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The Loa Spirits of AzerothEdit

The world of Azeroth is home to many kinds of celestial entities, such as the Old Gods, the Ancients, the Goddess Elune, and the Loa Spirits. But the most interesting and numerous of them are the Loa Spirits, worshipped by the different Troll tribes spread throughout the continents. There are three castes of Loa Spirits: the Great Loa, revered mostly by Shadow Hunters; the Dark Loa, who corrupt the minds of any under their sway; and the Primal Loa, who represent the animal spirits of the world. Only the most senior of Voodoo Priests, Shadow Hunters, and Witch Doctors know any details about the mysterious Loa, and such things are kept only within their tribes.

The Great Loa

The Great Loa spirits worshiped by the Trolls of Azeroth.

The Great LoaEdit


The Dark Loa: Atal'Hakkar.

The Dark LoaEdit

Primal Spirits

The many Primal Spirits of Azeroth.

The Primal LoaEdit

Spirit Channelers and VesselsEdit

Known Spirit ChannelersEdit

Known Spirit VesselsEdit

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