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Race: Half Bloodelf / Half Demon

Status: Trying to save outland and azeroth

Friends: Hapa, Warbaine, Ydur, Soulfeaster, Zezima, Rastallis, Tinthard, Jacu

Family: Devilishia Doulsheer, Gione Doulsheer (Father), Fiean Doulsheer (mother)


As a young boy, tyronas was born in Silvermoon city, and was raised in silvermoon, when he was around 13, the sunwell was under attack by arthas, His mother and father Hid him in a reclusive place, sunstrider isle, where he met a paladin who eventually saved Tyronas from the wretched, eventually this paladin undertook him as his pupil and trained him, but one day, Tyronas was walking around, eating some food, until a deathknight showed up, the deathknight tryed to coax Tyronas into coming with him to train, Tyronas's master saw this then jumped out at the deathknight and injured him, the deathknight then ran Tyronas's master through with his runeblade, Tyronas watched this, then went into a rage, he then was horrified of what was happening to him, his body was turning pitchh black and his eyes red as bloodcrystals, Tyronas then charged at the deathknight, killing him by cutting open the deathknight's neck with his claws, he then held his dying master in his arms... then the master said with his last breath "you did well, Tyronas... You did well.. im proud" then his master's eyes closed, never opening again... Tyronas cried and cried, and soon took his rage out on the wretched, killing all of them in sunstrider isle.. Tyronas then went to the bloodknights and was trained at the academy there, graduating when he was 26, he then joined a clan called The Knights of the Sunwell, and met two friends, Rastallis and Zezima, eventually the knights disbanded and went their own ways, Tyronas had nothing again, then he joined a guild called Clan of the Fist, ruled by an orc named ydur, eventually he met a Tauren by the name of hapa, hapa and tyronas became good friends, but then Tyronas met a young bloodelf female named Devilishia, eventually finding out he and devilishia were related, he guarded his sister who then married rastallis, tyronas knew he was alone again... He knew it... he had one person to turn to, a bloodelf female by the name of Enchantress, but upon discovering she was in love with a blood elf by the name of serith, tyronas went mad and eventually became a deathknight under arthas' command, eventually jacu tried to rescue him, but Tyronas was nowhere to be found, eventually tyronas went back to silvermooon, he talked to enchantress and she was still kind toward him, he had another place to go again.. So he then dropped his deathknight armor, then he shattered his runeblade, vowing to win enchantress' love and taking vengeance upon serith for nearly killing him

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