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Neutral 32Shadowscale
Title <The devil>
Gender Male
Race Black dragon
Character class Warlock
Affiliation Black dragonflight, Crystaling Dragonflights, Himself and Aedelas Blackmoore until Blackmoore assassinated.
Position Former lieutenant of Deathwing and a ruler of Non man Island
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Deathwing (Black dragon Aspect), his parents killed by the night elves group

Shadowscale (formerly Scropion the younger) is a Dragon of Black flight and a leader of Crystaling Dragonflight. He speak Common, Draconic and Thalassian.


While some peoples call him "a Brave hearted hero", this is in fact, a cruel, powerful and a deadly wyrm who was known as Scropion the black and born in the time where his kinds were once earth-warders. He and his old friends were masters to carrying the stone form a mountain during many years. When he saw his parents killed by a small night elves group, he was immediately captured by them to go into Zin-Azshari. Once there, he yell to the prisonners for trying to protest his escape of the prison. There have many attempts to escaped for this place. The first thing was to asked the queen, who is failled. The second was his tail smash to cage, who is really hard. The last thing is what he was go accidently to Highbornes. It caused the some major problems of it.

He is a lieutenant of Deathwing many time until a "accidental" flying attack to other member of his flight during the Battle of Grim Batol. In the intervening years between the Second and Third War, he became a solider of Internment camps as Arthur Fireye until the fall causing by orcs. Since this time, he is now alone in his own lair on deserted island far northeast of Barrens with his remaining minions and has vowed revenge against anybody who slew and defeat his former masters. Sometime, he reside in his Citadel, seeking to gain his life and saw his opportunity to captured anyone have the same color of their hair, skin and eye than other dragonflights. He working his own army during these times. During these periods, he created his dark tales concerning the certain future in peril.

This is main reason that Shadowscale hate everybody that not part of his flight,his faction and soliders of Durnholde Keep. Now, his upcoming job is implanting the giganic crystals to various planets outside Azeroth, just for not only ruled these worlds, but, also, impart his own power.

Shadowscale's minionsEdit

Sometime named as The Darkwing legion, this faction of few mortal races and some surviving members of the Black dragonflight was created by Shadowscale himself. The members that are described below are hostile to both Alliance and the Horde. They are famous for various crimes, the many guiltys and raids to the defenseless villages. The tribes who allied him are:

  • IconSmall SpawnBlack IconSmall Human Male IconSmall Human Female CrushedSkull Tribe: The main renegade group what aided him since the Shadowscale's early fights and consisting largely of black dragonspawns, few drakonids and some humans.
  • IconSmall DrakeBlack IconSmall SpawnBlack IconSmall High Elf Male IconSmall High Elf Female Shadowscale Tribe: A main tribe led by himself consisting several black and Crystaling drakonids, some dragonspawns, most Black drakes and some High elves.
  • IconSmall Gnome Male IconSmall Gnome Female Ragewing Technicians: A group consisting exclusively Gnomes.
  • IconSmall SpawnBlack Dreadmaw Tribe: A minor tribe consisting the minimal involvement of dragonspawns. Most Dreadmaws are in fact Crystaling Dragonflight.


Shadowscale have many nasty Abilities likes:

  • Max.Health: 6.8 millions hp
  • Shadowflame
  • Shadowbolt volley
  • Fear
  • Tail Sweep
  • Summon the Skeletons
  • Flame Breath
  • Hellfire
  • Fireball
  • His Feral form
  • Summon the demons


  • Yell:"DON'T TOUCH MY LAIR !"
  • "Yeah, a gigantic monster, I know that It belong this foolish creature."
  • "When I was here, the beast was in sleep in it own lair ."
  • "I'm not really care that you can battle me."
  • "It's because that my son is emo anymore."
  • "I'm remember that I survived so mush and I'm maybe more strongest than before. I will probably smash you that I have being a Slave."
  • "TOO LATE !"
  • "NO !"

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