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Neutral 32Killzalar, The Apocalypse
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Level  ?? (Boss)
Affiliation The Killzarai
Position Father of the Killzarai, Bringer of Destruction
Location Saladath
Status Alive
Relative(s) Baron Findar (Creator) Paizorak (Failed Brother)
Alignment Chaotic Evil

The huge dragon-like creature rises from it's chains in the fiery lands, It's many heads show their constant feelings. One head torn apart into many peices, only fighting for it's life in utmost pain. Another, enraged with everything around it, destruction fulling it's dark and sinester eyes, near to it, it's neighbouring head, Depressed with all it's livelyhood, through it's sad eyes we see it's thoughts, wanting to deveour us all with those razor teeth. The other, shows hatred and seeks no more than to inflict it's pain on anyone it sees, the fifth, shows a sinester look, it seeks to burn and destroy but it obviously preys on it's targets from behind. The body of this creature is soft and liquidy, athough it's upper areas are rock hard, it's soft areas show creatures erupting from it's body as it's cells constantly divide.

Killzalar was a creation of pure emotion. From the darkest of thoughts and feelings, Killzalar was created as the physical form of Darkest Emotion. He lacks any emotion like Love, Happiness or Exictment. The five main emotion he consists of are Pain, Anger, Misery, Hatred and Descrit. In a sense, Killzalar is inside every creature as he is the embodiement of these emotions and has exited since the beginning of intelligence.


Baron Findar seeked to create a perfect being to aid him in causing the destruction of all things. He had created Killzalar to be a simple minion of dark emotions, seeking only to obey and destroy. Before Killzalar had fully matured, a Black Dragon by the name of Bloodseye interfered with Findar, and Killzalar was forced to reside inside Bloodseye's body. Bloodseye was curropted by the nightmare at this time, and was saved by the fact that Killzalar collided with this, Unfortunatly, a manifestation occured, and Killzalar found itself dividing at a huge rate, growing inside Bloodseye and gaining control of his body. In only a matter of time, Killzalar had Bloodseye bowing at his every command. Not long after this control, Bloodseye begain to resist Killzalar's control eventually going to the extend of cutting out his own heart and replacing it with Killzalar's shadow magic to keep him alive. He imprisoned Killzalar inside his heart and hid it underground where it could never be found. Inside Bloodseye's heart, Killzalar continued to expand, still a part of bloodseye, but not inside him. He soon after erupted from the ground below, with the heart in it's oozing hand. Killzalar's other heads were only beggining to show at this stage as it was still in a humanoid form. He used the heart to track Bloodseye to destroy him, for imprisoning him. Killzalar soon discovered Bloodseye's new "Paradise" his afterlife for Dragonkin, and took residue under their waters, corrupting their pureness. The taint of Killzalar was soon VERY noticable, as under the sea, Killzalar rapid division took place, creating his race, The Killzarai.

The KillzaraiEdit

The Killzarai Race is the result of Killzalar's constant divsion, They lack any Reproductive methods but instead divide into another. This constant division results in their numbers to be ever-growing and consuming Saladath. Killzalar seems to be the one dividing on the highest scale due to it's size and age. Beleif is that the Killzarai has no life-span and can only be killed. Another thing is that the Killzarai may infact be a race, but they are indeed one being and share their minds with Killzalar himself, so everything done is ordered by Killzalar. Currently, Killzalar and the Killzarai are attempting to wipe out Saladath in a despirate attempt to return to Azeroth to finsh their original goal, to cause the very Apocalypse of all things. The Emperor of Saladath and his forces prevent them from getting near the portal and are fighting a constant battle. It is beleived that if no attempt to destroy them is taken, the division would soon hugly outnumber the Residents of Saladath, wiping them off existance itself.


Killzalar, although his techniques in a physical way cannot be seen on Azeroth, it is noticable how he affects his victims by mind games. In their desperate attempt to destroy Azeroth and in fact get there, Killzalar attempts to convert Mortal beings through their minds, so that he may have minions on the other side, in the event that this fails, he would drive them into a mental state and drives them to insanity in ways, leaving his victims suicidal or homicidal.


Killzalar is a character based on an RP in Darkmoon Faire RP EU. He is also intended to become part of a Fan Comic and/or book based on the story around him called Dragon's Dusk.

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