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The Risen Circle is my new continent in my expansion idea; 'The 4th War' in which we see a new threat rise for players to confidently smash down in defeat as they have done with the Blackrock Orcs, Burning Legion and the Scourge of Northrend. The Risen Circle consists of a ring of islands brought to the surface by Deathwing in his escape from the Elemental Plane. The islands surround the Blood Empires Capital of the Undermine previous home to the goblins before the sundering.

Zones Edit

Ruins of Atra'Uru; The Haven of the Aqua Trolls who have evolved during their time underwater They are not friendly however as due to the travel they are constantly on guard. It is an island of size with scattered ruins all over as the wild that developed in its travel has reclaimed most of the ilse.

Risen Marshes; The lowest level island in the circle, covered in marshes and bogs it escaped the Blood Empires gaze however it hides a dark secret. The depths of these swamps are ruins. Inhabited by highbourne Naga and there mysterious Queen.

Pyranovor Island; The main bastion of the Scarlet Hand as they strive to reveal the dark truth about the new empire.

Blood Plains; The land cleared by the Goblins before the entrance to the Undermine where, since the sundering wildlife has grown harsh and hostile.

Undermine; The heart of the Risen Circle. The place of Dominance where the Blood Empire makes its plans to purge the rest of Azeroth.

Grand Temple of Tarente; The Abandoned Temple where scattered remnants of Mal'Ganis's water demons linger. It may be small, but the ruin has attracted both the horde and alliance, who both seek control over it.


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