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Halls of Exorcism refers to the new Caverns of Time instance which i have designed for my expansion pack The 4th War. It requires you as, like the other instances to travel back in time to some historic event and prevent ******** from disrupting the events there.

Layout Edit

The Layout for the Cursed Citadel will be the same as the Halls of Reflection as the instances take place in the same location, just a different time. Players will enter through an new instance portal that is at the end of a tunnel which can be entered from the entrance in the middle rock of the main area of the Caverns of Time. They will enter into Frostmournes Chamber and meet up with their escort as they prepare themselves. The players will become cloaked as they don disguises so that Mal'Ganis and anyone they recognise will not recognise them.

Escort Edit

In this instance the players may consider this to be a bit off or wrong, as the players will be escorting Mal'Ganis in his attempt to recover the shards of frostmourne. They meet up with him in the empty frostmourne chamber after entering from the Caverns of Time. They must then escort him into the Citadel where instead of going right outside they go through doors and fight way to where the lich kings body lies, throuh the Main Entrance, preventing him from being killed.

Bosses Edit

The first Boss that players will face is a Horde or Allaince captain depending on their faction. (Alliance) Captain Daradrin (Horde) Captain Twolfbringer The captain will come through the doors and stand in front of the doors sending 5 waves to attack the group. Upon defeating the waves the players must then defeat the Boss.

After slaying the captain they must fight their way towards the doors before the lift to the top of ICC. Before entering they will face someone who they recognise. (Alliance) Jaina Proudmoore (Horde) Slyvanas Windrunner They must defeat there factions hero before moving on. Taking the Lift straight on, not going right towards where the skybreaker would normaly be, but on towards the frozen throne.

The last Boss they face however is blocking there way. On the throne is a figure entombed in the throne. Arthas lies dead before it. Tirion Fordring is the boss who blocks your way to reclaiming the shards of frostmourne. With him are 5 guards. All who reveal themselves to be a member of the infinite dragonflight. while you deal with the guards one by one Mal'Ganis deals with Tirion. When you have dealt with the guards, you see Mal'Ganis pick up frostmournes hilt and strike tirion who defends himself, but using the energy of the dead guards banishes you into time itself where you find yourself in the abandoned Undermine. The instance is over.


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