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HordeNPC 32Aeosandra Revendawn
Gender Female
Race Blood elf/undead (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Rogue
Affiliation Blood Elves, Forsaken
Position former scout for Sylvanas Windrunner, current Horde assassin
Location Unknown
Status Alive (TBC), currently Undead
Relative(s) Allanya Revendawn (sister), Setia Revendawn (sister)

Aeosandra "Aeos" Revendawn is an undead Blood Elf assassin currently working for the Horde. She has a long standing military career dating back to the original Orc invasion of Azeroth as an Alliance soldier. She has also served as a scout under the command of Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner and has been a critical figure in many battles for Horde on both Azeroth and in Outland.

Aeos was a High Elf born with no connection to magic, she posses what she jokingly refers to as "Malygos' Gift" which not only prevents her from being able to use magic, but also dispels and weakens almost all magic she comes into direct contact with. Since becoming infected with the undead plague this ability has almost totally diminished as it's full power is being used to prevent the plague from turning her.

Since going to Northrend Aeos has become very ill and close proximity to the Lich King finally caused the plague to overtake her. Although she now appears to be undead and one of The Forsaken Aeos has maintained control of her will and Malygos' Gift continues to fight off the plague. Aeos believes that once her body is purged of the Lich King's curse she will die and has left the Horde and her friends to deal with this revelation.

Biography Edit

Birth and Childhood Edit

Aeosandra was born to the wealthy and noble Revendawn family. She was the middle child to two sisters Setia (the elder) and Allanya (the younger). Her family line was well known for producing some of Silvermoon's finest mages and magic users. Her elder sister Setia had already proven to be a talented Priest and there was great hope for Aeos to become a powerful mage. However Aeos was born with no connection to magic at all, the typical glow from the eyes of High Elves connected to the Sunwell wasn't present in Aeos. her family continued to hope that this was temporary, but as time went on it became clear that Aeosandra would have no talent in magic.

Though she was clearly the black sheep of the Revendawn family Aeos was treated well enough. She eventually befriended one Silvermoon's guard named Caidan Holywolf and though she was still just a child at the time he grew quite attached to entertaining the young girl while on duty with games of hide and seek and mock fencing. The two remained strong friends as Aeos got older and eventually he began to actually instruct her on how to fight. She proved a quick student and it wasn't long before she was able to go toe to toe with the experienced warrior in combat.

When Aeos' younger sister Allanya was born and proved herself to be the prodigal mage her family desired it finally allowed Aeos the freedom to get out from under her families thumb. She enlisted in the Silvermoon guard despite being too young for the post by lying about her age and lineage using the service to train her martial skills further. Caidan would eventually learn of this and force her out telling her that she shouldn't rush to give up her childhood. Her skills did not go unnoticed and she was almost immediately inducted into a thieves guild following her expulsion and it was there where she would really train.

Assassin Edit

Aeos would spend the next several years of her life in a thieves guild within Silvermoon city. She learned all the tricks and tactics used by rogues and assassins throughout Azeroth and she excelled at them. During this she juggled a double life with her own family and friends where she pretended to be under tutelage to become an artist.

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