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Neutral 32Emporer Westwind
Admiral Barean Westwind
Title <Emporer of the Blood Empire>
Gender Male
Race(s) Human or Posessed
Level 100 Boss
Character class Warrior and/or Paladin and/or Death Knight
Affiliation Scarlet Crusade, Kul Tiras, Scarlet Onslaught, The Blood Empire
Position Commander of the Scarlet Fleet, mortal disguise of the dreadlord Mal'Ganis, Emporer/Leader of the Blood Empire
Location New Hearthglen, Dragonblight, after Hidden Hollow, Icecrown, Westwind Keep
Status Deceased (possessed by Mal'Ganis)

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Barean Westwind of Kul Tiras was once a prominent member of the Scarlet Crusade. He was part of the Scarlet Fleet's disastrous expedition to Northrend, and was lost off the Frozen Coast. A large statue was erected in his honor in the Hall of Champions, located in the Scarlet Monastery in the Tirisfal Glades.

However, reports indicated that he was still alive and joined the ranks of the Scarlet Onslaught. Only a few knew that he actually did die and that his corpse was being used as a disguise for the dreadlord Mal'Ganis, who was also previously thought dead but in fact survived his encounter with a vengeful Arthas Menethil.

Now the most recent reports show that after he lead the final assault of the reamining members of the Scarlet Onslaught against the Undead forces of the Lich King he withdrew to the Risen Circle, a circle of islands created during the clash between him and Tirion Fordring, when the hiding Mal'Ganis brought them out of the -Twisting Nether and crashed them into Azeroth to shake the crown of the world. There the reports show that he founded the Blood Empire and declared himself Emporer and set about his plans to destroy all others than his new order in The 4th War.


Early LifeEdit

Barean Westwind was born in the coastal town of Menethil Harbor and grew up in the region of Khaz Modan. As a child he looked to be a promosing child for the Silver Hand of the Alliance. However even though he was skilled in the ways of light which he learned from the town priest he joined his boyhood heroes the Kul Tiras and became a sailor for the navy of Daelin Proudmoore. After the first few years of his service came The First War where the Orcs ravaged the coast of The Eastern Kingdoms.

The First WarEdit

During the War Barean fought endless fights against fleets of the Horde and spent tireless nights reloading cannons. However during the War he recieved his promotion to captain and took charge of his own ship; the 'Matheston'. During the War his hatred for the Orc race developed and he began to hate all its allies. His ship the 'Matheston' was a fast frigate dealing strtegic strikes. His first mate Durick Farsteer became his closest friend and they spent many battles fighting side by side repelling orcish borders. At the end of the First War Barean and his friend Durick returned to the kul Tiras islands west of Khaz Modan and spent life helping to rebuild the navy they stood for.

The Second WarEdit

Upon the start of the Second War Barean once again took to the seas as part of the navy offence. With his friend Durick he commaded his ship into battle and defeated greenskin after greenskin. yet he was tragicly effected as he saw the navy he loved and stood for destroyed by the works of the Horde and upon the end of the Second War delved further into rebuilding it.

The Third WarEdit

Although during the Third War the navy didn't do much as the Scourge and The Burning Legion were mainly land based Barean once again stood forward to defend Azeroth along with many others. He was sent far from Khaz Modan to the lands of Lordaeron. However it was during this war that he drove himself to madness. During Scourge offence Barean was betrayed by his closest frind Durick Farsteer who turned in an undead Ghoul before Bareans eyes and attacked him. Upon slaying his closest ally in his life Barean left the fight and wandered for many nights through the forests of the Eastern Kingdoms leaving the fight for Azeroth behind him in his grief.

The Scarlet CrusadeEdit

After his wanderings Barean was different, he found his way to the Eastern coast. There one night he met a caravan trin of refugees traveling north. Taking pity on the once sailor they took him and fed him telling him their plight to journey north to a vast refugee hold held called Tyr's Hand by the new order of The Scarlet Crusade. They were a remnant of the Silver Hand dedicated to purging the Scourge from the world. Upon hearing this Barean decided to join the caravan and join the crusade. Upon arrival at the hold Barean was subjected to a series of vigarous tests to prove he wasn't infected, then conscripted into the Scarlet Fleet as a captain.

Sailing to DeathEdit

Vastly outnumbered the Scarlet Crusade held on to its outpost in the northern part of The Eastern Kingdoms growing in size until its leader Grand Crusader Saidan Dathrohan decided to drive a stake into the very heart of the scourge. During the time of the Burning Legions attempted thrid invasion he began Building a fleet. He chose to place Barean in command commanding them to go to Northrend to make an attempt to destroy the Scourge lands of blizzards and ice. Upon landing in the lands of Dragonblight, Barean set up base camp preparing his forces to move out to defeat the Scourge presence. Unknowing that Arthas Menethil had already made his way to Northrend and defeated Illidan Stormrage, and even united himself with the Lich King. It was this missing knowledge that was his downfall as Anub'Arak returned through Northrend with his crypt forces and attacked the unprepared forces of the Scarlet Fleet. The only record that survived, is held by the Blood Scout leader Scout Commander Tarella Tyrnar, states that Barean met his death that day and fell to the scourge.

Wraithlike ReturnEdit

Upon the awakening of The Lich King, the seperation of The Knights of the Ebon Blade and the launch of the Alliance and Horde Expeditions to Northrend the Scarlet Crusade now the Scarlet Onslaught made there own way to northrend. During this time they also started to accept other races of the allaince into there order to swell there ranks, they even went as far to allow Orcs, Trolls, Tauren and Blood Elves into their new structure. Under the new leadership of Grand General Brigitte Abbendis they made land also in Dragonblight, where suprisingly they discovered remanants of the Scarlet Fleet. Amongst those was Barean Westwind. Upon his meeting with the High General, Barean was given the new title of Grand Admiral and put in charge of the Onslaughts Navy for his long survival in the harsh conditions of Northrend. Unknown to everyone Barean was actualy dead and that his corpse was being uses as a humanoid disguise for the Dreadlord Mal'Ganis.

Combat of AssesntionEdit

With the death of the High General in New Hearthglen and the Bishop in Northrend Icecrown the Leadership of the Onslaught was left to Barean. Mal'Ganis gathered the reamining forces around him in an attempt to take revenge on Ner'zhul and Arthas Menethil, launching a daring strike against Icecrown citadel which had already fallen to the Ashen Verdict. During the attack Tirion Fordring himself did battle with the posessed corpse. Revealing himself to the Paladin, Mal'Ganis sacraficed his disguise to give him strength to strike out at Tirion with the shattered hilt of Frostmourne. With his enemy revealed to be ancient enemy of Azeroth Tirion ressurects the fallen Jaina Proudmoore bringing her back to life, who banishes the Dreadlord and his forces from Northrend into the nether, landing them in the center of the Undermine after it has been abandoned by the Goblins. There resuming his disguise Mal'Ganis took his place as leader of the Scarlet order declaring them the Blood Empire with him as emporer and claiming that all others outside of the empire were infected and would be uterly purged from existence.

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