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Undeadmage is the player famous for starting the murloc movie titles that littered the LookingForGroup channel. It all started in his pre-teen levels as a way to pass the time while fishing in North Tide's Hollow.

In late 2006, a patch added a LookingForGroup channel that appeared to players in all areas of the world, not just one zone as it was in the past. People constantly "spammed" the channel, with jokes about Chuck Norris, and general trolling. Snakes on a Plane was becoming a popular movie at the time due to internet videos of the trailer. Undeadmage went onto the channel, saying in all capital letters, "MURLOCS ON A PLANE!". As people started with their repremanding of him misusing the channel, he added "Any movie title is funny if you add 'murloc' to it!". This started a stream of endless television shows, movie titles, and book titles all containing the word "murloc". This lasted for hours, and is etched in stone on the tablet of Greymane history. It did not stop there. One of the players participating in the murloc jokes made forum posts about them. This let other servers know of all of these happenings. It was then put in the same category as "Chuck Norris" on many servers. Time has passed since this happening, and Undeadmage admits what he had started, but refuses to talk more of it. Undeamage has since matured and moved on to much greater things. He is currently lvl 70 and has the full Incanter's set, as well as many epic pieces including the 3-piece spellfire set, battlecast garb, and epic flying mount.

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