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MTRH-Tus 22:55, 5 July 2009 (UTC)The 4th War is the the 4th great War Humans have had to fight and the 4th Invasion of The Burning Legion. This time the demonic forces have control of the Blood Empire, which were once the Scarlet Crusade and Scarlet Onslaught through deception. The DreadlordMal'Ganis has posessed the corpse of Barean Westwind and assened the position of leader and formed the Blood Empire.

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Tome of Recordings

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The Location of The 4th War is on the world of Azeroth in the now 4 continents of Kalimdor, The Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend and the new one for my expansion idea The Risen Circle. Although it will have parts in all 4 continents it will mainly be based in the new continent of The Risen Circle. The Risen Circle is a series of Islands that came into this world by the Dreadlord during the clash between The Lich King and Mal'Ganis who is posessing Emporer Westwinds corpse, which is set between WOTLK and my expansion idea, through the Twisting Nether. They are located around the Maelstrom and when they crashed caused the two lands of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms further apart. The new continent contains several islands that have come from Azeroth's past. One will be the main stronghold of the Blood Empire called The Emporers Shores and another will be a combat zone like Wintergrasp in Northrend but will be between the Horde, The Alliance and The Blood Empire called Grand Temple of Tarente.

Main Opposition Edit

Blood EmpireEdit

The Blood Empire is lead by Emporer Barean Westwind who is the hiding place for the Dreadlord Mal'Ganis who posesses his corpse. The Blood Empire is the remnants of the Scarlet Crusade and Scarlet Onslaught. However Since making a second expedition to Northrend it has let more races of Azeroth swell its ranks, as they are thought to be purer. They have let Night Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Blood Elves and although very few as only recently discovered Aqua Trolls swell there ranks. They are the major opposition in my expansion idea and are based mainly in the new continent of The Risen Circle.

The SequeninEdit

The Sequenin are the major tribe of Aqua Trolls led by the Troll Lord Drakurin. They were the first specimens of the rediscovered Aqua Trolls and were discovered when they transported through time with the islands of The Risen Circle by Mal'Ganis. They have even been proven to be the ancient ancestors of the Darkspear Tribe of the Horde, however are extremely hostile. They live throughout the entire Risen Circle

Water Demons Edit

Water Demons were created originaly by Mal'Ganis in his disguise as Emporer Westwind to defend the water areas of the Risen Circle that The Blood Empire could not. They are a cross between Naga and Demons, both created by the Burning Crusade. They are lead by the Demon lord Tantiquiteen. Created to defend certain unreachable islands they eventualy became to strong for Mal'Ganis to control them and the scarlet crusade leaders. This is the event which leads to there eventful freedom and revolt against him, at the same time as the Scarlet Hand.

Timescale Naga Edit

The remanants of the highbourne from the first invasion of the Burning Crusade. At the end of the first invasion the highbourne were transformed into Naga and banished to the bottom of the Maelstrom. With the appearance of the Risen Circle and the shaking of the world they were awoken from the depths and summoned back from the depths to the world of Azeroth. Lead by there old leader; Queen Azshara they now wake destruction on all others in a revenge of over 25,000 years of banishment as the evolved Timescale Naga. They are extrememly hostile to Night Elves who were the race that imprisoned them.


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