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Zothanaar: The citadel of the fallen - N'zoth Edit

Tactics - Boss information

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

CombatMobElite 32Avatar N'zoth
Race Old god
Level  ?? Boss
Health 206,139,569 Normal 309,119,191 Heroic
Mana N/A
Location Zothanaar: The citadel of the fallen , Shatteredholme
CombatMobElite 32Old god N'zoth
Race Old god
Level  ?? Boss
Health 906,139,569 Normal 1,009,119,191 Heroic
Mana N/A
Location Zothanaar: The citadel of the fallen , Shatteredholme
Neutral 32N'zoth
Race Unknown
Level  ?? Boss
Health 10,000,000,000
Mana N/A
Location Zothanaar: The citadel of the fallen , Shatteredholme

N'zoth is the final boss of this raid instance


The third named Old god - The dreaded N'zoth was responsible for several key events in the history of World of Warcraft spanning even the corruption of the emerald dream and even the creation of the serpentine humanoids known as the Naga who we're previously the highborne of the night elf society; The corruption of the Earthwarder himself was all of his doing in addition to even making the aspects lose their immortality due to the corruption of their elder brother. Thought to be prisoned, N'zoth broke free just like his other brothers and started the key chain of several events. Now this god is eager to complete the cycle that was meant to happen if you don't stop him. All will be remade into chaos itself that even the burning legion can not compare too.


  • Ability warlock eradication  [Berserk ]— Increases all damage done by 500% and becomes Immune to taunt in addition increases all movement speed by 300% | Activated if 15 mins have passed

Phase 1 - Avatar of N'zoth Edit

  • Inv misc rubysanctum4  [Drop Flesh spikes ]— Creates spike like objects from the ceiling, Falling onto players inflicting massive damage upon them and stuns them for 5 seconds
  • Spell deathknight subversion  [Shield of a God ]— Envelops the caster with a shield that reduces damage taken to all attacks by 99%
  • Spell deathknight thrash ghoul  [Apocalypse ]— Damage all players with 70,000 shadow damage, also silence them from casting spell for 5 seconds
  • Ability rogue bloodsplatter  [Rupturing wounds ]— Fires a needle that ruptures the targets insides, Whenever it runs it will take massive damage however if walking the debuff will slowly wear off lasting for about 5 seconds. If it continues to run the debuff will extend it self by 5 seconds for every time it runs
  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows  [Tentacle Infestation ]— Infest several targets with tentacles; slowing movement speed by 90% for 5 seconds; if targets are close to each other the infestation will continue to spread
  • Spell shadow detectinvisibility  [Grasp of C'thun ]— Caught in the grasp of old one C'thun; Casting a harmful spell will backfire and damage all nearby allies in addition increases the target's damage by 150% | Dispel
  • Ability rogue deviouspoisons  [Grasp of Yogg'saron ]— Caught in the grasp of the old one Yogg'Saron; Casting a healing spell will backfire and instead damage your mana equal to the amount healed by 20% | Curse
  • Ability rogue deviouspoisons  [Mind Controll ]— Ramdomly control 5 players, order them to fight against their own friends | Curse
  • Ability rogue deadlymomentum  [Grasp of N'zoth ]— Caught in the grasp of the old one N'zoth; Peforming any melee special abilities will stun your party for 5 seconds | Dispel

Phase 2 - Calling Reinforcements Edit

  • Inv datacrystal02  [Summon Reinforcements ]— Randomly summon 6 Twilight Val'kyr, Firelords, Deepterror or Twilight Imperians to assist N'zoth

Minion of N'zoth abilities Edit

  • Inv fabric felcloth ebon  [Disrupting Madness ]— Surrounds the entire room with an aura of disruption, Blocking out cast time healing spells and only rendering instant cast healing spells useable.
  • Ability rogue feint  [Limbo ]— Transfer's the mind of a target to limbo; the world of purgatory.
  • Ability rogue shadowstep  [Blur ]— Reduces damage taken by 100% Only can be removed by the one who was transferred to the world of purgatory
  • Spell arcane arcane03  [Torrent of souls ]— Collects lingering fragments of the raids souls and focuses it into a beam of death that instantly inflicts massive damage and knocks back the target in addition it splits the targets soul apart creating another minion of N'zoth.
  • Spell arcane focusedpower  [Shattering Reflection ]— When killed; Inflicts 25% direct damage in health to N'zoth and causes the minion to explode then inflicts massive shadow damage to all nearby targets

Faceless Champion abilities Edit

  • Spell fire twilighthellfire  [Twilight Rupture ]— Fires beams of twilight cracking the ground in several directions inflicting shadow damage to those caught in It's path
  • Ability warrior bloodsurge  [Severe Artery ]— Instantly deal 33% direct damage in health + an additional 100,000 physical damage upon the target and leaves the target to be incapacitated for 10 seconds
  • Ability druid mangle2  [Decapitate ]— Targets an area and instantly executes all targets upon the area; Instantly killing those upon the area. | Heroic only

Faceless Gladiator Edit

  • Ability druid flightform  [Aura of Dismay ]— Increases friendly targets base damage by 15% and decreases nearby enemy targets damage by 30%
  • Ability druid ravage  [Rushing Grip ]— The gladiator bomb rushes a target pinning it to the wall and begins to execute the target within 6 seconds the target that was gripped will die, Damaging the Gladiator will remove the effect
  • Ability druid twilightswrath  [Summons Lashing tendrils ]— The gladiator summons tentacles upon the ground lashing nearby targets for massive amounts of damage and throws them in a random area

