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Horde 32 Uta of the Warsong Clan is a Horde player character on the Role Playing server Feathermoon.


Uta on guard duty outside Orgrimmar.

Basic Information Edit

Name: Uta of the Warsong Clan

Race: Orc

Gender: Female

Class: Beastmaster (Hunter)

Level: 60

Rank: Champion

Profession: Leatherworker, Skinner

Pets: Nymeria the Worg, Nostromo the Bat

Age: 35

Home: Warsong Lumber Camp

Physical Description Edit

Uta’s skin is a light green, a lighter tone than most of her bretheren. Many of the Warsong Clan, including its former leader Grom Hellscream, are a deeper shade of green. Since losing the Blood Curse, which made her eyes glow a deep red, they have since become a brilliant blue, which some in the clan have said means she has a bright destiny ahead of her.

She is physically fit, her muscles chisled and taut, and as strong as any orc.

Pets Edit

Nostromo is a brown bat that came upon Uta’s nearly lifeless body one fateful night in Ashenvale forest before Grom Hellscream had freed his people of the Blood Curse. The scent of her blood on the air had initially attracted him to her. When he landed near her and began to feed on her lifeblood, he felt the demonic energies that coursed through her flesh enter and empower him. He screeched loudly and took flight, surging with demonic energy. However, as the blood took its course through his body, the power dissipated until he felt a great emptiness—he wanted more of the accursed blood. He hunted for the orc he had fed from, but her body was no longer where he had left it and the scent of blood had all but disappeared. He screeched feebly in an attempt to find his prey, but instead found himself trapped in a hunter’s freezing trap. The orc he had been hunting had, in fact, captured him. Staring into her red, glowing eyes and unable to flee, the bat felt something it had never felt before—fear. But when the orc stood within a pace of him, she reached out her arm and cut into her own flesh, offering it to the bat. He fed cautiously from her blood, and again felt the power of its energy. Releasing him from the trap, she stared into his eyes and said nary a word. But he understood in his own, primal way that this was his blood pact, and that he would forever serve her in exchange for this power.

After the death of Mannoroth and lifting of the Blood Curse, Nostromo too lost his desire for the demonic bloodmeal. Instead, he took to eating plantains and truffles, only occassionally sipping blood from the enemies of his orcish master.

Nymeria is a black worg that Uta rescued from Blackrock Spire. The Blackrock orcs are infamous for maltreating their worgs. After being taken from their mother, the monstrous worg Halycon, they are pitted against captured Dark Iron Dwarves in a fight to the death. Hearing this, Uta pledged to slay the corrupted Halycon. She infiltrated Blackrock Spire by herself and attacked Halycon and her mate, Gizrul the Slavener. Though the mutant worgs proved too much for her on her own, one of their offspring came to her aid, baring its fangs at its own parents. Uta used the distraction to perform a scatter shot, causing panic in the other pups. Halycon and Gizrul began slaughtering their own young in rage, unsure of which had betrayed them. Uta escaped with the worg that had come to her aid close at her heels. She named the worg “Nymeria” in honor of a Warsong folk heroine of the same name.

Clan Edit

Uta is a loyal member of the Warsong Clan, and takes pride in her spartan heritage. Her formative years were spent as part of the only orcish clan not interned by humans, raised by the Warsong to be a hunter of the highest order. Like all of the members of her clan, she partook of the Blood of Mannoroth and was dominated by the Blood Curse. Though many of the orcs feel shame for allowing themselves to be used as tools of the Burning Legion, Uta takes pride in the fact that it was her great chieftan Grom Hellscream who defeated Mannoroth the Destructor and freed her people.

Like many of her clan, she does not mince words, being very direct to the point of rudeness at times. However, like all Warsong, she is loyal to the end.

She has never taken a surname, and insists that her full title is simply “Uta of the Warsong Clan”

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