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CombatMob 32Theruzane the Frostweaver
Race Lich (Undead)
Level  ?? (Boss)
Affiliation The Scourge
Location Ashenvale (presumed)
Status Unknown

Theruzane is a Lich who lead a Scourge army in Ashenvale, his motives unknown, but presumed to be subtley entering Hyjal and chopping down the world tree. Theruzane had begun casting a frostbolt, when Irulon Doomfist and Grok'thar charged and jumped towards him. Grok'thar accidently killed Irulon by misdirecting his cleave in mid-air, and Irulon smacked into Theruzane. Grok'thar in shock then fell both Theruzane and Irulon. Any further information is unknown.

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