World of Purgatory abilities Edit

  • Spell arcane arcanepotency  [Soul Split ]— Forces the one who was transferred into the limbo world to fight through the world, Finding your soul whos trapped within Purgatory will transfer you back
  • Spell arcane prismaticcloak  [Hungering Madness ]— Your mind is slowly losing itself, Inflicting shadow damage every second lasting longer within the purgatory state will kill the user if it doesn't find It's body
  • Spell arcane mindmastery  [Illusion Shatter ]— Transfers your soul back to your own body and removes the blur effect to the Minion of N'zoth then causes it taken an increase damage taken to all attacks by 500%
  • Spell deathknight unholypresence  [Illusion Devour]— If the user that was transferred to the world of purgatory dies, N'zoth kills the entire raid resetting the encounter | Heroic Only
  • Spell deathknight strangulate  [Lethargy ]— Reduces movement speed by 0.5% every 1 second for however long the target is within the world of purgatory | Heroic Only
  • Spell warlock demonicportal purple  [Shadow Mine ]— Instantly deal a large amount of shadow damage to targets who step on the mine and roots the target for 10 seconds then flings the target within an 30 yard radius within the world of purgatory | Heroic Only

Phase 3 - Old god form Edit

  • Spell shadow curse  [Haunting Strike ]— A brutal instant blow to the target that inflicts 300% weapon damage and 150% of that damage dealt directly to all nearby targets as shadow
  • Spell shadow chilltouch  [Lingering Shadows ]— If the haunting strike was successful on the target, The target takes an increase damage to the next haunting strike by 100% making the AoE effect of haunting strike most likely killing most of the raid | Tank Swap
  • Spell shadow fingerofdeath  [Fleshbound ]— Commands the room to summon tentacles that throw several targets to the wall and bounds them to the wall; Inflicting damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds then released them back into a random area of the room
  • Spell shadow deathscream  [Frenzy ]— N'zoth goes into a frenzy; Increases haste by 500% for 5 seconds | Enrage Dispel
  • Spell shadow curseoftounges  [Chaos ]— N'zoth goes into a chaotic state; Increases damage output 50% and reflects most spells for 5 seconds | Must Dispel
  • Spell shadow devouringplague  [Annihilation ]— N'zoth stuns all nearby targets permanently, Then picks 3 classes that can interrupt and frees them. N'zoth then unleashes a 3 second cast attack that instantly kills the raid if an interrupt doesn't go through. The spell is cast three times; For every time a cast is interrupted the spell cast of Annihilation is reduced 0.5 making the 3ird cast a 2 second cast If all 3 interrupts are successful then the stun is removed. | Heroic Only
  • Ability rogue deadlybrew  [Impaling Spikes ]— Targets within an area of the room and summons a giant spikes that inflicts massive damage upon that area
  • Ability rogue fleetfooted  [Grasping Tendrils ]— The area that has Impaling Spikes targeted is enhanced, Also pinning those down those who are unfortunate enough not to move until they are killed by the spikes or saved somehow. | Heroic Only
  • Ability rogue vendetta  [Steal Flesh ]— Steals the flesh of all nearby targets temporary reducing all nearby targets health to 1 and reduces healing taken by 100%
  • Ability rogue garrote  [Breaking Body ]— Upon the phase 4 N'zoth can not attack or move however he is channeling Flesh spikes upon this phase, Increases damage taken to all attacks by 50%
  • Ability rogue rupture  [Flesh Spikes ]— Once after Steal flesh is finished, An after affect is created and uses the stolen flesh to merge with the room creating spikes that follow all nearby targets chasing everyone for 15 seconds. After the duration is finished; The steal flesh debuff will wear off resetting health values back to normal
  • Ability rogue ruthlessness  [Like a reaper ]— For every death upon Phase 4, N'zoth gains a stacking buff that increases his damage by 10%. Stacking infinity; He will also carry the stacks up to his final showdown phase | Heroic Only

Phase 5 - Reveal the true destiny of AzerothEdit

  • Ability rogue slaughterfromtheshadows  [Shattering]— The Spire's summit platform will be shattered into a pieces, Allow N'zoth to fly over the spire

Quotes Edit

  • Welcome mortals, I think you should know who am I. I am so surprisingly that you can defeat that my fallen champions and reach the summit
  • You are have a chance to leave this place mortals, You are not prepared
  • Well.. I have warned you all, come fools, if you can weakened me here, I'll will show the true destiny of this world
Cast Apocalypse
  • Hahahaha!
Cast Impale
  • I believe you can fly!
Cast Mind Control
  • What's worse, Your allies not being faithful?
  • Or are they not smart enough to save you?
  • Your lives are forfeit
Player Killed
  • Noobs..
  • I delight in your suffering
  • The afterlife awaits you
  • Don't cry, it's just a big honor that you can touch the god
Summon Reinforcement
  • Minions, Your god is calling you!
Reinforcement killed
  • It's just only a plan
Summon Twilight Elites [ Heroic ]
  • Nurghrtrugh Dizuhhragh Faeto'rahgg!
Switching to a Old God form - Phase 3
  • Creation by creation and failure by failure now it waits you no other...Come the bones are so eager to feed. Face the god of Chaos; Now relent or perish ahaha!
Switching to a true form and show Azeroth's Destiny - Heroic Mode
  • You all are so strong, mortals.
  • So, I have said to you that i will show the destiny of this world if you can weakened me.
  • Now, Let's see

N'zoth fly up over the citadel, showing his true form platform are shattered in a pieces

Shatteredholme's roof are torn apart itself and float into the sky

Mystery planet showed up in Azeroth's sky, the planet itself has the twilight color

  • For a millennium years we have prepare the new construction of Azeroth, so that Planet in the sky is the Twilight Realm that we have created it in Another Dimension!
  • And now we have starting to merge two world to become the one, cleanse all who does not obey to us. Recreate the new world
  • Who believe in us they will live, if not.. They will die!


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