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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Introduction Edit

Written by - Restoration/Valindras - Emerald Dream US

The Lich King of the Scourge lies defeated, and the ancient Old God of Naz'arak, Yogg-Saron, has been vanquished. The events set in motion by Varimathras' betrayal have begun to wind the machinations of war. With the common threat defeated, The Horde and Alliance clash over territory and false claims of treachery. Gilneas, the long-seceded human nation, becomes the target of these land disputes.

New RacesEdit

Alliance - Worgen or Panderen ?Edit

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Horde - GoblinsEdit

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New Hero ClassesEdit


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Azeroth ZonesEdit

Pandaria - Panderen Starting Place

Gilneas - Possible Worgen starting place. Gilneas is a human nation located in the peninsula directly south of Silverpine Forest on the continent of Lordaeron. The kingdom was founded following the breaking of Arathor and is ruled by the Greymane dynasty. Besides the peninsula, the kingdom also included the island of Zul'Dare. Gilneas is a large peninsula that juts into the sea south of western Lordaeron. Silverpine Forest lies to the northeast and Kul Tiras awaits across the sea to the south. Lord Genn Greymane never supported the Lordaeron Alliance in the Second War. Thus, after the war, he constructed the Greymane Wall: a massive barrier spanning the entire northern border. The enormous wall barricades Gilneas from Lordaeron. Gilneas does not allow anyone in or out, and none knows what has been transpiring there since the end of the Second War.

Kul'Tiras - Over one thousand years ago, the city-state of Kul Tiras was founded upon a large island west of Khaz Modan and in between Stormwind and Lordaeron. Kul Tiras developed a thriving economy based on fishing and exports. Over the years mighty fleets of merchant vessels were built and they sailed throughout the seas in search of exotic goods to trade and sell. Over the many years the great nation of Kul Tiras thrived on exports of seafood, livestock, lumber, grain, gold, and other artifacts. Also over the years they have developed problems with pirates and raiders on the seas and on the coasts. Murlocs constantly posed a problem to those on the island. These threats, however, have become larger and more serious especially since the Second War all the way to present day.

Tel'Abim - Home of the popular Tel'Abim Banana, the island of Tel Abim can be seen on maps as a large, inaccessible island zone southwest of the Maelstrom and far off the eastern coast of Kalimdor. Not much is known about the island. Lands of Mystery shows the location of this island on a map of the South Seas, which corresponds to an island on the map of Azeroth in World of Warcraft.

Kezan - Goblins are in charge on the Isle of Kezan, making the whole place a swarming cesspool of corruption, chaos, scheming and invention. Several cities exist on Kezan, including the nefarious Undermine, the de facto capital of the goblins’ trade empire. Kezan is a tropical island, and palm trees and other greenery appear in profusion. Kezan’s many ports bustle day and night as merchant ships approach and depart, carrying goods of all sorts to places of all sorts for people of all sorts. Kezan is a valuable way station between the eastern and western lands, and almost all travelers stop here, whether traveling by ship or gryphon or more esoteric means. The island is the heart of the goblins’ mercantile efforts, pumping trade throughout Azeroth.

The Broken Isles - Islands noted in Warcraft 2 & 3 Lore

Zandalar - Zandalar is the island homeland of the Zandalar Tribe, and all other tribes of Azeroth. It is located somewhere in the South Seas and the capital city is Zuldazar. It is the center of Troll civilization in the world currently. It is a solid center with its satellite stronghold of Zul'Gurub (in Stranglethorn Vale), and Zul'Aman (in Ghostlands, North-East Lordaeron), the trolls aim to retake their former lands and recreate their ancient empire

The MaelstromEdit

Naz'jatar - Nazjatar is the great capital of the Naga built into the abyssal trench on the sea bed beneath the swirling waters of the Maelstrom. It is here most Naga dwell and their Queen, Azshara, holds court within a beauteous palace even larger than her former home on land.

Gishan Caverns - North of the Rift is a series of enormous caverns in the seafloor. Volcanic activity is responsible for these caverns, and the naga avoid them — they believe that gargantuan sea creatures dwell within.

The Drowned Reaches - Located on the southeastern edge of the Boiling Terrace, the Drowned Reaches is a great ships’ graveyard. Since 10,000 years ago, ships that run afoul of the Maelstrom are caught in its whirlpool and sucked downward, and the currents rip them asunder and deposit their remains here. Because the sailors die in fear and agony and are surrounded by the Maelstrom’s unstable influence, the dead often do not find peace. The zombified and skeletal remains of these unfortunates wander the Boiling Terrace, raging at their fate. The naga fear the undead and avoid this area; so far, they have managed to avoid outright conflict with the millennia-strong drowned men and women

The Rift - The Rift is the remains of the first Well of Eternity. At the end of the War of the Ancients, the powers released in the Well of Eternity blasted the well downward into Azeroth's molten core. 10,000 years later that core is still exposed. The well's descent broke an enormous fissure in the ocean floor. The red and orange light from lava is visible deep, deep down. It is held sacred by the Naga, who are capable of reaching its depths. The seafloor around The Rift is noted for its thermal activity. Nazjatar is constructed on the sides of the Rift.


