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Alliance 32 About Me

About Me

My RL name is Kyle. Varonin is my in-game main (60 Human Warlock) on the Kalecgos PvP server. I've been playing WoW for about a year now. Prior, I was a 7 year Everquest veteran.

When Everquest was ruined by SoE, I took a hiatous from MMORPGs. I thought that I may have found a new obsession with Eve Online, but alas those programmers at CCP can't code a line of BASIC, much less a modern MMO. The search led me to WoW by my then 6 year old son and my ex-wife. (go fig.)

I edit Wiki because I'm bored at

Alliance 32 Wiki

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  • Battlegroup Shadowburn Information Standards Project
  • Essentially, this will add and cross-link shared information between server pages among Battlegroup Shadowburn such as PvE and PvP videos, Battlegroup listings, and standardizing server pages with the correct tags.

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Alliance 32 Characters

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
Varonin Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Human Male Human IconSmall Warlock Warlock 60 Tailoring Artisan Guild:Enchanting (Kalecgos) Artisan Afterlife-Kalecgos
Swiftshank Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Gnome Male Gnome IconSmall Rogue Rogue 27 Engineering Expert Guild:Mining (Kalecgos) Expert Alterlife
Rayge Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Human Male Human IconSmall Warrior Warrior 25 Blacksmithing Journeyman Guild:Mining (Kalecgos) Journeyman Alterlife
Garrisonlee Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Dwarf Male Dwarf IconSmall Hunter Hunter 24 Leatherworking Apprentice Guild:Skinning (Kalecgos) Journeyman Alterlife
Cheyanne Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Human Female Human IconSmall Mage Mage 17 Alchemy Journeyman Guild:Herbalism (Kalecgos) Journeyman Alterlife
Nyssharr Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Night Elf Female Night Elf IconSmall Priest Priest 12 Herbalism Apprentice Guild:Skinning (Kalecgos) Apprentice Alterlife
Telanras Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Draenei Male Draenei IconSmall Shaman Shaman 14 Jewelcrafting Apprentice Guild:Mining (Kalecgos) Apprentice Afterlife-Kalecgos
Auctiongurl Alliance 15 Kalecgos IconSmall Human Female Human IconSmall Mage Mage 1 None None None None Alterlife

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