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This article is a player character biography page for Vyronis of Maelstrom US created by Vyronis. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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History Edit

Early History Edit

Vyronis was born in the city of Dalaran, along with two brothers, to an up and coming Archmage, Khallex Spellbinder, and an elven priestess, Arasyl Dawnstrike. Vyronis, along with his brothers Forion and Selarius, are half elf and half human. Vyronis and Forion bear more resemblance to humans, with only slight changes in their ear lengths and facial traits, while Selarius was born highly resembling his elven mother.

Vyronis is the oldest of the three, and began his studies of the arcane at about 12 years of age. He was discovered to possess a natural talent for healing, but his arcane abilities were naturally lacking. His father was encouraging and prideful however, and continued to push Vyronis' studies. He was a prodigal student, and an avid reader. As he grew older, Vyronis began showing signs of meshing his natural healing abilities with the arcane powers he was developing through study. He, along with a handful of others like him, were considered special by a select sect of the Kirin Tor, known only as The Divine Hand. After four years of exceptional study, Vyronis was secretly selected, along with a dozen others, to be part of The Divine Hand. The sect spoke only to each of the children's parents and made sure word would not spread of their existance to common ears. Vyronis became a pupil of the former head of The Divine Hand. He was taught over the course of two years how to merge the two schools of magic, in order to harness a greater concentration of the light. His progress was exceptional. He was the order's greatest student.

Unfortunately his studies were cut short, when his father sent him and his brothers were out of Dalaran against Vyronis' wishes, only days prior to the coming scourge invasion. They were left in the care of Thorinan Kettlesteel, a dwarven hunter and one of Khallex's trusted friends. Both Khallex and Arasyl remained behind and were killed in the effort to defend their beloved home city.

Life Outside Dalaran Edit

The Divine Hand was no more. Whether or not some of the order's former students made it out of Dalaran is a mystery to Vyronis, but he believes more than likely all of the order's former leaders as well as the students were killed in the onslaught of Dalaran. Vyronis studied engineering and developed an interest in herbalism under Thorinan, who became like a second father to him, but this did not quell his pain. Vyronis continued to practice the order's teachings, and did the best he could to live up to his father's honorable name. After one year of living under Thorinan's protective watch, He and his two brothers entered the military.

They were all young, and somewhat misguided with their ideals, but none the less, the Spellbinder brothers served diligently on the Alliance's fronts. Vyronis had become a stalwart healer on the battlefield, as had his brother Selarius. Forion had become a stalwart paladin of the alliance and often lead drives into enemy lines, forcing into enemy territory. The three were honored for their service by Highlord Bolvar Fordragon himself, Forion twice so.

One year after enlistment, Selarius was chosen to be part of the northern resistance and reclaimation of Lordaeron. He was to report to Kael'thas Sunstrider within the month. Vyronis was both confused and upset with the orders, but his attempts to refute them were in vain. Selarius was sent north, and this was the last the two would see of one another on friendly terms.

Prince Kael'thas and The Exodus Edit

About five months after Selarius had left for Kael'thas' resistance force in the north, Vyronis discovered Kael'thas, along with everyone involved in his alleged acts of treason, had been arrested and scheduled for execution. It was reported that Kael'thas had escaped his execution however, and fled through the newly opened Dark Portal along with everyone in his regime, including Selarius. His brother was branded as a traitor of the Alliance and marked as a kill on sight target.

Vyronis and Forion were shocked and confused. Their brother a traitor? Vyronis refused to believe it. Forion was equally distraught over his brother's predicament, but did not question the army's report. Vyronis was outraged by Forion's judgments. He refused to give up on Selarius as easily as his brother. There must be some underlying explanation, some missing fact or misjudged action which caused all this. And so Vyronis left the military and began his long search for his brother.

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