Neutral Undermine: The Goblins led by the Trade Princes welcome both the Horde and Alliance and welcome all who would aid againts the naga that seek to destroy them.

Neutral Broken Exiles: The denizens of the Broken Isles led by the mysterious orc Drak'Thul fight to defend their home from the naga and would welcome any aid.

Neutral Freedom Fighters: The murlocs of the broken isles welcome all who would help free their brethern and aid them in these dark times.

Neutral Shadow Weavers: Led by the high priests Zul' Roc they seek to unleash their fury upon the naga.


Twilight Reavers: The Horde strike force againts the naga, spear headed by the Twilight Moon.

Twilight Moon: Angered againts the attack againts their ancient capital the sin'dori led by Grand Magister Rommath seek to punish the naga and uncover their ancient-kins' secrets.

Grom'Gol Strike Force: Led by the shaman Far Seer Mok'thardin and Commander Aggro'gosh the seek to unleash the fury of the orcs upon the naga.

The Reclaimers: The Darkspear Trolls led by Yenniku and Master Gadrin who seek reclaim their lost home on the broken isles.


Avengers: The Alliance strike force againts the naga, spear headed by the Dark Shadowsong.

Dark Shadowsong: Driven by vengeace in their hearts againts their way-word kin, these Night Elves have joined under the banner of the recently returned Maiev Shadowsong.

The Royal Navy: The royal navy of Stormwind led by Caption Von Lugen, have arrived to claim vengeance againts the serphent naga.

Heart Seekers: These dwarves angered that naga destroyed some of their discoveries of their birth and slaughtered many of their brave soldiers, seek to return the favor.


PvE InstancesEdit

  • Zul'Dare:
  • Zin-Dare Beach (79-81): Zin'Dare Beach used to be part of the troll temple, but the naga invaded the beach and turned the temple into a sanctuary devoted to therier beloved Queen Azshara.
  • Zul'Dare (80-82): A group of survivors of the Zul'Aman battle (the raid) try to bring back to life theier warlord Zul'jin, but the magic used isn't only Voodo, some demons have infiltrated the trolls and now maipulate the Amani.
  • Grim Batol:

Grim Batol

  • The Gates of Grim Batol (79-82):In Grim Batol the orcs kept Alexstrasza imprisoned using her children as mounts, after she was freed some of her children stayed in the mountain fortress and guarded its entrance.
  • The Forge (80-83):Only very few orcs could hide to Alexstrasza's fury, most of them in the deepest part of the fortress, the forge and the orcs had even more trouble coming from the depths, Troggs made theier way through and now fight the orcs in Grim Batols Forge.
  • Titan's Mine (82-85): The Dark Iron dwarves wanted revenge for theier defeat at Grim Batol, that is why some of them started digging a tunnel to attack the Wildhammer by surprise, but what they found something they would never expect, a gigantic cave now called the Titan's Mine, where the Essence of Earth, one of Therazane daughter's lives.
  • Grim Batol Towers (89-90): The towers are the Black Rock Spire of Grim Batol, Deathwing's Lair beeing atop of it, the Towers are filled with dragons of the black Dragonflight.
  • Deathwing's Lair (90Raid): This raid is one of the thougest of the expansion Set, fighting the mighty Deathwing and his Chromatic Dragonflight
  • Tol Barad:
  • Tol Barad (83-86): Tol Barad is a magical prison runned by the mages of Dalaran and Stormwind, imprissoned are mages, lesser and greater demons, warlocks and undead war criminals.
  • The Tomb of Sargeras:

Tomb of Sargeras as seen in WC3

  • Suramar Ruins (86-88): Suramar once was a proud nightelven city, hometown of the Stormrage brothers and Tyrande it now lays in ruins and is inhabited by Gul'dan's disciples.
  • Eternal Prison (87-89): The Eternal Prison is another part of the city in wich the spirits of the Highborne living in Suramar still are present beeing used by the demons guarding the Tomb to ensure theier energy.
  • Tomb of Sargeras (90): The Tomb of Sargeras is the place where Magna Aegwynn trapped the dark Titan's physical form.
  • The Maelstrom:

The city of Nazjatar lies deep down on the bottom of the Great Sea, to access it the players of each realm will have to go through a long quest event similar to the one previous to Ahn'Quiraj, raising the town from the depths and making it float at the Great Sea's surface, inside Nazjatar there will be an instance(expandable) and a raid:

  • The Warriors Gardens (90):The main quarter of Nazjatar, meeting point for the naga.
  • The Elemental Quarter(90):This section of the city of Nazjatar is where some of Neptulos minions reside, from here they command over the naga.
  • Zin-Azshari Palace (90Raid):Queen Azshara's palace.
  • Eternal Depths (90Raid): A underwater cave, similar to the Molten Core, this raid is home to Neptulon, Ragnaros' aquatic counter-part, and his minions.
  • Caverns of Time:
Azshara portal

Summoning Sargeras

  • The Summoning of Sargeras (84-87): The Summoning of Sargeras is the event that started the War of the Ancients, in wich the Well of Eternity exploded and blasted the supercontinent Kalimdor into its actual form. The Infinite Dragonflight wants to stop Sargeras' summoning, and you have to stop them beeing sent there by the Bronze dragonflight.

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World of Warcraft: Into the Maelstrom by Valindras.

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