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Galintia Wildbeard is a fictional character in the World of Warcraft universe. He is level 26 Dwarf Hunter and is currently a member of both the Stormpike Guard and The League of Arathor.

Family historyEdit

A descendant of the legendary Wildhammer clan of dwarves, Galintia's grandfather, Daroth Wildhammer, fought with the Wildhammers in the War of the Three Hammers, and went with his fellow Wildhammers to Grim Batol in the Wetlands after the war ended.

After the combined Bronzebeard-Wildhammer army fought the army of Dark Iron Dwarves, led by Thaurissan and Modgud, the Wildhammers found that, after Modgud had been slain within Grim Batol, that her death had left an evil taint within Grim Batol fortress, rendering it uninhabitable. The Bronzebeard dwarves offered the Wildhammers a spot within Ironforge; many Wildhammers declined, but Daroth was one of the few that accepted. After moving to Ironforge he married a girl from the Bronzebeard clan. After this, the family name was rechristened "Wildbeard". Every descendent of Daroth has been named Wildbeard ever since.

It has rescently been identified that Barimoke Wildbeard is a cousin of Galintia's, as well as one of Galintia's closest friends.

Early lifeEdit

Childhood in Coldridge ValleyEdit

Galintia was born in Ironforge, but spent most of his childhood and teen years in Coldridge Valley. It was here where his interest in hunting began. He spent many of his teen and young adult days hunting timber wolves, boars, and troggs in the area. When his grandfather died, he took up Daroth's blunderbuss and made up his mind to become a proud soldier of the Alliance.

Coming Of AgeEdit

Galintia's oppertunity came when a messanger from Ironforge came to the Valley and said that the time had come to sign up to join the Stormpike Guard, the millitant battlegroup and dwarf-dominant faction of the Alliance Army. Galintia signed up immidiately, and was informed that the Guard would keep an eye on him until they thought he was ready.

Not long after this, he decided to leave Coldridge, after his father, Gregor Wildbeard, told him it was time to realize his "destiny". So he set out from the Valley on his quest to become a proud defender of Azeroth.

A Hero's DestinyEdit

The Frostmane UprisingEdit

Galintia received his first quest when he reached the village of Kharanos. In the local tavern, he was informed by the innkeeper about rescent attacks on Kharanos and various areas in southern Dun Morogh from a tribe of trolls, who had somehow used dark magics to corrupt the various creatures in the surrounding areas, such as The Grizzled Den, Gol'Bolar Quarry, and Brewnall Village, among other areas. Galintia took up arms alongside the local mountaineer defense force to combat this threat.

With the help of the mountaineers, Galintia began culling some of the corrupt wildlife, starting at The Grizzled Den, where a band of Wendigo had been assaulting Kharanos. Galintia was also responsible for killing the two puppet leaders of the Wendigo: Vagash and Old Icebeard. After this, Galintia quickly became a local hero.

After thinning out some of the corrupt wildlife, Galintia was tasked with the killing of Grik'nir the Cold, a Frostmane commander operating out of Coldridge, where Galintia grew up. Grik'nir, who was relatively easy to kill, contained information about the primary operating center of the Frostmane tribe, who their hierarchy was, and what their plans were. After translating the documents (which had been written in Zandali), he determined that the Frostmane were located at Frostmane Hold in outhern Dun Morogh, and that the small army that they had gathered also included a small garrison of Dark Iron Dwarves, who had set up an outpost at an abandoned blacksmither's camp in the northern corner of Dun Morogh. Galintia was next tasked with the killing of the two leaders of the Frostmane: Great Father Arctikus, who commanded the trolls from a nearby cave, and Vejrek, Arctikus's witch doctor lieutenant who lead the small camp outside the cave. Galintia gathered a large force of mountaineers and marched to Frostmane Hold, where they wiped out Vejrek and his Troll soldiers.

Galintia then marched into the cave and battled Arctikus. Altough Arctickus proved hard to kill, he ultimately fell to Galintia. Galintia cut off both the heads of Arctikus and Vejrek and brought them back to Kharanos as proof of his deeds.

Galintia was also involved in the elimination of the Dark Iron garrison, in which he also discovered a secret cache of Umbral Ore that the trolls had been using in their weapons, which explained the corruption. He turned the ore over to Kharanos blacksmiths, so that it was purified and forged into a weapon of Galintia's choosing: a reward for his good deeds throughout the land.

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