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Neutral 32Evanaa,


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Title The High Sorceress of Telhamat, The Prophet of Telhamat
Gender Female
Race(s) Draenei, Eredar
Level  ?? Neutral
Character class Mage
Affiliation Alliance, Exodar, Temple of Telhamat
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Elsaana Sister

History Edit

Evanaaa mage

Evanaa is a draenei mage that lived between the races of the Alliance for a couple of years now, and helped them out of suffering. Evanaa is a draenei that is originaly from Argus but fled with the remaining draenei to Draenor, when on Draenor she commanded her people to build the temple of Telhamat. The High Sorceress of Telhamat helped the alliance out at the Dark Portal and the Black temple. She first didn't want anything to do with the alliance, because she thinks that her people of Telhamat are a faction on their own. But then she had a meeting with The Prophet Velen. They knew each other but didn't like each other that much. But when he told Evanaa that she was needed in the alliance because the scourge was coming up and trying to destroy the people living on Azeroth. She couldn't refuse the thought of her being needed made her feel powerful so she accepted, Telhamat was now officaly part of the alliance. After accepting her part in the alliane she met King Varian Wrynn for the first time. She bowed and gave an insulting face towards Jaina Proudmoore that was standing next to him. He told her that she was gong to be going to Dalaran. Evanaa saw this as a piece of cake, Jaina made this portal for Evanaa and she step through it. Evanaa arrived in Dalaran just to be meeted by Rhonin who was very happy with the help of their new allies, he immediatly gave a mission to Evanaa and Evanaa accepted.


this story is full fictional and is not in World of Warcraft the Game!

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