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HordeNPC 32Kaiyan Duskblade
Kaiyan Duskblade

Kaiyan Duskblade

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Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Affiliation Knights of The Ebon Blade
Position Death Knight, formerly General, Warrior, Paladin and Noble.
Location Unknown

Kaiyan Duskblade, previously known as Kaiyan Dawnblade, is a Blood Elf Death Knight currently fighting in Northrend against the Lich King's forces under the banner of The Knights of the Ebon Blade. He is also a member of the Horde and a champion of Silvermoon and The Undercity.

Early LifeEdit

Kaiyan Dawnblade was the favoured nephew of Malak Dawnblade, a figure of high political and military power within the silvermoon hierachy. Kaiyan proved himself from an early age as an immensly skilled and cunning warrior as well as a fierce general. He was good friends with Sylvannas Windrunner, and they fought together many times defending Silvermoon. He barely knew his parents and was raised by his Uncle, although he never required too much attention or care, something Malak greatly respected him for.

Third WarEdit

During the Third War, after news of Arthas' treachery, Kaiyan was put in charge of a small high elf fleet to chase down fleeing cult of the damned members who had been hiding in Silvermoon. It was during this time that Dar'Khan Drathir betrayed the high elves allowing Arthas and his scourge to assault the city. Kaiyan and his troop had managed to eliminate the cult of the damned and were sailing home, unaware of what was happening to their homeland. When their ship came in, the first person the young general saw was a nervous looking Dar'Khan, who fell at his feet, crying that the city was under siege and the scourge were breaking through. He also told Kaiyan that Sylvannas was being tortured and soon to be killed by Arthas' commanders in the Court of the Sun.

Frantically, Kaiyan led his troops into the city, slaying all the scourge they could on the way to rescue Sylvannas. However, once they had made it to the Royal Exchange, the party was held up by a wall of abominations and necromancers, raising the corpses of their former brothers to fight against them. Kaiyan knew that they didnt have time to try and fight their way through so told his troops to follow him through a secret passage to reach the Court of the Sun. His troops saw that the passage was blocked, and in an act of sacrifice for their general, took the attention of the scourge, and drew them away, yelling at Kaiyan to go on and save Sylvannas.

On the other end of the passage, Kaiyan found the court deserted, but covered with the ravages of war. Thinking he was too late, he ran into the open where Arthas' Lietuenants Falric and Marwyn emerged from the shadows, grabbing him and bringing him to his knees, facing towards the Sunfury Spire. From the spire, Arthas himself emerged and walked slowly towards Kaiyan. Arthas revealed that he had admired Kaiyan's prowess for a long time, and used the traitor Dar'Khan to trick the young general so that he could transform him into one of his elite death knights. Kaiyan was in part relieved that Sylvannas was safe, but Arthas saw this, and told Kaiyan that Sylvannas whad been killed and converted long before his arrival.

In furious rage, Kaiyan managed to free himself, seriously wounding Marwyn and charging at Arthas, managing to clash blades with him before the tratior prince threw him down, raising frostmourne and laughing as he killed then raised his new Death Knight, mindless to serve, but with all the power and cunning he possessed in life.

The ScourgeEdit

Knights of The Ebon BladeEdit

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