria Mynameisy disappeared. He has not been seen since and is presumed dead. Almost immediately after his disappearance a mysterious Night elf woman joined "TheHeroes." The night elf woman was wearing wat some people claimed to be Mynameisy's gear and she is presumed to have something to do with his disappearance.

Depression and AlcoholismEdit

After being raised as undead Mynameisy became deeply depressed. He spent most of the time drinking at the Lion's Pride Inn and wandering the streets of Stormwind City drunk. He once walked into the Stormwind Keep and challenged King Varian Wrynn to a knife fight. Varian was victorious and Mynameisy was taken to Cathedral Square with 97 stab wounds.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Stop whining, Johan!"
  • "The D is awesome!
  • "William, Gillar du nakenbilder av mig?
  • "The best way to get to Orgrimmar is Stormwind"

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