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This is a Fan fiction Expansion

As The war in Pandaria ends, an evil threat opens to the face of Azeroth. The Burning Legion has come back after a Kil'Jedan's defeat at the Sunwell. The end of azeroth is coming closer. As the infinity dragonflight is working with the Burning Legion as previous enemies come back to destroy you and with new abillity's and other thing's

PVP zones

The Battle for Dire Maul

As Orcs and Night elves are fighting for Dire Maul. The night elves are trying to rebuild it for dragon aspects in Feralas, As the Orcs want to salvage it for resources. An Arathi Basin like battleground

Deadwind Pass The Humans are finding Undead to kill it and can not allow them to pass so they can put the new plague upon the humans of stormwind if they do accomplish it Stormwind can be destoryed once again. An Alterac valley like Battleground

Indoor PVP zone.

The lost island of Kezan

As Goblins try to take back there old home that was once destroyed home for kaja-mite. The Gnomes wish to take it before the Goblins so they explore the Undermine for new things.

New zones

Furbolg wood's Lvl 90-92

Northeron Lvl 92-94

The Lost island 92-94

The Portal Sanctum - the sanctuary for this expansion

The End of infinity 94-96 (But burning legion isnt main enemy here)

Azeroth's end 96-98 ( The future which is Azeroth had ended from the Legion)

The Broken Isle's 98-100 (Final zone)


Infinity last minute's

A huge final blow to the Infinite Dragonflight's leader Murozond, didn't die to the end of time after Deathwing's death

Burning temple- Black temple but under complete Demon control


Dragon death's

First boss:Sindragosa Second= Nefarion third= Malygos fourth= Onyxia fifth(heroic)=Deathwing

Aspect's end

First= Al'kir Second= Ragnaros

New races,classes,professions

Horde-Ogre Alliance-Furbolg

Class idea

Barbarian (Races all but gnome and goblin)

A Tank-dps class which wears only leather and uses maces,axes,hands,and swords. 3 SPECS Are

Stormrage- A dps melee spec

Pillage- Tank spec

Kinslayer- a dps spec which involves using your hands only

Bone crushers (all but gnome and goblin)

A hand melee class which is destined to only wear cloth unlike Barbarian's they are more powerful


Bone- A dps like spec

Kill- a dps like spec

Pain- a tank like spec

Techno- a class which you can shoot and put down mechanical things like a mechanical pets.At lvl 20 you get a mini-shredder mount which at lvl 40 epic mount you can hold more than 1 passenger 3 specs

Binary- a healer like class

Shreddery-a tank like class

Explosives- ranged dps


Rune forging- You make abilitys which you attach to armor.Like gems and enchanters

This is a secondary

"Guild specials Guild cap raised to lvl 40

You can have a Guild hall and ship But the guild hall is customized like your tabard and the ships banner is that also the same as your guild banner. Ships can have PVP up to 5v5s.

Reputations (Scryers) They both have come back against the burning legion

(Aldor)They both have come back against the Burning legion

(Mog'org) A neutral faction of demons who rebelled from The Burning legion

(Ashtounge Deathsworn) Akama and other Broken Draenei come back from Outlands You must combine the Watchers and Cenarion circle with them

(Watchers) Maiev Shadowsong and Other Watchers come from fight the burning legion You must combine the Ashtounge Deathsworn and Cenarion circle with them

(The Cenarionsworn Watchers)The combined Watchers and Ashtounge, Deathsworn and Cenarion circle combined.

(The Cenarion circle) a Old faction comeback to join Combination With the Ashtounge Deathsworn and The watchers

(The argent aliance)- Tirion has come back to fight off the demons at Northeron Leaders)

Ogres- Rexxar even though he is Half-ogre Furbolgs-Baergar Blackpaw

New parts of cities)

Stormwind's new area the Wild district is a home remade where the park was once at and is now full of worgens and furbolgs

Orgrimmar has a new area known as the Renegade district for the Ogres and The city is remade back to before Garrosh remade it.

Zone changes

Descolace, Eastern and Western Plagueland has grown back

The Demons made a volcano go off in Stranglethorn vale and destroyed the Gurubashi Arena

The Demons have destroyed a lot of life in Ashenvale

The demons made Lots of plant life in Ungoro Crater Die from a Volcano

The blasted land have grown back

Final ENCOUNTER OF THE EXPANSION __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The final Encounter of the expansion Sargearas.

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